Wednesday, March 02, 2011
CNN iReport + Team Coco = awesome


That funny smell wafting from your bedchamber isn't just disgusting, it's eagerly being sought after as part of one of our latest iReport assignments in collaboration with Team Coco, the crew behind TBS' "Conan."


The one and only Andy Richter is leading the charge of Team Coco Solvebusters, an investigative one-man team that digs deep to find answers about those weighty Issues That Matter - like messy rooms, for example. (Read more at


This new partnership is a match made in some kind of wacky version of heaven!  You take the inventive, quirky spirit of CNN iReport and mix it up with the zany goofiness of Team Coco... Add in the delicious community goodness, stir it up, and it becomes a weird-but-tasty cake that we're baking together - and who doesn't love cake?


Team Coco wants to showcase the videos of the messy rooms on their website, so if you're already a fan, this is right up your alley! Just grab a camera and film the messiest room you've seen.


You can be a tour guide and show the world the nuances of your mess, you can be a character and ham it up in a non-creepy way; you can shoot video of your own room, or the grimy lair of a friend or family member -- the power is in your hands! (If shooting someone else's room, get their permission first if you can. They may not want to, you know, air their dirty laundry). However you choose to shoot that dirty room, the messy possibilities are endless.


The whole thing is a bit of an experiment, and we're excited about it. One thing that sets this project apart from others is that Team Coco Solvebusters isn't based on the news of the day, or a project that CNN is doing. Instead, it's a collaboration with "Conan." Know that community interaction and good storytelling are at the heart of this project, as is the case with everything we do.


Joining up with Team Coco is sure to bring some fresh (and not-so-fresh, in this case) faces to our community. If you're new around these parts, welcome to CNN iReport; we think you'll like it here! If you're a regular iReport contributor, we hope you'll want to participate in these assignments as they come out.


We hope everyone has fun and gets a few laughs -- and we're confident that some awesome stories will come of it all. Post a comment below if you have any ideas for future issues Andy Richter should investigate; Team Coco Solvebusters just might be on the case!

March 3, 2011
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thanks Nicole great assignment

March 7, 2011
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Fun assignment....

March 14, 2011
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I would love to participate in this.But,iReport seems to have an engineering problem uploading my videos. I have spoken to Dave about this and he states that they are going to correct this.

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