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Overheard on Doctors weighing in more

Comment of the day: “Geez, I wish I had these doctors as my physicians. My doctors never shut up about my weight, as if didn't have a mirror in my house.” --gjc1n1


Memo to patient: You’ve got a weight problem.


Many people who are overweight and obese either don't realize it or are in denial -- and too few doctors are setting them straight, according to a new study in the Archives of Internal Medicine. So how responsible are physicians in helping their patients maintain healthy weights? readers mainly thought it was up to the patient, but many said doctors should speak up, too.


makemlaff said, “I hate to say it, but I had to have my doctor tell me I was overweight. I was one of those people in denial. He told me I had to lose weight, pointed me towards the ‘Couch to 5k’ running program. I lost 75 lbs and I've never looked back. Very grateful to him for doing his job.” LDinAR said, “For many years I would go the doctor knowing I needed to lose some weight and not once was anything said. During one very long wait I looked at my chart and found the doctors notes and she commented on my weight but never once addressed it with me. BUT I am proud to say have shed 50 lbs. Only 20 more to go and I will be within a healthy weight.”


Some readers shared their experiences about being told they are overweight by their doctors: Edge327 said, “Most of my relatives, including me, are overweight and whenever a doctor can't diagnose a pain or illness, they blame it on the weight.” BigGirlPants said, “I hate doctors that berate you about being fat. I know and admit to the doctor that I am obese. I want advice on diet and exercise. Not to be told how poor my diet must be and how lazy I must be.” And Shackdaddy83 said, “My doctor told me I was ‘really fat’ in elementary school. Made me feel so bad that now I am in perfect shape.”


And doctors had their say, too: grist said, “I check weight at every patient visit and calculate BMI. I stress the importance of healthy life-style, encouraging patients to exercise every day and I give specific recommendations to every patient. It works!”


U.S. government property for sale


Is the U.S. government getting creative when it comes to reducing the country’s debt? President Barack Obama is proposing the creation of a panel that will recommend how the federal government can sell off properties it no longer needs, which could lead to $15 billion over a three-year period.


This seemed to be one idea readers—no matter their political affiliation—could all get behind.


Guest said, “As long as it's sold for the going rate and not at pennies on the dollar to special interests, I think it's a great idea. FSUKXAZ said, “Awesome! As an Independent I'm all for it. Republicans should be happy too. It would be a great way to raise revenue without raising taxes.” munkee83 said, “This is actually a good idea.” And dizastr22 said, “Smart move, why was this not done years ago?”


Some commenters also got creative: Bailoutsos said, “Sell Texas back to Mexico. Make sure baby Bush goes as part of the deal.” LouAz said, “Does this include about 90 percent of Nevada or does the government still need that land to store all the alien bodies and alien spaceships? They could certainly get lots of money for a low mileage flying saucer.” GotThumbs2 said, “How about we sell Texas back to Mexico...they seem to have moved in already.” And SaintPaul37 said, “Sell it all to China, they own a significant amount of our debt and property already, I'm sure they will take it off of our hands.”


Some readers were cautiously optimistic. AmesIA said, “This could be a great idea, but the devil is in the details. If it turns into another form of corporate welfare where a public asset becomes a private gold mine it will be business as usual. In my home town of Ames, Iowa there is a large facility last used for animal disease research 50+ years ago. Now it is a fenced array of decaying buildings surrounded by commercial development.”


Not your grandma’s farmer’s market


With a recommendation from a health care provider, people in Seattle can shop at a new medical marijuana farmers market. It’s operating in a legal gray zone in the state of Washington, but organizers are hoping a bill in the state legislature will give medical pot users better legal footing.


Although legalizing marijuana isn’t a new debate, readers had plenty to say about the subject:


JERSEYBORN said, “I watched my sister pass away from cancer recently. She was given methadone, morphine and a slew of narcotics to handle pain anxiety etc. The side effects of these drugs were immense. Maybe cannabis might not have been the answer, but it needs to be available as an alternative without the current stigma it has associated with it.” scdem08 said, “I've got a relative, sick with cancer, not eating, losing weight, in a lot of pain. She's got a medicine cabinet full of all sorts of addictive pain-relieving narcotics, all with a big price tag and not-so-nice side effects. Her doctor ultimately prescribed medicinal marijuana. It increased her appetite, alleviated pain, and helped her sleep....all with no side effects.”


citizenUSA said, “It's not fair for one state to be more stoned than mine!” Profilerg said, “Put a drunk and a stoned person in a bar and see who fights first.... (unless it's for the popcorn machine).”  MarkyDesade said, “If it is legal to buy whiskey it should be legal to buy marijuana. While neither is ideal for the body and mind, the legal one is far more destructive to lives and society. “


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