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CNN iReport Awards: Original Reporting

There are millions of amazing stories going on in the world at any given time and only a tiny fraction of them ever get told. That’s why it’s so exciting when iReporters uncover unique stories or find new angles on the news.


The nominees in the Original Reporting category cover a wide range of topics – some are sweet and quirky, others tragic, but they are all brimming with passion and the iReporters’ enthusiasm for their stories.


Nominee 1: It’s what you can’t see



When the Deepwater Horizon oil platform exploded and pumped huge amounts of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana native Eileen Romero wanted to know what was going on. So, she found a boat captain who would take her out to the Louisiana wetlands. Eileen came back with vivid pictures and a powerful essay describing the oil fumes that burned her throat and eyes, as well as her anger and frustration that more wasn’t being done to protect the fragile environment.


Nominee 2: Clearing cluster bombs on the Ho Chi Mihn Trail



Samantha Bolton traveled to Laos to report on efforts to clear unexploded cluster bombs left over from the Vietnam War. Bolton was part of an anti-land mine campaign and reported that there are still more than 80 million unexploded cluster bombs decades after the end of the war.


Nominee 3: Fist full of deadly oil



Johnny Colt took a boat out into the Gulf of Mexico to report on the impact of the Gulf oil disaster.  Colt, armed with a camera and protected by yellow plastic gloves and a respirator mask, reached into the water and pulled out handfuls of thick, brownish sludge to give a close-up view of the of the spill’s impact.

Nominee 4: Bison as a pet


Percy von Lipinski went to Edmonton, Alberta, to meet the Sautner family and their pet buffalo Bailey Jr. Bailey’s a lot like any pet – he drinks from the kitchen sink, goes for rides in the car and lounges around the house. The only difference is that Bailey Jr. is a 1,600 pound bison. Percy approached the unusual story with wonder and enthusiasm and didn’t mock the Sautner family or judge their decision.


Nominee 5: Therapy cat performs miracles


Deanne Goodman shared the story of Moorea, a therapy cat that wears a hat and rides in a stroller. Deanne went along with Moorea to as she helped patients with traumatic brain injuries. You could see patients' faces light up as Moorea purred in their lap or sat nearby.


Congratulations to all of the nominees. You can learn more about the breaking news, personal stories , interview and commentary  categories in our previous entries. Check out all of the nominees for the CNN iReport Awards  and be sure to vote for the Community Choice Award. You can vote once a day until Monday, March 7. We will announce all of the winners on Tuesday, March 15 at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

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March 4, 2011
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