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Overheard on Lost rocket, lost pride


Comment of the day: "Amazing how little people care about space travel these days. Our species' current goal is clear: survive. How nice would space colonization be for that? Too bad we're more concerned about the gas prices for our oversized SUVs than we are about the survival of our children." --evixter


Rocket fails to reach orbit; likely crashes into ocean


Once upon a time, it seemed that NASA was the all-American icon, one everyone could take pride in. The failure of a satellite launch Friday morning instead brought forth arguments more recently seen in the Wisconsin protests. Is the money well spent? Is it our money? Who is at fault?


Many wrote to point out that the rocket was actually made by a private company and not NASA’s failure.  HarryDunne said, “For the record, this wasn't a NASA rocket, it was an Orbital Sciences rocket. Orbital Sciences is a commercial space company who is competing with SpaceX to replace the Space Shuttle. The success rates of Orbital's Taurus rocket and NASA's Space Shuttle are 75 percent and 99 percent, respectively."


And ShovelingSnw said, “Name a space agency with a better record than NASA.”


For some, that wasn’t good enough. JIC81 replied, “Well, the rocket was built by Orbital Sciences, yeah, but NASA still had to buy the thing. Cartoguy said, “That's what you get when the private sector builds crap; a waste of taxpayer money." dhondi said, “I think they should just skip the symbolism and start launching huge amounts of cash up into the sky. The effect would be much the same."


But when marshallzulu said, “Another success story for NASA; the wasteful do-nothing agency. When are we going to wise up and force the closing of this financial bottomless pit?”

Valea responded, “Do nothing? They built a telescope that can see to the edge of the universe, and put a man on the moon. If that's your definition of 'do nothing,' I would like to see what you've managed to accomplish with such a lofty bar for success.”


And Guest said, “The day that our kids will look at a Nobel Prize in the sciences in the same light as a Super Bowl championship, that will be the day we get back on track. Unfortunately, I have a hard time ever seeing that spark we had in the 1960s, that yearning for exploration, for the wonders of science, ever returning to the American public. And I don't know how much longer we'll survive as a world leading nation.”


Finally, when you send a rocket up into space, and it fails, the comparisons are inevitable.  TexasTakesUs said, “This sounds like my love life: lots of planning but the execution is always shaky. Ozniff added, “They got to keep their rocket up for six minutes. Sounds like the average love life to me.”


CDC: 1 in 3 adults sleep less than 7 hours



A CDC survey shows that more than one-third of U.S. adults are suffering from a lack of sleep – less than seven hours a night. Many wrote that the story missed the real problem: the demands of the American work world.


Tom said, “How about addressing the root of the problem: work hours.


Shannon said, “Exactly! How are we supposed to work 9-11 hours a day, get all household/family things done and still get 7-9 hours of sleep. I would LOVE to get that much sleep -- I shoot for 7 but it rarely happens.”


It’s not so easy being a student, either, Tristan added. “I am 14 and a freshman in high school. Everyone is big on after-school activities. Unfortunately, my sports push me back until 5:30 p.m. I then have homework from 5:30-12:00 midnight. Then, I wake up at 5:45 a.m. to catch the bus. It is ridiculous how much homework teachers give us. SOMEONE NEEDS TO SAVE US!!!!"


Then there were the sad and scary stories. Amazed said, “I was in a major chain store and the cashier was almost asleep. I smiled and asked her why she does not have a rest if she is so tired?  She gave a forced smile and replied, 'I work two jobs seven days a week. I have bills to pay, you know.' 'This is a slave at work,' I thought. 'The fool I am! I thought slavery was done with!' ”


Cleveland Jim said, “Seven hours of sleep is a pipe dream, I often work 16 hour days, sometimes several weeks or months in a row. I just wake up five hours later and climb up the tree with a chainsaw hanging from my harness and hope I don't die."


Need to save time? Many suggested turning off the technology. Sleeper said, “If you are so limited on time what are you doing reading not vital "news" and commenting? My guess is you will probably come back two or three times to see what people have said about your comments. Turn off the TV, quit Facebook, and exercise more. Simple. I did all this and I sleep eight hours every night!“


DR. agreed, “Turn it off! Go for a walk, smell the air, see the flowers, listen to the birds.”


Fallen Marine’s father says anti-gay pickets will draw gunfire


Top comment: "I'm in the military and currently in the desert. If I should die, I say let ‘em protest my funeral. And then please tell them for me that I am happy I will never see them again, because I'm quite certain they are all going to hell." -- STNorm


In response to the Supreme Court’s ruling that Westboro Baptist Church had the right to protest at military funerals, Albert Snyder, father of the slain Marine, warned there would be violence. This is a story that has elicited empathy, pain, sorrow, and anger. Thousands commented, some agreeing that violence is inevitable; others speaking out against it.


Ycpycp said, “I have so much respect for the family members that manage to sit at these protests during the funeral of a dead loved one and not lash out at the WBC. The father's point that this is eventually going to lead to bloodshed is absolutely correct, it is only a matter of time. BuddyGreen said, “Religious extremists are nuts no matter if they are holed up in a cave with the Taliban or sitting in the pew at Westboro. They are the same and deserve the same treatment."


Albus replied, “Unfortunately, this is a painful price we pay for being a constitutional republic. This is also another classic example of evil perpetuated through religious ignorance. There is a long history of that in mankind's existence.”


Allanhowls said, “Read the ruling: at most, the family would only be able to see the very tops of the signs. Reasonable laws and safeguards are already in place. Making a special rule just for WBC would far overstep that and be in clear violation of the Constitution. I hate it too, but it's an inevitable fact, no matter how angry they make us. We need to uphold the founding principles of our nation with a clear head, not a clenched fist.”


Compiled by the moderation staff. Some comments edited for length or clarity.

March 4, 2011
Click to view Jowatana's profile

evixter gets the post of the day? What an uneducated response. Yes, the price of gas, the price of food and our general well-being rank much higher than space colonization which is still a pipe-dream. At our current rate of advancement in space, it will be hundreds of years before this is a equitable choice. Never mind that our country is sinking further in quality of life issues everyday which could be improved drastically with the amount of money being poured into space flight.

March 4, 2011
Click to view rtrogrdorbit's profile

It's worse than that. Colonizing space is a really, really stupid idea. Mars for example. It's colder than Antarctica , drier than the Sahara, and the air is thinner than on top of the Himalayan mountains. So before we colonize Mars we better colonize all those "hospitable" places on Earth, at a small, small fraction of the cost.

March 4, 2011
Click to view MPWRR's profile

What a crock Jowatana.  In actuality if we decrease the Federal handouts to nations that do not help us in any way, stop welfare payments to those that do not want to work, change unemployment benefits with decreasing amounts over a years by 25% per quarter, keep federal government where it belongs, put Federal employees on par with non Federal employees, put Congress on SS and stop their special life time retirement after only one term, stop their special health care and put them on the one we are on, stop Tricare for the retired military and put them on medicare like the rest of us, stop any federal retirement prior to the age of 62 with decreasing benefits until age 67, stop pork barrel spending by Congress, set term limits on the members of Congress to decrease corruption, and many more items, our way of life will continue to sink further in quality of life issues.  NASA and it's spin off programs have done more for our quality of life than you will ever know.

March 4, 2011
Click to view drpepperr's profile

I love when people call space exploration & colonization stupid. It just shows their ignorance. Many technological advances came from the space program. The quest for knowledge and the experience we get changes us. Also we can't "turtle" here on earth. One stray asteroid could end life.

March 4, 2011
Click to view 6pt02x10to23's profile

No Enterprise ride for you guys. You must be and idiot sitting on a handout line want the Government to drop a few bucks in your hand, you lossers. Exploration of space or the deep ocean, or science will pay dividens in the future. Investment in you all is zero.

March 4, 2011
Click to view Pathar's profile

If you think NASA, NIH, science and education are expensive, try ignorance. Let's face it, the country isn't in the toilet because we spend money on science. 

March 4, 2011
Click to view WEESEL71's profile

Sailing west to get to the Far East? Absurd!

March 4, 2011
Click to view brad1001's profile

We will likely never colonize, everything is either inhospitable or too far away. If science in space can fix this mess we've made below, I'm for it. But forget about space travel for now. With current technologies, the nearest star is 10,000 life spans away.

March 4, 2011
Click to view FlyBD5's profile

Space travel began as a political game and hasn't changed much since. The money we're spending on exploring space would be much better spent working on a large number of things that would provide much more value and benefits to humanity. Science fiction is cool. Real science is better.

March 5, 2011
Click to view Interplexer's profile

Jowantana said "...... At our current rate of advancement in space, it will be hundreds of years before this is a equitable choice. Never mind that our country is sinking further in quality of life issues everyday which could be improved drastically with the amount of money being poured into space flight."... Well, Actually if you look at the Real amount of money spent on space when compaired with other expences, It is but a small percent of the whole.


Real technological innovations have come into being because of space travel, Where we can do experiments that have (for example), given us better computers.

March 5, 2011
Click to view PJW1951's profile

NASA  is  a failed idea . The idea of men is space  has been  proved   to be less than  something to be  done.

These dayhs AUJSTERITY  must be the order of the day No

frivolity  like  space exploration needed.

March 5, 2011
Click to view Valea's profile

Space travel has no value? Tell that to the soldiers who's lives were spared because of orbital reconnaissance. Tell that to the families who avoided being caught in a hurricane because of weather satellites. Tell them that to the people who were rescued through GPS tracking. Tell all of this to someone living halfway across the world, in an instant, with the communication technology pioneered by NASA.

March 5, 2011
Click to view Interplexer's profile

Imagine if you will a football stadium sized building, floating in space, just beyond the moon. In this building is a production facility, creating the strongest materials known to man. It may take hundreds of years, it may take a thousand, but it is in our nature as humans to expand and to better ourselves. Space is not just about spaceflight. It will tell us how to survive in this new environment we can finally step into.


March 5, 2011
Click to view Valea's profile

Oh and if you would like to argue the practicality of space travel, you might want to ask yourself why there are 13,000 commercial satellites orbiting the earth right now. The economic, social, and scientific value of space travel is undeniable when faced with the facts. I won't ask any of you to agree with me, but at least learn your facts. Oh, and if you happen to be posting from a laptop, might want to go look up what the first laptops were used for. (Take a wild guess)

March 5, 2011
Click to view punchbuggy44's profile

It is sad commentary to our times to read all of the PATHETIC comments made about the loss of this rocket and satellite.  And it is rather PATHETIC of CNN to be trolling for this kind of stuff just so you can have readership and advertising revenue.  I would hazard a guess that almost none of you posting, or anyone at CNN know anything about the true difficulty of building and launching rockets.

March 5, 2011
Click to view Interplexer's profile

ofcourse launching and building rockets is difficult, if it was easy we would be on freakin Mars by now!!


Don't be a dippy do goofball! I'll come in thar!!!


If we do not try, and find out how, we will never be able to do! Duh!!

March 5, 2011
Click to view 60AT's profile

We are spending more than 100x more on defense than on NASA, and what are all these wars doing for us? A lot less than NASA, let me tell you!

March 5, 2011
Click to view idolized's profile

Wow... I could not agree with the comment of the day more. How dare we forget about what is clearly our species' goal: the goal to survive by spending trillions of dollars worth of resources to build a space station in outer space. I mean what could possibly be more important to the survival of our children than a space station floating over 1000 miles away?


Seriously, I definitely support the idea of space exploration. However, when we have so many problems here on earth I would like to see that money at least going aid people who need it NOW...

March 5, 2011
Click to view AQuatroni's profile

Until humanity halts the greed, hate and selfishness in the world, space travel will always be secondary to everything else. If we as a civilization don't straighten out our financial problems sometime in the near future, we'll never have the resources to implement space travel. The earth will become severealy overcrowded and the human race will eventually perish, never having made it off this planet because of foolish things like greed and hate.

March 5, 2011
Click to view mugwamp's profile

Wow!  How stupid and/or ignorant can people like MPWRR be?  I've never seen such a long list of incorrect statements.  This retard needs to research his dumb*ss comments on Congress, Tricare, foreign aid and all the other foolish remarks he made.

March 5, 2011
Click to view USAASU's profile

Pjs can't help it, his lack of intelgance is In direct relation to the size of his genitail, and I am sure his wife would state them both as being very small, that is ,if he let's her talk an be seen in public, most cro- mags don't like there woman out side the cave.

March 5, 2011
Click to view DethSentence's profile

Space science has helped us to develop hundreds of new technologies in the last 50 years. Mankind has been here for over 10,000 years so it's blatantly obvious that we didn't need any of them. Planet Earth is our home, always has been, always will be. Everything we need is right here waiting for us. Space exploration is yet another of our vain attempts at prestige and immortality. And thanks NASA, so much, for littering on the Moon and Mars. Jerks.

March 8, 2011
Click to view Patriot10001's profile

Can anyone answer whatever happened to the flying cars extreme technology as predicted by our Hollywood movie writers? If we stop dreaming and looking for possibilities now and stop exploring, then we will be faced with doing all the work ourselves in building technology for the future. If that was the idea Microsoft had adopted, we will still be in DOS 14.12. So we must find any technology out there that could boost us into the future technology. The way we are progressing and failing in space, we will never be able to go forward. NASA was a hope, a platform. If anyone has a better idea to pursue mankind exploration that is far beyond NASA, please bring it forward. Otherwise, don't kill the only hope. Better it.

March 10, 2011
Click to view giantsteen's profile

It's too bad that this planned mission failed. But, they still should have had a back up plan like some parachute or something. We are the people that end up paying that 5 million dollars but they treat it like 5 dollars, so theres our money going down the drain. They should have planned this out further. Why not go into the future already NASA?

March 11, 2011
Click to view montethek's profile

Three days ago you told us about millions of fish dead in an LA marina...could this have been a clue that a Earthquake or Valcano was to come...Three dAYS ago I told my sister there would be a disaster SOON!!! Do a story on this

March 12, 2011

this messange to   Mr. Obama  plz let him read this message

his message with all my heart i talk to u as  a son talk to his father

plz listen to me and this message talk about all youth in this country ..

I am a youth of this country

doot belong to a political party

3 years here on internet looking for a woman from USA or UK or Astrulia or any country  know whats means Humanity and freedom and now i know a woman from there and i do loved her with all my heart she is from SD and i know more than 40 person as a friends in some States in USA ,  i have mother from Ohio i have motehr from UK stuk on turnt i called them hat cuz they want me to be as their son .

I am a person holds a learner and I have ambition and talents

And you know that the ambition is not achieved in our country

  Because of financial and administrative corruption

there was some ppl fight me for does not complite my study and be get Messter's in Economy and be PH someday .

You made us

Believe in democracy

And change

And prosecution of corrupt


Ruling Family

Supposed to study in prestigious universities

not son of Ali Saleh

he is not  smart more than  me

You know that his sons and brothers of the president are leading the army and security

33 years old enough to Ali Saleh


However, if the Americans let u  to stay 33 years, we will allow him to stay forever, but we will leave

I mean efficiencies of this country will migrate and i know u want that for Develops ur country u do not care about yemen

you know all human come from here oneday just read really hiostory >


now when i read

anyway i stopped to lok for get visa nad leave country when i hear about our Revolution Youth and i said this my home these shoud to leave not us .. they broke down Our economy

And they fabricated crises .

Not satisfied with that

But they made us no value and honer in foreign countries

Half the people begging (

Iaht) Shahat

In Saudi Arabia

And the people's money

Loot and steal

Ali Saleh with his family

Do not believe that there is democracy here

They are lying to you in order to get Money they get from grants and foreign aid

Which unfortunately loot

and steal it .

And do not believe the story of terrorism in Yemen

this story written by Ali Saleh


In order to receive grants for your money


In the arena of change

At the University of Sana'a

Young people in Yemen


who want freedom , And dignity

-  about  opposition parties

plz let Obama read this message is im begging u plz let him read this message ? im sorry about what i wrote above im from SD but there is no yemen there im from yemen and now im live there ok .


- about opposition parties

Does not represent the people

They are part of the people

We the people


anyway why you said that

Should the opposition parties to go to the dialogue

We are young Yemen

We the people

And not the opposition parties

  dialogue  what ?

Install the throne

  Ali Salih and his sons

And constitutional amendments

Approved by the vast majority

The ruling party's current


That makes your statement, Ali Salih and his sons

Kill us

Please select your situation


We the people

Do not believe the story that the opposition parties are leading the street

You receive your data from the wrong place

I am a member of this youth

and im sorry if i said that i do not like your statement, I do not mean


Or reduce your respect

Because now Im talking  with my father

not with the President of the greatest country in this world

i want u ask Ambassador of Yemen in usa who is ?

What relationship between u and Ali salah ?

His sister, the wife of Ali Saleh fourth ..

please Mr Obama listen to Yemeni people and do not listen to who fool you and fool their ppl  for years

And looted our money and yours 


The name of terrorism

The name of poverty

The name of education

The name of health

And the widespread and serious diseases in Yemen

Drought and water in Yemen

And the water crisis in Yemen

please we beg you to do not Supports them and let them see they is alright

Please, look for its assets and funds of Ali Saleh and her family

In foreign banks

then  you will know

who is right  Will then assign people

  know that you are a

Fair and equitable

The rulers of America to now


that all i have and lask ppl do not ask gov

thank you so much and i hope you read all my message from  Recessive

And felt the injustice

And oppression for 33 years

  I was born in March 13, 1978

Let me live in freedom and dignity

- how i know Mr O bama read my message please answer to me on my mail and thats will be greatest thing happen in my life and then i will feel i did good thing in my life  

your Son \ Hassan Saad Aldivi and i have to much to say and i will say that someday but i need to someone hear me


CNN please try to Receipt my message to Obama i already sent it to white house site


March 12, 2011

CNN please care about Revolution of young people in Yemen just like what you did for Revolution Youth in Egypt

i am sorry for write here but i tried to conact you but there was no place for write

ty so much

March 13, 2011
Click to view robeyd's profile

what happened to those devices that we use to track quakes tornadoes and tsunamies i think people are just getting careless

March 14, 2011
Click to view fishbonestx's profile

I just had one question what happen to china and what are they doing to help jappan

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