Sunday, March 06, 2011
CNN iReport Awards: Compelling Imagery

An image can tell stories in a way that words often can’t – adding drama, emotion and sometimes whimsy. The nominees in the Compelling Imagery category of the CNN iReport Awards are beautiful, powerful and add depth to the news.


Nominee 1: Day 6 in a Haitian hospital




Bobby Moon spent eight days in Haiti a few months after the country’s devastating earthquake. He shared the tragic stories of orphans, amputees and the other patients at a hospital in northern Haiti.


Nominee 2: Great aurora display




If someone described the scene in the sky over Jesper Grønne’s home in Denmark, you might not believe it was real. Grønne’s photo and time-lapse video of an aurora display captured spectacular swaths of green, purple, pink and orange as they swept across the sky.


Nominee 3: Abandon valley




Mugur Vărzariu captured photos of an underground community in southern Romania that gives shelter to shamed single mothers, single pregnant women and abandoned children.  Vărzariu’s photos capture these children’s emotions.


Nominee 4: London time-lapse




Matt Gosden and Rob Rackstraw’s time-lapse video captured 12 hours in the life of London. The cars, buses and people look like toys marching through a model of the city.


Nominee 5:  Eyjafjallajökull volcano footage




Nick Mutton traveled to within 70 feet of an active volcano during a visit to Iceland and shot HD video of the eruption. Mutton rode up to the volcano in a special 4x4 vehicle with modified tires that could withstand the volcano’s heat.


Congratulations to all of the nominees. You can learn more about the breaking news, personal stories , interview and commentary  categories in our previous entries. Check out all of the nominees for the CNN iReport Awards  and be sure to vote for the Community Choice Award. You can vote once a day until Monday, March 7. We will announce all of the winners on Tuesday, March 15 at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

March 7, 2011
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my best wishes for the winners soon¡¡¡¡

March 15, 2011
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where the winners will be announced?

here and on the TV too?

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