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Overheard on CNN.com: Walker declines border meeting


Comment of the day: “Walker is labor's best organizer in years. Lol.” –nonoligarch


Meet us at the border


When the 14 Wisconsin state senators who physically left the state in opposition to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget offered to meet him at the border, the governor not so politely declined. Now the senators say they will not return until "collective bargaining is off the table."


So what did CNN.com readers think about the standoff?


GenerikDude said, “The problem here is nobody wins no matter which side you stand on. If Walker backs down, the precedent is set that the minority party just needs to flee the state to stall the democratic process and get their way. Honestly the Dems need to come back, do their elected jobs and then make sure everyone remembers this next year during the elections.” arkagene said, “The Democrats are hiding out in another state, having a good time. That's not doing their job. Also it's my understanding the people of Wisconsin put those Republicans in office to do what they are doing. If not then they could easily remove them.”


Willie12345 said, “The governor should send layoff notices only to teachers in the districts represented by the missing senators. That should bring them home in a hurry.” Pointless1 responded, “Get used to teaching your own. Nobody will work as a teacher in the district if layoffs happen.”


jetsetter59 said, “The longer this drags out the more teachers will loose their jobs.” But buckydog said, “The longer this drags out the worse it looks for Walker and the GOP. Please don't give up, he is on the ropes and a few more jabs to the head will do him in.”


Obama a one-termer?


William Bennett, CNN contributor, former U.S. secretary of education and director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy under President George H.W. Bush, says that President Obama could be a one-term president, but CNN.com readers mainly said they didn’t think so.


Walleye46 said, “We are slowly beginning to see progress in an economy which was devastated by tax cuts and unfunded wars. Our POTUS has turned things around, and the fruits of his labor will be seen in the coming months and I believe in the next SIX YEARS of his presidency.” msemon said, “Obama is doing a good job. He stopped the financial hemorrhage caused by the GOP. Until the GOP kicks out the Tea Party, religious zealots and various nuts and flakes, it will not have a viable candidate.”


Other readers agreed with Bennett.TraceyAnne said, “One-termer....absolutely! wEsHeDbLoOd said, “Why does Obama seem so passive about everything? I remember how passionate he was about EVERYTHING before he became president. Now it's like he barely has a pulse. Very disappointed since I voted for him.”  DeezNuutz said, “Obama has done NOTHING for this country except get rid of some of Bush's policies only to bring them right back again.”


And some readers supported other candidates. tneagle said, “I like Donald Trump for president. I believe we need a leader that will stand up to China and OPEC. We need changes. It's time we ‘fire’ politics as usual. Our economy is horrible and Trump knows something about running a successful business. We don't need retreads running like Newt and Milt. Vote for Trump!” And ICommonSense said, “We need to elect Charlie Sheen as president. Then our entire country will be winning.”


Women's rights on Women's Day


On this International Women’s Day, hundreds of Planned Parenthood advocates rallied in Texas after state lawmakers approved controversial legislation that requires mothers seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound examination. And thousands of miles away, several hundred women in Cairo gathered to demand “fair and equal opportunity for all Egyptian citizens” (although activists were calling for a million woman march).


Of the protests in Texas, CNN.com readers’ views varied.   BlueLine said, “Ah conservatives ... keeping your big government out of our lives unless it involves women and their reproductive rights. Is it possible to enter a second dark age?” Mattmchugh said, “Conservatives support small government, deregulation, personal responsibility, and less legislative intrusion into the private sector. Except when they don't. Everybody clear on that?” vj900 said, “Any woman who finds herself in the unfortunate position of requiring an abortion KNOWS there is a life form inside her. So why the need for an ultrasound?”   But 5diamond said, “I'm just curious as to what anti-lifers are so afraid of with this bill. It's as if they're saying to pregnant women ‘Considering an abortion? Don't think about it, just do it quick before you change your mind?’” And kminla said, “This law simply asks that women be given all the information that they should reasonably have before making such a decision.”


About the low turnout in Egypt, readers weren’t surprised, but still disappointed.  Descarado said, “The day we see Muslim men marching with their wives, mothers and sisters on International Woman's Day is the day Osama bin Laden will be playing hockey in Hell with Adolph Hitler, Yasser Arafat and Adolph Eichmann.” bluebell13 said, “All the Egyptian men are afraid the women will be better than them when allowed to be free to do as men do. The men are cowards.” And SarahInTexas said, “This saddens my heart. These men who aim to oppress women are degrading their own mothers, sisters, wives, daughters and friends.”


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