Thursday, March 17, 2011
John Oliver's a stand-up gent

John Oliver


The CNN photo booth at SXSW is burning at a mean clip now, ferreting out all sort of unique folks  and finding out what they've got in their bags. As luck would have it, one very interesting person showed up to grace us with his particular  brand of British wit: John Oliver of "The Daily Show." Oliver is out and about in Austin this week, doing a smattering of stand-up performances and soaking in the scene. He stopped in to get his picture taken, and for an interview with us.

Jason Travis, architect of the Persona photo series and imprimatur of our booth, was on hand to capture the moment (see above). "John was pretty interested as soon as he walked up and looked at the booth," Travis said when I interviewed him about his SXSW  experiences. "He's a big Mets fan, as you can tell from the hat. He also  had an amazing piece of signed paper from a famous soccer player that  he's had in his wallet since he was 12."

And in a development that should surprise no one, Oliver's British accent is "just as charming as it is on 'The Daily Show.'" If you're in Austin this week for the festivities, make sure to stop by  the CNN booth at the trade show and get your own Persona photo taken!

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