Monday, March 21, 2011
Overheard on Crude oil or compassion?


Comment of the day: "I think this is a necessary military action to stop a killer. Gadhafi made the mistake of his life. He is done. Remember, he and his son are wanted for crimes against humanity. I hope we get them soon and end this nightmare for the people of Libya." --Guest


U.S. official: Gadhafi's momentum stopped


Coalition forces bombed Gadhafi headquarters today and planned the next moves in the campaign to protect Libyan civilians. Some of our readers suggested that the main concern is not human rights, but oil. ethos76 said, “Amazing how the US and Europe were all buddy-buddy with the terrorist dictator only a couple weeks ago on behalf of oil corporations, and now, when there are internal armed conflicts in so many places around the world, the UN, US, EU step in. Interesting how having a little light sweet crude under your country can make such a difference!!”


Other readers were upset on behalf of African countries and elsewhere, where there had been no similar intervention. In explaining U.N. response to some of these conflicts, MrRodgers said, “First, if Western nations had gotten involved in Rwanda, we would have had to work against geography and tiptoe around a dozen proximate African nations who did nothing. Second, Cote d'Ivoire is an election dispute which has gone violent, not genocidal levels of warfare. Third, Libyans asked the outside world to intervene on their behalf, and the world reluctantly did so.”


TorukMakto said, “Just because there are genocides in other countries where the UN did nothing does not mean that the UN also has to ignore Libya. The idea that if you didn't save person A and person B in the past, you have no right to save person C is cruel and idiotic. There is never a good reason to just let people die.”


copanut said, “I may not be so naive as to think oil has nothing to do with it, but I'm also not so cynical as to think Western desire for Libyan oil is the reason for action. The dynamics are much more complex than that. There is no worldwide police force for dealing with every petty thug in every backwater nation. Libya's visibility, history, and strategic importance (yes, due to oil and location) make such an operation more reasonable than for some other random dictator.”


But KatRose77 warned, “Damned if you do...damned if you don't.”


Finding faith amid disaster


Disasters like that in Japan often provoke the question, “Where is God?” A CNN story struggled for an answer by posing this question to different spiritual leaders. John said, “It is wonderful to hear a Buddhist perspective on the disaster. As a Buddhist, I am often dismayed how in the discussion of faith, Christianity, Judaism and Islam seem to be the only sought-after players.”


Most of our readers wanted to discuss the existence or nonexistence of God. GoDog asked, “Where is God? Nowhere. Random planet, random life, random events, random life, repeat.”  And Ernest suggested that religious faith is merely a response to stress. “ ’Finding faith’ in a massively stressful situation is nothing more than a trick played upon one's mind. I would like to see more rational approaches to helping people cope with trauma than religious ones.”


Fastball said, “There is no external God but there can be God inside of everybody. That kind of God can make us compassionate, can make us care, can make us think about others before we look to ourselves.” And charles miller, a research scientist, said, “I have no concerns or doubts that God is real, that he cares and loves all mankind. I also believe he expects us to care for one another.“


SRinSCarolina said, “I think we cannot 'see' God yet. We only knew about atoms in the last seven decades. We just may not yet have the vision or the tools to 'see' God but that does not mean He is not here.”


Some of our readers took issue with the response of Sam Harris, who represents an organization dedicated to promoting “secular values.” George Bailey said, “What's striking to me is the compassion and meaning given by each of the entries except the atheist, who chooses to describe those with whom he disagrees as ‘stupid’ and ‘childish.’ “ profart agreed, “Boy, does Mr. Harris come off looking like a callous idiot. I hope he doesn't really represent atheists.” And Karen said, “Come on, CNN, the only atheist you could find is a callous jerk? Seriously?”


But Injun Trouble said, “There is but one sensible entry in this article, and it is Sam's. Period.”


AAP: Toddlers in rear-facing seat until 2


Keep those toddlers riding backwards one more year. The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently upgraded the minimum age to switch to the forward-facing car seat from one year to two, where age and height do not exceed seat limits.


FarCenterGuy joked, “In other news the AAP releases a report that all children under 17 should never enter a car.” cocolopez said, “I had my child encased in a solid polystyrene egg. It solved all of his safety problems.” CNCResearch said, “If it's safer for kids, why not make all seats rear facing? It may be hard to drive though.”


Some objected more seriously. 01566 said, “My child was very susceptible to motion. Putting her in a back seat facing backwards would have been child abuse.”


GawdAwful wrote, “I tried rear-facing once: my little girl was making some bizarre spitting/choking noise in the back and I panicked because I couldn't see her, took me the longest two minutes of my life to find a place to pull over. Nearly got into a wreck. I just never could feel calm in the car unless I could have a line of sight on my kids.”


DeanJimmy asked, “So what exactly was she doing?” GawdAwful replied, “She was choking on some spit up, and I got her out of her carseat and helped her clear it out right there on the side of the highway.”


bot123 asked, “Why is everyone whining about the new guidelines? Studies have proved over and over again that in car accidents, it is the children who aren't in car seats or booster seats that suffer mortal injuries. Children are supposed to be our most precious cargo. Don't you want to keep them safe???”


NatorMVP said, “It's funny where all these rules came from. How many hundreds of thousands of kids sat on the front seat of old cars without seat belts or airbags and grew up perfectly fine.” ScienceMom28 answered, “The kids who weren't fine riding like that aren't around to talk about it.”


Compiled by the moderation staff. Some comments edited for length or clarity.

March 21, 2011
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A majority of Americans are having a hard time making ends meet.  How can a country invest in other countries while ours goes to pot. Someone needs to get their head out of their ass and put their money where it counts. Invest in America!!

March 21, 2011
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This makes Obama look like he cares for humanity while it's a fact that a majority of Americans are not only going without food & water but medical insurance, dental insurance, etc.  When did we the people get a chance to take part in the discussion to go to war? How can anyone justify putting money into other countries problems when ours is in such sad shape? Middle Class was replaced with Homeless Class or the working poor.

March 22, 2011
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i was browsing on you tube from all the eye witnesses and evrey CNN news sence the war start in libya,we should never forget all the atrosaty commited by OMAR khathafi and his sons and the mercenory,he should be brought to justice for killing his peoples and PAN AM FLIGHT downning and bombing in Germany,amd curent masacres in Misrata,and Zawyia,Benghazi every where in Libya,the should tell always the truth not the other wat around.for MR nick robertson i Admire his courage but he mistakin about what khthafi cabable douing to protect him self last night,and that was trying to gather all the repoerters as human shield, i think it was to late after missile struck khthaffi bunker,that's why the allies did not continue the bombing,and God be with all the reporters,and this thime Obama did it even I did not voted for him,America should continue the attack and support the oppsition rebels  

March 22, 2011
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There comes a time when you need to fix your problems at home before you can fix other peoples problems!! Always start with yourself!! Obama needs to STOP wasting our tax dollars and start spending them to make a difference in the U.S. There is no money in the buget!!Stop blowing are money away.

March 22, 2011
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I am all about keeping our kids safe but the bottom line is age is relative bigger kids are not comfortable in carseats.  Their legs fall asleep,and sometimes they don't fit in them.. My son is 7, he is not overweight but he is very tall for his age. Booster chairs stop the blood flow to his lower legs and that doesn't seem very safe. My daughter on the other hand is very small and she will probably never have those problems. 

March 23, 2011
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If Gadhafi is able to stay in power, the world will regret it.He will be worse than Hitler or Saddam Insane. He has all ready given orders to kill innocent civilians using machine gun fire., and lie about it.What do you think he will do if he is able to stay in power,it will be a blood bath of innocent civilians.God help the people fighting against this evil and repressive ruler.If they need the worlds help, let us choose what is right and help them now, not later!

March 24, 2011
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Vincenzo Ruello the Italian amateur film scientist has decoded the Holy Shroud on the 10th February 2011 releasing true real life images of the face and body with skin and hair from actual encoded information. He films in various angles of light which was the secret in decoding the Shroud. His clips and the real face of Jesus Christ can be seen on youtube search Vincenzo Ruello

March 28, 2011
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So, what's in a NAME:

When will the News Media(CNN, BBC and the others STOP Calling FREEDOM FIGHTERS in LIBYA  the NAME "REBELS"! The devendors of democratie in that Country are "Patriotic LIBYAN Freedom Fighters". They are Proud  FREEDOM FIGHTERS! Not Rebels!!

Stopp calling them Rebels! The media should know MUCH Better!!!

May 1, 2011
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nato is always calling for peace in the world,but they are the ones that start all the wars,and if we all stop and think that some countries get punished for war crimes but why never nato,billions of dollares are spend every day in stupid things when we have millions of people specially children that have no food or medicine,there is one strong reason for all the attacks in this countries,that is oil,but nobody stands up and say thats enough and why cause they all benefit from it but at the same time they are killing people for business for a long time they been looking for bin laden but so far nothing dont ,the thing is this if they either kill or capture bin laden the business is done so as the profit,so for them the best thing to do is play cat and mouse with bin laden and kill people and destroy countries and so they can keep making money,now there is only one question on,do you think is fair for inocent people to be killed everyday just because of oil,what would you do or feel if it would happen to you,how would you feel of loosing a loved one?

January 22, 2012
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Candy, I have heard comments by republicans that they don't care about Mitt's payment of his taxes because the law allows him to hide money.  The law says people are entitled to food stamps so why are they not applying the same criteria to those who need them?

January 24, 2012
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January 27, 2012


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January 27, 2012

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February 29, 2012
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