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Comment of the day: Richard …your Queen has arrived. --Cobrawing


Elizabeth Taylor dies at age 79


Elizabeth Taylor, the Academy Award-winning actress famed for her beauty, jet-set lifestyle, charitable endeavors and many marriages, died at the age of 79 Wednesday morning.


Hundreds of readers posted tributes for the screen siren.


Basil999 said, “Elizabeth Taylor was an icon of the bright Hollywood years -- Brando, Newman, Burton and the like. RIP Ms. Taylor. Those of us who grew up watching you will remember you in our hearts, always. (Who can forget ‘Cat on Hot Tin Roof’ and ‘Virginia Woolf’?”) DRBERNABO said, “Katharine Hepburn was once asked about who else had an acting career comparable to her own and she surprised the interviewer by naming Elizabeth Taylor.” ReallyJersey said, “Elizabeth Taylor was glamorous with a capital G. Talent and brains combined with a stunning natural beauty. She had a zest for life and a caring heart. Her courage in adversity and charity work alone would win her a place in heaven. God bless you Liz, you were one of a kind.” gabrielle242 said, “I am crying as I write this. I grew up with her and it is sad to see a legend like her go. She was a beautiful woman and a fantastic actress. I can watch ‘Cleopatra’ over and over or ‘Giant’ or ‘National Velvet.’ Rest in peace Elizabeth.”


Many commenters mentioned her charity work. motownmom25 said, “All your hard work for the AIDS Foundation was only one of the great things you did in life. Heaven got another angel today!” Greatnow said, “You were without a doubt the most beautiful woman who graced the screen. Rest well and thank you for all your work for AIDS research and for making this place better than what you found.” swapmeat said, “Ms. Taylor was a hero for all those suffering from AIDS; it was she who spearheaded AIDS research and awareness when it was a very unpopular issue. Thanks, darling. You'll always be beautiful!”


And the fact that she was a beautiful woman was not missed. wapi said, “She was smokin' hot when she was young. Today's legions of bleached blonds could take a lesson from her.” Opencurtin said, “Her violet eyes were amazing.” Powerbar said, “There was no one more beautiful than her on the outside (Cat of a Hot Tin Roof), but most importantly, there was more inner beauty than all combined.” fritz65 said, “A truly gorgeous woman, proving a few curves here and there are stunning, much like Marilyn Monroe.” Yup236 said, “She was absolutely stunning ... and this is coming from a woman. I've always had the biggest crush on her.”


U.S. bans some Japanese food


Amid Japan's nuclear disaster, all milk, milk products, fresh vegetables and fruit from the four prefectures closest to the quake-stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant will be prevented from entering the United States, a representative for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday. commenters were either confused by the ban or frustrated about other’s misinformation.


Those scratching their heads included phil5280 who said, “I'm surprised. Not one word about sushi or seafood from the general area.” SheepDetectr said, “First they say not to worry, then all of a sudden certain foods are banned.” baboons said, “Why would basic food staples such as milk and spinach come from as far away as Japan? Burning several tons of diesel fuel on a slow boat across the ocean to provide us with fruit?”


Commenters who seemed to have answers posted as well. shayward said, “I really wish people would get that this is about protecting farmers in the US from a naive backlash from the public that buy there goods and don't look at where there spinach comes from. JerryF said, “When you have radioactive products leaking into the air, the water, and food supply you have a big problem.” Guest said, “Radiation and nuclear power aren't the problem here, it's the NASTY by-products (forget iodine) that are being released from the nuclear reactor ‘accident’.” zoeusa said, "Keep in mind that United States only imports 4% of foods from Japan in general."


And some readers had requests. lilkim629 said, “For the love of God, just don't ban sushi!” Joot responded, “Mercury is more harmful than radiation at these levels. By the way, that mercury comes from coal production.”


Mother arrested for encouraging son to fight


A California mother was arrested this week after she was captured on video encouraging her son to pummel another boy. The woman can be heard yelling "Beat him down. Body slam him," as the two boys swing wildly at each other in the scuffle that leaves one bloody. The fight was broken up by a passerby.


Many readers had choice words for the mother’s parenting skills, but nearly as many praised the man who stopped the fight.


WorkinMan001 said, “It's great to hear a story where when someone does something wrong, a good person puts a stop to it. I don't read this as a 'people suck' story as much as a story about someone doing the right thing. Cheers for the guy who stopped the fight. Growler said, “I'm in with the working man. The passerby put a stop to it. Nice to know some people will stand out by stepping up.” Bearmitchell said, “Good work by the passerby. This lady is why some young adults end up in the prison system.”


About the mother’s parenting, machew said, “Now we can plainly see where bullying comes from. It's a learned behavior and guess who teaches it?” sumguy2006 said, “I must say I'm feeling a little hypocritical. Seeing that video makes me want to punch the mother in the face.” While spankie1 said, “I'm torn on the issue. If my son was being physically bullied by another kid, I would encourage my son to stand up for himself and kick the bullies a$$. If it is over a dispute, I would insist that my son to resolve it w/out using violence.”


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March 23, 2011
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Lovely actress, and humanitarian.

March 23, 2011
Click to view galix's profile

simply beautiful! Long live queen Liz!

March 23, 2011
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None of the actresses today could ever compare to her. She was the greatest in my book. Very stylish and so lovely. R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor

March 24, 2011
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A rare lavender star has dimmed reminding us what makes up a true Star and Legend. Thank you Elizabeth, yours is an enduring clarity, cut and color.  She was no paper star as so many who accompany her on Hollywood Boulevard's sidewalks. May she inspire a shift to higher standards before assigning that mantle.



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