Thursday, March 24, 2011
Overheard on Color me intrusive?


Comment of the day: " ‘Pham said vulgarity won't be a problem,’ adding that everyone will walk on shiny rainbow clouds while tiny birds sing to them, and all war and violence will immediately end. Each citizen will be given a million dollars and a pony, and no one will ever, ever take a picture of their Wang©.” --Bubba01


New Color app promotes mobile voyeurism


A  smartphone app released today will allow users who are within 150 feet of each other to share current and past photographs. According to the developers, this will allow users to share a sort of bug’s-eye perspective of a given view.


Get a life, suggested some of our readers. BigPicture12 said, “Huh? You are sitting outside at a beautiful cafe on a warm spring day, and you are staring at your phone looking at pictures of the scene around you? What possible sense does that make?“  CTLeClair agreed. “So I can see the world around me through a mobile application, or I could use my eyeballs. I'm confused at the excitement over this.”


Most said that only those sharing the app can share the streamed photos. Others wondered how this photo sharing would affect an out-of-the-loop bystander. Is this legal, they wondered.


Jahoobie said, “So, if I am not the one using this app but happen to be sitting at a bar, and a random person decides to take my picture, this company can reuse the picture without my consent? Yeah this sounds like a wonderful app; I'm sure lawsuits will follow for invasion of privacy.“


Wateverlah said, “I can't seem to delete any photos after I have taken them through the Color app. That is a privacy concern. “ ACSpam2010 said, “Seems like a stalker app to me if you can see people's photo streams throughout their day. Do you think a 14-year-old has the state of mind to be cautious about what they share?"


RIPMrLinkous said, “This one's going to end in a lawsuit pretty quickly. Midloo agreed, saying, “Yeah, as soon as someone starts taking creepy pictures of some other Color owner's children. Endgame. RobertInComo said, “This will turn into a porn-fest in no time.”


But others thought there was little cause for concern. Tryingnotto said, “Please everyone, don't panic, I'm sure there will just be pictures of babies, people smiling and great scenery.”


IMAPC said, “Meh, this will last 5 minutes.”


Harmed in the hospital? Should you sue?


A story about a 2-year old who suffered amputations because she wasn’t seen quickly enough at an emergency room had readers arguing about lawsuits.


musashi1 said, “As a doctor I am shocked that this wasn't pursued much more quickly. To say that her condition wasn't as serious as others in the hospital is insane; the kid was septic, that is by definition a medical emergency. The high fever and spontaneous ecchymosis/petechiae formation are big red flags for that.”


Hospitals are overwhelmed by less urgent cases, said some readers. Maverick2591 said, “This is a tragic story, but hospital EDs are inundated with patients who could see their private physician or go to an urgent care center. Why the ED? Because in the other places you have to pay a co-pay before you leave, and in most EDs this rule is not enforced.“


xFailedState said, “ERs see thousands of patients. It's a small miracle that we don't see more of these stories come out. Patients can be lost in a sea of more serious cases. How do you prioritize? It's a dangerous dance that most ERs struggle with especially at the smaller hospitals. But the result is this; they probably will not win this case."


JanetMermaid said, “I sat in an emergency room for three hours one morning, all the while bleeding internally. I was the only patient there. Why did I have to wait? The doctor had gone home to eat breakfast (one of the nurses told me this). At least then I had insurance. Our entire medical system is broken.”


Some thought a lawsuit was appropriate in this case. hollybush123 said, “This poor family have no choice but to sue. They could end up on the streets trying to pay for medical care for their baby who will need help for the rest of her life.” 25mom4 said, “This poor baby will never tie her own shoes or wear a wedding ring. I hope they win big. If the hospital is ‘too busy’, then they need to stop worrying so much about profit margins and hire more staff. Yes, attorneys make money. But don’t forget that hospitals do too.”


HoosierDoc said, “As a physician, I think truly injured patients whose injury is a direct result of negligent care certainly deserve appropriate recourse. The problem is that our system is set up as a lottery for lawyers. It invites frivolous cases.“


2 planes land at Washington airport without controller help


FAA suspends air traffic controller after flights land with no help


An air traffic controller was suspended at Washington’s Reagan National Airport after two planes had to land without guidance from the control tower.  The planes landed safely. Many readers thought the underlying problem was staffing.


Fromwithin said, “Well, congratulations to the pilots for dealing with a difficult situation gracefully and successfully! Only one controller at the tower? Jeeze really? What’s the person supposed to do? Pee in a cup for bathroom breaks?”


theotherrvw said, “Ironic that such a thing happened at the airport renamed for the President who fired the PATCO union members.”  Renait said, “Understaffing was one of the issues the air traffic controllers were striking about when Ronald Reagan squashed them.”


Carrotroot asked, “Is it too much to ask to have more than one ATC on shift at a major airport? Is this normal or is this the result of Congress not passing the 2011 budget?” Silentway answered, “It’s not budgets; it’s the lack of applicants. Most ATC guys I know make 85k and most people I know, including myself, wouldn't do that job for that money.”


soe999 said the real problem lies “with the previous administration. In 2006, they started treating controllers like crap, cut their pay, and then claimed nobody would leave the Agency. What a shock, they left in droves when they were eligible to retire and the Agency did little to prepare for the impending retirement wave.“


Still, many said the story was blown out of proportion. bronconavy said, “This is a non-story! Discipline the controller and move on. The pilots did what they are trained to do. ... Yawn. …” bobcamp agreed, saying, “It's not that big a deal and has happened to me once as well. Sometimes the equipment breaks, or the ATC is in the bathroom, or the ATC forgot to bring his badge with him to the bathroom and gets locked out of the tower. There is a plan B. The only story here was that it happened at National.”


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March 25, 2011
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Kuwait has heavy dust storm today evening around 6:30 pm.As soon I go out to play soccer with my uncle suddenly,me and my uncle saw like 9 people recording the brown clouds,the clouds looks like its a doomsday for Kuwait but,it was only dust storm.When me and my uncle started playing the wind blows hard like how tsunami hit Japan!Me and my uncle paniced but,we didn't get inside quickly we looked up the clouds to see what was happening.I called my Dad he didn't answered I thought he was busy.At the fifth time he picked up I asked him where are you then he told me "I can't move the car cause I can't see the road and I'm scared to move my car.Then suddenly he closed his mobile,but I didn't beleive it.So I thought for a while then I realise it wasn't him who closed the phone it was the signal.My mother called she asked me to close all the exhaust fans now!When we went inside all the rooms including mine is dusty.I said to myself "Is this a dooms day for kuwait?"

But today was my uncle's birthday,I greeted him.suddenly the door opened like the soldiers breached our home and the dust came in we weared our mask as fast as we could.

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