Friday, March 25, 2011
Overheard on Pasta with love sauce


Photo: Chef Bruno Serato serves pasta to children in Orange County, California.


Comment of the day: "I myself have lived for a short while in an L.A.-area motel, not because of poverty but because it was impossible to get a four-month lease because I had two children.  Feeding my children healthy food over a hot plate and in a microwave was a huge challenge. Try to serve your family a full healthy menu for one month using nothing more than your microwave, the smallest burner on your stovetop and the bottom shelf of your fridge for storage. After you do that, you may pass judgment" --HeatherJeane


Making sure 'motel kids' don't go hungry


Upon the urging of his mother, a California chef has been feeding the masses. Bruno Serato (above), an Italian immigrant who started as a dishwasher in the U.S., has been making sure hot dinners reach some of the hungriest children in wealthy Orange County, California. bill6672 said, “This man is a saint. Children, no matter what nationality, should not have to go to bed hungry. How appropriate that he is himself an immigrant. Bravo, and well done Mr. Serato.”


coffegirl said, “What a wonderful person. I aim to give back like he does.” farmgurl58 said, “This guy is a great example to all of us. I hope his restaurant is so successful that his pockets can't hold all the money that he makes.” allenk893 said, “Wow. Bless them for helping those families out. What a great news story in the midst of negative news worldwide.”


Some worried about whether daily pasta was nutritious. Baruchzed said, “This is a nice story. I do want to mention that pasta doesn’t offer much in terms of nutrition. These kids need vegetables, fruit and clean meat.”


But Morgansmedia said, “Pasta beats hunger.” WayOutThere added,“Well, feel free to send your vegetables to supplement the pasta.”


Godsgrace05 asked, “Is there a way to donate to the cause? I would love to give to this group of people to help with food, and this is a great thought to share with other communities around the country. This warms my heart today.“


Others wrote to condemn the parents of the hungry children. biggovv said the story was “propaganda” that was really “about freeloading, takers of society & dum lazy parents.” But others said the children were not at fault and that bad things sometimes happen to good people.


FalconDagger said, “ ‘Good afternoon Mr. Employee, we are downsizing and you are out of a job as of right now. Now try to pay the mortgage, other debts and feed your family.’ If you haven’t noticed, a lot of educated, gainfully employed people are now jobless. That’s not to say this is the case for all or any of the people this saint of a man feeds. Just be thankful that you can put food on the table and be appreciative of those that help put food on a table. Amen.”


Japan and energy: What's the alternative?


In the wake of Japan’s nuclear reactor crisis, many countries are re-evaluating their nuclear power programs. Some readers were optimistic about alternative sources.


moneyman1 said, “Japan has a clear and hopeful choice to replace nuclear power: deep-well geothermal power. According to the U.S. Department of Energy/MIT study of 2006-2007, the United States could produce all its grid electrical power with geothermal. Deep-well geothermal is free fuel; no research and development. Indonesia and the Philippines are deploying it now. A new dawn of cheap electrical power is coming.”


567123 asked, “What about tidal energy? This is far more reliable a source of energy, just a bit more expensive than wind.”


selles said, “If solar and wind works best on a small scale, then we should try to get as many houses as possible in the U.S., solar- or wind-powered individually. Each house could be solar- and or wind-powered on a large enough scale to sell at least some of the power back to the grid. This is an energy solution that is possible using current technology.”


Maxemoose said, “According to the documentary "Too Hot Not to Handle" a 50-by-50-mile solar panel array in the Mojave Desert in California would solve all our problems. I saw a similar statistic on Bill Maher this week stating 3% of Arizona could do the same. Lack of technology and space are not the issue. It is a lack of will to change."


But others were strongly for updating nuclear energy. cory83 said, “The French get 80% of their electricity from nuclear power and have not had a single major incident. Use nuclear power the French way.”


Jamessavik said, “Uranium-based nuclear plants are not the only game in town. Plants based on the thorium fuel cycle are much safer. They are cleaner, not nearly as radioactive and the fuel is completely consumed by the reaction. Thorium is ready to use in its natural state and does not have to be processed.“


But Errylemco said, “Living in Canada and having inside knowledge of the nuclear research industry here, you still need enriched uranium or plutonium in these reactors. You still have to enrich the uranium or produce the plutonium. While they may be ‘cleaner,’ there are still a number of issues to be addressed.”


How puppy love can help your sex life


More exercise and touching, an improved attitude and new adventures: These are the gifts that an adopted puppy brought to writer Ian Kerner and to the bedroom. Deecee said, “I love this guy's insight and the way this story applies scientific research to this subjective case. Awesome story that makes me glad I'm a dog lover.”


Armywifeam said, “My husband and I were in the debate on whether to get a dog or wait. Guess this solves it.”


A few were disturbed over the writer’s choice of a pit bull, saying that it was bound to be aggressive, but others disagreed. MrsFizzy said, “Of course, it's ‘bound’ to happen. … Look at that ‘killer’ and read about the way they are bringing her up! (rolls eyes)” Sara said, “Nice to see a charming story of a pit bull out there and glad you included a photo. They need all the good press they can get.”


Others said that having a dog had not enhanced their love lives. Alex said she and her boyfriend had experienced the opposite: “Be careful what you wish for. We're constantly watching so that she doesn't pee in the house or eat a shoe. We're worn out from the long walks, training and fetch. Our heads hurt from the barking when she's in her crate. We've hardly touched each other since getting this dog three weeks ago. Puppies equal extra birth control in my book.”


Aaron said, “I'm sorry but I had to stop after I read, ‘petting a dog is good foreplay.’ The worst part, I can never unread it!”



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March 25, 2011
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That old guy put his love sauce on the pasta? Seriously?

March 25, 2011
Click to view DuffStuff's profile

The title of this post is giving me an unwanted visual. :(

March 25, 2011
Click to view evanwest's profile

Ummmm...  I've got your Love Sauce" right here...

March 26, 2011
Click to view rob1980's profile

Pasta with "love sauce"?  Really?

March 26, 2011
Click to view Beancrock's profile

Love sauce....what were they thinking?

March 26, 2011
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Great human beings with a great big heart....the world needs those

March 26, 2011
Click to view superguest25's profile

Has a joke been made yet about love sauce? OH yea, a lot. oh well I'll make another.

With that robe I thought they were talking about the pope.

March 26, 2011
Click to view ladyvirtue's profile

The original piece was a nice story. But seriously the title made me do a double take and then I'm saying WTF!!!!! People sure don't read before then post. "pasta with love sauce" is WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!

March 28, 2011
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bravo Bruno

You honour  all the Italians

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