Monday, March 28, 2011
Overheard on Wal-Mart and gender equality


Comment of the day: "However this turns out, I think it's safe to say that lawyers will come out the biggest winners." --TruthSpitta


Justices to hear appeal over Wal-Mart gender pay lawsuit


An upcoming Supreme Court case will decide whether to allow a class-action suit against Wal-Mart for sexual discrimination. The case began when six women unknown to each other found that they shared a common claim.  Readers were split over whether they believed the women in the case suffered discrimination.


KtinME said,  “Our local Wal-Mart is notorious for overlooking the women and promoting younger men with less experience and  education. Reasons given range from: 'he came off better in the interview" to "he had the image we were looking for.' One of those men was a nineteen-year-old kid with one day of Wal-Mart working experience; he was handed a walkie-talkie and told he was the floor manager on his second day of work. The overlooked women, all with years of experience, coached him through his shift.“


Shakaboy said, “If you read the article ... the women were training the men for the new position. They were qualified enough to train them for the job but not be promoted into it.”


Many were dismayed over Wal-Mart practices.  BBoy705 said, “Wal-Mart is like some sort of blight on the nation. It's pretty sad when that is the best a whole section of society can aspire to!”


Beowulfpk believed employees were treated equally but said, “Part of the Wal-Mart experience is to give false hope that you may become a manager to keep you working in the lower-paid positions indefinitely. Bitter employees don't get promoted. There's little room for family obligations as retail managers are expected to work 365 days a year and at any hour of the day. It’s a horrible schedule. Some people can handle that kind of schedule. Other people have family to take care of and unfortunately those people will probably never be a Wal-Mart manager.”


YoshkarAla, who claimed former employment at both Wal-Mart and Kmart, said, “Wal-Mart management treats their employees better: at least in Wal-Mart, no one gets cussed openly by management. I'll take a job at Wal-Mart anytime, regardless what anyone negatively comments.“


Prince William chooses wedding cake made of cookies


In a break with tradition, there will be two kinds of cake at the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton: a classic fruitcake and a “chocolate biscuit” cake.


BenHur76008 said, “Let them eat cookies!” Spankie11 asked, “Will they serve milk with that?” volumexUK said, “The UK make world-class biscuits. I know 'cos I live here. So there.”


Kris53 said, “Oh, how nice! All this wonderful news, can't wait to see 'the big day.' Lots of speculation about Catherine's dress too. With all the doom-and-gloom news, it's nice to read something positive and uplifting for a change! Diana did well (smile).”


ThatGirl123 said, “600 people will be saved from that foul fruitcake that is at most English weddings. Those lucky, lucky people.” gobo said, “What they call "fruitcake" isn't what you're imagining.” UKsideofpond said, “I'd rather that than the grits they slop up down south! Besides, it's a matter of taste, all Christmas cakes and birthday cakes in the UK are made of fruit plus liberal doses of brandy to keep it moist.” ACB11180 said, “I'm not a fan of fruitcake, but I wish I could be there to try the chocolate biscuit cake!”


Although a groom’s cake is said to be a southern U.S. tradition, a “biscuit” in this case is what Americans would call a ‘cookie,’ not the southern fluffy roll. Odin63 said, “The practice of groom's cakes actually goes back to old Europe, but it fell out of practice there. Now it is more common in the US, not just the southern U.S. I have seen weddings with groom’s cakes in several states outside of the southern U.S.


Guest said, “Remember the groom's cake in the movie "Steel Magnolias"? It was a devil's chocolate (or red velvet chocolate) shaped like an armadillo! CrowTRobot answered, “It was red velvet because the joke was that it looked like you were butchering it when you cut it open.”


Deadly Egyptian cobra missing from Bronx Zoo


Last summer, a rattlesnake was on the loose from Zoo Atlanta for two days before it was clubbed to death in a nearby neighborhood. (Venomous rattlesnake found dead 100 yards from Zoo Atlanta) Now a cobra is missing from the Bronx Zoo. Staff was alerted Saturday that the snake was missing from an out-of-exhibit enclosure, and the reptile house was closed and secured.


Striker5 said, “This is nothing to joke about. A number of years ago in Stoneham, Mass., some idiot had an Egyptian Cobra that got loose due to his stupidity. They found the snake six months later across the street in an elementary school, in a classroom. A student saw it and thought it was fake until it moved. Fortunately, they captured it.” aubrie said, “My worst nightmares are about snakes. I am totally repelled by them. This story really creeps me out.”


In response to outrage over some of the comic comments, astonlad said, “I'm only seeing the funny side of it because I'm confident this thing will probably get found or killed before it gets to cause any harm. If a rapist or serial killer had escaped from prison, my attitude would be very different.”


Alina77 said, “Still missing? Come on, she probably wonders why nobody looked under the toilet seat.” rally56 said, “They should check the Mongoose exhibit.”


Johan234567 said,  “I'm going to the zoo today and stick my hand or foot in every dark accessible area. This is a guaranteed win for a lawsuit if accidentally bit.” JBSac replied, “According to the article you would have about 15 minutes to file that lawsuit.” Cleveland123 said, “Good thinking. You should do that right away.”


Many suggested the snake would have the worst of it in the Bronx. ChrisFromVA said, “After a couple hours in the Bronx, I'm sure the snake will turn itself in.” Geest said, “This snake stands no chance against subway rats on the 2 train.”


HumbleOp said, “The snake is the one who should be afraid. If he gets around Broadway he'll think that people are trying to stomp him, but it'd just be the women attempting to try him on. Hope he doesn't have a tattoo that says ‘Manolo Blahnik.’ “


JNYC said, “Loose in the Bronx? That snake better stay in the reptile house.” Mcwhiteys said, “They taste like chicken.” deepwater805 answered, “McCobranuggets.”


Compiled by the moderation staff. Some comments edited for length or clarity.

March 28, 2011
Click to view SceenName's profile

Why would anyone want women in leadership?

Just because women are greedy, does not make them qualified.

March 28, 2011
Click to view connocam's profile

its their company, and they can't be sued for choosing who they employ, unless there is certain proof of discrimination, which I'm sure Wal-mart has papers saying "o shes a woman, lets not hire her." This case is going no where

March 28, 2011
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March 28, 2011
Click to view barb35's profile

Because Women deserve to have a chance at a better job too and these days a woman can not depend on a man to bring money into the household so yes if there is a woman there with more experience I say she should get the job and that a man should not get put in that position just because he is a man. There is a such thing these days called equal rights for woman and everyone else so if you feel that way you need to have your butt kicked by women.....

March 28, 2011
Click to view SallyinChica's profile

I for one am boycotting Walmart and asking my friends to do the same.

March 28, 2011
Click to view elmuhfuh's profile

@connocam Wal-mart had already hired them.


What kind of news article quotes blog comments as if they are something credible. Is this the new age of yellow journalism?

March 28, 2011
Click to view xUAFxOmega's profile

I doubt them being women had anything to do with it, I hate cases like this, just because these women didn't get promoted does not mean it is due to the fact that their coworkers were men. In fact, there ruining their own case by trying to make a big deal out of it---sounds like they throw a fit when they don't get what they want, no wonder they weren't promoted.

March 28, 2011
Click to view abbydelabbey's profile

My friends who work at the Wal-Marts in our community and elsewhere are treated poorly, underpaid for the work they, denied pay raises on the flimsiest of excuses.  Women complain how much and hard they work and yet see men promoted and paid more even when the women have seniority.  Even some of the men that I know that work there say that the women aren't treated right.

Wal-Mart is in the hands of the very greedy, selfish family of Sam Walton.  They care naught for the workers, only their big fat profits.

Ah, capitalism....

March 28, 2011
Click to view BroadCasting's profile

xUAFxOmega obviously have not worked for Walmart as a woman. 


I have seen women who worked at Walmart get promoted over more qualified did they do it?  They had sex with a store manager and got promoted. Of course, they usually only make it to department manager or assistant manager.  Very rare to see a female store manager, district, or regional manager.

March 28, 2011
Click to view laminjatta's profile

"wal-mart's lead attorney on the case is a woman.  That is a great move by them because it shows that women can indeed hold high-ranking positions at wal-mart, and also because they don't have to pay her as much."  - The daily show

March 28, 2011
Click to view Oceansidekid's profile

There are studies done all over the place for the last several decades that women no matter what color they are, are a minority. My mom sued AT&T for this exact same reason and won. This story doesn't suprise me one bit. There aren't many women CEO's of large company's so why would anyone think that they would be paid the same as a man? Most of the large corporations have a "Good 'ol Boy" mentality and if you think i'm wrong, go back and look at all the laws that have been passed for the sole benefit of coroporations. I for one would love to see women make as much as I do, why? because with the way the economy is, we can use all the money we can get.

March 28, 2011
Click to view xUAFxOmega's profile

BroadCasting, your right. I have never worked at Wal-mart as a woman, so in that sense I suppose I have nothing to go off. But it seems to me that no matter what job you have its hard to get a promotion---and how is a woman having sex and getting a job sexist "against" women? I would love to be able to flash my chest and get promoted, sounds like a bonus to me. So yes, sluts can get hired over well qualified men, its like that in many corporations. That is because no matter what job you have it wont be fair. Life's never fair. Not saying that makes sexism OK, but it is a part of our reality.


On the topic of sexism, I personally think men and women have it equally hard. You obviously have never been a man and had a woman accuse you of rape or even domestic violence-let me tell you, the woman wins-always.

Or perhaps you would like to explain to me why I have to pay more for car insurance JUST because I'm male?


I don't mean to start an argument, I understand my words were harsh in some of this-no ill will towards you, I just have a strong opinion on thisthere are a lot of feminists and not so many pro-male groups.I do not believe Wal-Mart is out to get women, they are simply in it for the money. These women did not get promoted for any number of reasons, their gender simply was not one of those factors.


March 28, 2011
Click to view adw0805's profile

Lets be clear on one thing.  Walmart is Evil.. very evil.  They are taking advantage of the weak and profiting.  However, thats exactly the way our society and species is supposed to conduct itself.  I, for one, will shop at walmart because it makes logistical since to do so (as i am not the one being taken advantage of) however, many americans are being taken advantage of.  Its up to them to put a stop to it. but in order to do this they must develope the intellegence and strenght to do so.  Its darwinism at its finest

March 28, 2011
Click to view ellyrn's profile

SceenName, I'm really, sincerely hoping that you posted that comment about why anyone would want women in leadership just to see who would respond, and how. It is a rather provocative comment and could certainly send people off into a little tiff. Why would women go into management? They need to feed their families, for one thing; people make more money in management than they do running cash registers and stocking shelves. Why do you think women go into management? Let's hear what you think.

March 28, 2011
Click to view boredin602's profile

What is the big mystery here?  Women don't get paid/promoted equally because..... They don't do the same amount or quality of work.   Before I get slammed I'll give you an example.  We have 2 mail clerks here, a man and a woman.  Same job.  The woman has taken twice as many personal days to take care of her kids, and I also see her asking the man to move/life heavy boxes.  So it's not going to be a mystery when he gets promoted first.

March 28, 2011
Click to view emerse's profile

Really? All I can say is get over it! The company can promote who ever they want and I am sure a 19 year old kid will take "less pay" for a floor manager job then a women with more years and experience. That is the way most campanies are! Also, you have to take into consideration that men can not get pregnant and take off for prego issues. Sorry but thats the way it is! None of these wemon deserve a million dollars for being overlooked! Get over it! Move on and try your best to find a "fair" company! Good luck with that one!!! What more do you wemon want? Wemon and children off the sinking ship first, we open doors for you, we have to ask you to marry us and we alow you to vote! Ok that was a joke but as far as the walmart issue goes, get over it!  lol

March 28, 2011
Click to view Guest29394's profile

Just goes to show that women feel ENTITLED to what men have to earn: MANHOOD101. COM

March 28, 2011
Click to view yankees4ever's profile

to the person who said that Walmart is greedy and makes "big fat cat profits" - check their profit margins - the lowest in the Fortune 100.  They don't make Goldman Sach's money - and they return a great deal to employees in the form of bonuses and stockholders in the form of dividends.


Walmart has as part of its management criteria that a person be willing to relocate.  In a greatly disproportinate number of cases women say "no" when asked that question.  If that is a criteria used in selection (and it is a legal one), then women either need to start saying "yes I'll move" as often as men, or quit complaining about being passed over for someone who is willing to move multiple times in his/her career.  Walmart typically does move its managers a number of times in their careers; the more successful, the more moves.  Women simply don't want to move as much, for any number of perfectly valid reasons.  However, Walmart has the legal right to promote someone who will move over someone who won't.


(No I don't work there but I'm pretty familiar with their business practices)

March 28, 2011
Click to view fisjon09's profile

You people who are boycotting Walmart, or saying bad things because of this story (or any like it) are simply being absurd in your beliefs.




Should the government (or anyone else for that matter) decide who gets to come in your house? If you want someone to leave your property or remove their person from inside your house, should you have the right to decide that they leave?


Most will answer yes, because it's your decision because it's your property.


Well... This is a business. They make their own decisions about who gets hired, promoted, fired, or who gets to come in and out of their buildings. They are private properties owned just like you and your house.


So get over your complaining, unless you think no entity should be able to make decisions about their own belongings.

March 28, 2011
Click to view ofunatobruin's profile

CNN's editors made a shockingly ignorant choice for "comment of the day".  The plaintiffs' are being represented by pubic interest laywers from non-profit organizations who took the case after many law firms turned the plaintiffs away.  Their salaries will be the same, regardless of how this case turns out.  It seems as though making a tired and cheap lawyer joke is more important than the truth to the person who put this story together.  

March 29, 2011
Click to view rayvar's profile

A company owned by a woman and profit bled to put up a art museum in the middle of Arkansas......Sam Walton's wife turned into a gold digging ho that will now bankrupt families nationwide because she is too blind to see what WalMart has really done to small town America...Stupid broad forgot her raisin......nuff said

March 29, 2011
Click to view pseudobliss's profile

If walmart really made a conscious effort to keep their qualified employes subservient because of gender, I hope they lose. However, if these people didn't climb the latter because they constantly called in for work, left for what ever reason (dogs need let out of the house ect), or just hung around gossiping about fellow employees while causing a hostile work place...then I hope Walmart is not frivously litigated.  Judges like to advocate from the bench and I do not put it beyond many advocate judges to make decisions based on their feminist ideology. There is a group of feminist advocates who want to see law passed that forces the private sector to support personal decision. That is, pass the "Nanny State" mentality to the private sector.  These are the type of feminist who claim (never really proven) women make 75% less than men but never say women take more time off than men per work year and, thus make less per year.  All these data analysis are controversial and unproven.  Lesson learned, if somebody messes up at work, they company needs to keep record of it.  Chronically late? record to gossip about fellow employees and cause a horrible work place? These types of employees need to be reported so management has record of their behavior...if no such record exists and they worked 20 years at a cash register...while hiring some joe off the street for a higher paying job...well...seems that bad decision would cost WalMart..their mangement wouldn't be as strong as it should be and those decisions would make the company less likely to be successful?

PS: Why do I see so many female employees at my local walmart folding clothes and the few male employees are doing all the back breaking work?  Why do employers put men in areas of the company that is at highest risk for danger?

March 29, 2011
Click to view Wzrd1's profile

The United States of America is a nation of FULL equality. Per the ninth and fourteenth amendments.

It's just that SOME folks are more equal than the rest of you all.

Now, accept it, you deserve your serfdom.

Fight it and be advanced.

March 29, 2011
Click to view motorohio's profile

Wal-Mart is not a place to work at nor is it a place to shop at. Wal-Mart has closed all local owned business. And now here comes all the foreign business. This is what it is all about. Americans want the business to stay in america but yet we all tend to shop abd buy products made over seas. And WalMarts is a place to do that big time. And if we want to  close out all unions then we can shop at places like Wal-Marts. I do know most Union people do not shop at WalMarts they boycot it. But I think if a lot of people would boy cot Wal-Marts then we could get them out of  here but if not they will be staying for a long time. I know my self and I am not rich by no means. I try to shop at the locally owned businesses that are left in our town. You can hear the people that work at the Wal Marts here saying they are treated bad all the time. As we know some people that work there. I think I would rather flip burgers or wait on people at a local owned food joint than work at Wal-Marts. It is just awful the people who have to buy these non American products they sell. SO STOP SHOPPING AT WAL-MARTS AND YOU WILL NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT then spread the word and see how many others you can get to stop shopping at wal-Marts too.

March 29, 2011
Click to view SpoonlsE's profile

Most people surveyed, men and women alike, prefer a man as a boss. Men are more direct and straightforward. If they have something to say they will look you in the eye and say it.  Women tend to be indirect and evasive, depending more on schemes and plots. Don't blame me for telling you this, it is the consensus.

March 29, 2011
Click to view Devildoc303's profile

I dont think gender has anything to do with gualifications. Also experience is not a factor it helps but These men who get the promotions most likely out preformed her in job quality. It should be quality of work not because your a women or a man

March 29, 2011
Click to view Ghostmaster's profile

Those 19 year old boys run to walmart because they will hire them for those manager jobs.  What is so funny is they don't get paid managers of the other popular store chains. Walmart managers are the lowest paid! So they can laugh all they want at the women, but really the joke is on them. Don't bother asking for a better pay raise... you will be raised right out the front door.   

March 29, 2011
Click to view Anna99's profile

In Arkansas, home of Walmart, gender discrimination is standard.  The thinking is that men are the head of the family and as such the breadwinner, whereas a woman's income is supplemental.  In contrast, women are favored over men in custody battles.  Arkansas is deep-seated in these rural family values.  To understand Walmart's hiring decisions, you have to consider the culture of Arkansas.

March 29, 2011
Click to view Justified50's profile

  The reason you filed a suit against Wal-mart is to collect a paycheck, for whatever purpose you coose to rationalize your attempt, you believe some opportunity has not been given to you, taken away from you, or just treated unfairly, right. So you go out and hire an attorney/lawyer that listens to your story and decides if he believes there is enough merit in your case to believe he can make them pay money so he can collect a paycheck, this is a fact.Your not working at Wal-mart if you could hire a big name Lawyer, with all the tools to get both of you paid. With all that said, lets now look at the affects of suing big business. It usually takes forever and if they believe that they prolong the court proceeding with many different excusses and pre-trial hearings, ect. (that the court system is glad to grant them because the longer it takes, the more money they will make also with court coust and fees) then they will either outlast most people's patience or will end up setting out of court for far less than they should as their lawyers will bargan with your lawyer as to what will be the best case senario for them and not you. In the mean time, they continue to do the same thing to many more people the same way without any real loss of revenue as they continue to buy from the Chinese and the public continues to buy from them, because they sell for less. This sound alot like our govermentof today , when they keep making cuts in spending for our citizens and make more deals with other countries for spending our tax payers resourses that were ment to improve our situation not theirs. I hope I have not lost you as this situation is simaliar to the rich keep getting theirs and the needed get what they have'nt found a way to take as of yet(give them time).As far as dicrimination is concerned, you all probably have a case but what will you win if you collect? (nothing) What have you won? (nothing)The President signed into legislation the removal of the Glass Ceiling and yet big business continues to do as they please, as the only thing that was changed was that they now pay men lower wages to make it look as they are in compliance or they outsource, move overseas where the law does not affect them and we continue to pay them with higher taxes and less programs daily for the education of the public. Bottom line is the more you allow your complaint to be washed down, the more the true fix will never be achieved. Maybe we could learn from some of the other countries that our goverment has chosen to spend our tax money on, and protest against the 5 percent with all the money. QUIT BUYING THE EXCUSES! 

March 29, 2011
Click to view weecock's profile

Keep the women in at the check out.  Its nice to see an single mother with nice breast at the end of your shopping.

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