Tuesday, March 29, 2011
Overheard on CNN.com: Did President Obama convince you?


Comment of the day: "Obama could cure cancer and people would hate him." –akphidelt


Obama addresses nation on Libya


After President Barack Obama addressed the nation about U.S. involvement in Libya, CNN senior political analyst David Gergen asked, “Were you convinced?” According to Gergen, Obama made a good case for action but was vague on potential outcomes while laying out a more cautious, collaborative approach than past presidents.


Of the speech, CNN.com readers were torn, often according to their political affiliations.


midogs2 said, “Why do I get the impression that the President would have been criticized and ridiculed by the conservatives if he had done nothing at all in Libya? Cry baby McCain has been doing nothing but taking pot shots at his decisions since his landslide loss two years ago.” WayOutThere responded, “It’s what a political party system does. You are saying that liberals did not criticize and ridicule Bush no matter what he did? Don't be morally shocked and outraged; it’s posturing for their constituents, nothing more. Both political parties do it and will continue to do it.”


Some readers said that the speech convinced them that President Obama made the right choice. TruthSpitta said, “Obama articulated his position perfectly. America won't step in EVERY time to solve EVERY problem internationally, but we will help out when it's the right thing to do, when the situation calls for it, and we are able to make a difference.” madison said, “I am pleased with the so-called "Obama Doctrine". It requires the U.S. to pick its battles. The decision to intervene is based on a) egregious actions by a foreign entity (specifically against its own citizens or against U.S. interests) ; b) wide collaboration from the international community, set up in advance; c) shared costs with the international community; d) perceived benefit to the U.S. or to the U.S. role as world leader; and e) perceived risk. Why would we not follow such guidelines in all of our actions?”


And there were also those who said they weren’t on board. YodarCritch said, “President Obama may have made the argument that military forces were necessary to enforce the UN no-fly zone and ‘protect’ Libyan citizens. However, President Obama failed to make the argument that United States' military were needed.” SarahB12345 said, “I'm not swayed by Obama's reasoning. If our goal is to save the lives of innocent civilians, why aren't we involved in the Congo?”


Simmons blasts fat jokes


In an opinion piece special to CNN.com, physical fitness guru Richard Simmons called out comedian George Lopez for his jokes about actress Kirstie Alley’s weight. Having been teased as a “fat” kid, Simmons says he understands the pain overweight people endure because of jokes and that they may breed insensitivity.


Many CNN.com readers agreed with him and praised his efforts to reach out, but some readers said he’s too thin-skinned.


beemr77 said, “It's no wonder kids bully each other. Just look at all of the so-called adults they have for examples. Thank you for your message Mr. Simmons. If we can't all be civil to one another because of the way someone looks, then we're not much of a society." SpayNeuter said, “Verbal abuse should never be allowed to be hidden behind being called a joke. Words can hurt and do hurt. They can be some of the worst scars we give each other as humans.” abrown85 said, “Richard Simmons is such a kind man. He seems so tolerant of everyone (i.e. size, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.). We need more tolerance in this world.”


samTheman99 said, “As the President of CCA (Chubby Chasers of America - over 10 million members), I must say that if you laugh at yourself, people will stop laughing at you.” rjk256 said, “Comedians go after issues and make fun of them; that is their role as the jester. People are too sensitive. Seriously. Don't be such a wimp.” humtake said, “The problem is people let what other people say offend them. I was fat most of my life, and I made fun of it and embraced others who made fun of it. If you live happy and not let others dictate your emotions, you will live a much happier and longer life.”


But skady said, “I don't think the jokes by themselves are the problem. I think the real problem is that bullies and intolerant people use them to harass and alienate people that already have troubles accepting and dealing with a condition that society frowns upon.”


Willie may sing to pay for pot charge


Last November, much beloved country singer and well known pot smoker Willie Nelson was charged with pot possession in west Texas. The action prompted a public outcry and now the prosecutor in the case is offering the singer an unusual plea deal: sing his 1975 "Blue Eyes" hit and pay a $100 fine.


While many readers expressed their support for Nelson, others didn’t appreciate the preferential treatment.


Deej59 said, “Two problems with this. First, it's like saying 'Dance' while shooting at his feet. Second, if you or I get busted for the same thing we're going to pay the top fine and possibly do some jail time. It’s wrong to have different scales of justice for different people based on who they are and what they do.” MattSWilson said, “So, I get caught with weed [I get] jail time and heavy fines for being a ‘drug addicted menace to society.’ Celebrity gets caught with weed, hey lets put on a show.” SmokeyWtrz said, “I got popped in east Texas on a misdemeanor possession charge. It cost me a lot more than a hundred bucks. And when I sang, the jail staff threatened to beat the crud out of me.”


Cappyjean said, “So the judge is not star struck! I like the prosecutor, we need more just like hit. Smoking weed is nothing, sounds like the judge needs some.” Miguk said, “Willie for president!” Jimmo shared his version of “On the road again.” “Stoned again. Just can't wait to get stoned again. The life I love is tokin' up with my friends and I can't wait to get stoned again.”


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Compiled by the CNN.com moderation staff. Some comments edited for length or clarity.

April 8, 2011
Click to view Willrs65's profile

This stuff makes me sick, the places of Power have forgotten God is in control not them. Congress needs to here the loud pop! and pull theirs out of the seat of their pants. Each person not praying in Congress needs to find them a place to pray. let God fix our country. If things don't line up with scripture then cut it out. Draw a land in sand and Serve the God of Universe and no the lust of the flesh...The signs given in the past are still valid today...Killing our future through abortion is just adding wrath to wrath...spending money on pork projects have bankrupt us all...

April 28, 2011
Click to view KBTNDW's profile

I don't see any Republican having any compassion for the Middle Class--people who are just struggling to make ends meet!!  The Republican agenda is to see Obama fail no matter who gets hurt in the process.  No matter what he does, it is wrong in the eyes of the Republicans. 

June 12, 2011
Click to view DornbushMR's profile

The president doesn't get it the USA has not right to be the police man to the world. We pay more than 75% of Nato's budget a worthless entity, we also pay billions and billions to other countries in military and food aid to countries that hate us. they don't want our political system and we should not force it on them. We are in more than 80 countries with bases, we should close them and bring those troop's home, stop all aid military and cash. We should tax the top 2% of the country and make them pay their fair share of the tax burden and close the tax loop holes that let companies not have to pay their tax's.

June 15, 2011
Click to view whipper68's profile

I have a question. Most of the Presidents trips from now til '12 elections will be campaign trips. Obviously he will make them on Air Force One. Will the cost of these trips be reimbursed from his campaign funds or do the taxpayers have to pick up the tab. Doesn't seem fair if he gets this perk and the other candidates do not.

August 20, 2011
Click to view continue1's profile

I signed up just for the tard who did the piece on the obama trip.in the same 'post of the day'he could cure cancer from akphiddelt(spells stupid 2-me/muslim 2)..(so not happing)him curing anything..but here's 2 of my more comments..1 from me~


I knew he was a no good i didn't vote 4 him! No paranoia with the truth..arguing w/idiots is all! Go back to Michigan...a state will will take back! I could care a less if those 2 morons take a break w/out money..this here is a open invitation to take pot shots at the American ppl. That moron who does that rant n garble about how this garbage all got started,is a bonafied racist slum bag well u figure out the rest...He's rants are unprofessional at best! He not qualified to speak for in speak to the American ppl w/his piss poor excuse to insult us...dream on ..lil dreamers! We have some higher forces who have our backs,and don't think religion when I say this...which 1 are you? white sell out lib or black bro of the Muslimhood? American hater...

I don't listen 2 cnn much,as this a lib paper/media?can't keep up w/all the labels!

August 20, 2011
Click to view continue1's profile

1st)Skrew you & him! He's a Muslim and was primed to be a president of this Country a long time ago! When are YOU ppl going to get that? He is public enemy #1 no doubts if and or butts! You ppl MUST be a idiot NOT to see that coming as far back as the campaign days! It fits perfectly together as a Puzzle. Kill as many Americans a s you can Is their motto! What clue do you ppl need?Was it when they will not help Israel?Wouldn't send help to/for Mexico that now the Muslims are sneaking in over there?Or would it be that he came out of the woodwork from no place...or his HOMELAND Zimbabwe?We all heard the Mrs'es..it's good to be in MY HUSBANDS HOMELAND! He used BLACKS & WHITES for VOTES to get in.

askers rant that made me do this reply below->it wouldn't post all i did,so this perhaps answer my Q of the who' owns the news site.

August 20, 2011
Click to view continue1's profile

<2nd)<<Uh,who may i ask is attacking that Muslim/pres on his vacation?! Let me at em! I agree w/goodnightngoodluck whole heartily. And the fact that u muslims want to go on the attack w/this stupid ridiculous question! It appears the only ones who even read it was his peeps cause if im going to read a story of interest,it's'not them 2 idiots!

I want good interesting read! That a set up & a way for that jerk to show his tasteless anger the way all eXtremest do.

That's how they take low punches & their immaturity's are at work.It show as all Obama defense team works it. That the worst article of stupidity & ugliness i ever seen! He talk ghetto!But i wasn't expecting anything higher nor better. Thanks for sharing,now i have more ammunition...they tried to take away from us,as well as our civil/constitutional right the 1st n 2nd..

Com'on rant back u know u want to,you all say the exact same thing..just copy n paste will ya?

This is the rest of it...I had to go to eXstremes 2do-do this..lol..but i will not give up!hahahaha...

October 4, 2011
Click to view Husoslav's profile

Hi guys,


your all so funny... I mean people all over the world usualy are, but americans especialy...


I dont know why you even debate about things you never actualy realy thought about, couse if you were, you would know that americans are one of the dumbest nations on this planet... usualy they know it too... but they dont care... sad


there is only one answer to all the questions  in this world. If we have to live together, in what order or system should we live in? well, is democracy realy the best system? if you learnd history in school then you would know by now its not...

democracy was invented by jews to manipulate the crowds - they gave you the feling that you can actualy do something with your vote when you choose which one of them wil run the country... thats how dumb you are if you go to vote... like "you can make a difference" and bla bla shit


Trough out history it has been proven that the best system is dictatorship. Why? Couse when one man decides for all the decision is fast and without compromises. And that is the 2 most important things when life is at stake... and all our lifes are in hands of others if you look longterm.

I dont want to reinvent things that are proven many times to be the best choice, but as example you can take army or a private firm: ONE man decides for all! yes, he has advisors, so he hears them, but on the end he decides. And imagine what his decisions are if he is actuly a man with moral and clear sense... he decides fast, for good of the people even if they think its bad for them and NO compromises.

Thats why during the dictatorships NATIONS truly acomplished something-unity, joy, helping each other and prosperity. The only bad side is that you have to find the right person to be a GOOD dictator.

BUT: if you had math in school you will know this one-is it harder to find ONE or 500 GOOD people to run the country? I think teh answer is preaty easy...


America is roten inside... I know that couse I have been there every year for the past 15 years. People are fat, stupid and sick... magic formula to be frustrated and therefore easy to manipulate.


I dont know where in word CAPITALISM there is something beneficial for a SOCIETY, for a man... something good for him...

and I see every day on TV speaking about SOCIALISM as something bad... seems like its vorbiden to use that word in US... funy, since countries with best standard in the world all are SOCIAL countries (Sweden, Finland, Holland ect.)


CAPITALISM exploits only one human "virtue" and thats GREED. If you truly belive MORE and BIGGER is BETTER for human race trough out the world, then go for it... but then you proved me right and all other people, who still actualy THINK out the box of jewish greed for 1 sec a day... just enough to know who realy lives and who vegetates... just a batery for a jew to feed on... and Americans are proven to be the best for the job :D


I am from Slovenia, EU for all of you that had geography in school and dont mind my grammar, it sucks, but its still beter then your Slovene :D


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