Thursday, March 31, 2011
Overheard on Ohio bill and union busting


Comment of the day: "I haven't seen a single Republican governor act to limit the pay raises/benefit increases/rights of the staff working in the governor's office. If they were serious about cutting deficits, they would ask for sacrifices across the board. But they haven't." --TruthSpitta


Bill restricting public-sector unions passes in Ohio


Ohio legislators passed a controversial bill barring public employees from their right to strike. Some 360,000 employees will be affected. Some of our readers wrote in support of the bill, attributing failing industries and education to union demands. bast18 said, “All I can say is that it's about time. The unions are wiping us out as a nation. Time to disassemble the money machine and send it, instead of our jobs, to China.”


Jnkesrouan said, “GM survived the Great Depression for 10 years. Then came along United Against Work, the UAW, and GM had to declare bankruptcy one year into the Great Recession. This is what Unions do: strip companies of their financial cushions, so that when a major recession hits, they either have to declare bankruptcy and reorganize or go out of business.”


Thegenrallee said, “While I generally lean towards the democratic side of things, unions are one thing I can't agree with. In some lines of work (coal mining for example) unions might be beneficial but for government and state jobs, unions need to be dropped completely to get the lazy people out so that work will actually get done."


Others spoke up for the unions and the protections they offer. Dave3000 said, “The Republican budget proposals will eliminate, or reduce dramatically, funding for government agencies that support labor, public safety, and other important issues that impact us all. Look at the big picture and stop fighting against your own people.”


8isenough said, “Are you willing to work for the same wage as someone in China in order to keep your job from being sent overseas?”


BirkGed said, “I am an "open shop" electrical contractor, and generally don't have a lot of love for unions. However: Unions were created to specifically address the issues Kasich is about to forbid them to. Don't seem right, even though there is no love lost here.”


Boscoebill said, “The unions protect public sector employees from politicians who want to give tax breaks to their wealthy friends, then cut pay to the hard working civil servants to pay for tax breaks for the rich.


NicDriver agreed. “Our government 'of the people' needs to protect us from predators, not obligate us into indentured servitude. It's wrong to funnel so much capital towards the already wealthy and then expect the remnants of the middle class to pick up the budget shortfall.”




The kids truly are all right


Relax, present-day teenagers are truly doing better, says Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Laura Sessions Stepp, citing a CDC study on various health statistics. Many of our readers, however, questioned what “better” really means.


rosalvaje said, “That makes no sense, fatter but taking better care of themselves. Mmm.” Moltar said, "Sure, the kids are less literate than previous generations, are much fatter and will live a lifetime of weight-related problems, but at least they didn't drink when they were 18."


Jangocat said, “No, they're not all right, and telling them they're all right is part of the problem. Mentally and physically they are far inferior to previous generations. The US has been falling behind other developed nations in education for decades now.” rescue said, “I notice that literacy and graduation rates were omitted.”


jkress said, “The only problem is that they're dumb as rocks. Whip out some extra change at the cash register after they've already rung up the sale and watch them try to count money.”


Suprisingly, many readers agreed with Stepp. JMarkLane said, “Compared to my generation (I was born in 1957), the kids I know are a dream. Most of them are thoughtful, careful, relatively respectful, take decent care of themselves, are not substance abusers, and are making an effort to educate and advance themselves. In some cases, they are *too* serious. But compared to the wild and dangerous lives we led as teenagers, it's a vast improvement.”


Some suggested that the more things change, the more they stay the same. dtboco3 said, “I will always remember something my dad said to me when I was 18: "I think all of you are pretty screwed up, but grandma and grandpa thought the same thing when I was your age and we turned out just fine."


sirluccilot said, “I came across a quote once that basically said the same thing, you know, ‘Kids today aren't respectful, lazy, etc., etc.’ The quote was from Greece, circa 400 B.C.” dtboco3  agreed, “The numbers don't lie. Every generation thinks that there is something wrong with the teenagers.”


Will you commute via 'personal rapid transit?'


Tired of overcrowded buses and trains but still prefer public transportation? Someday there may be a more personal way to travel publicly. Several U.S. cities are considering installing Personal Rapid Transit systems (PRTs) that would seat four to six people and move along a guideway.


ChokingHazrd said, “The cars are just adorable.” Goofius said, “I look forward to the day when most people travel without cars because it will be better for our environment, safer, and less congested. More people would ride bicycles if they didn't feel so intimidated (and rightly so) by the cars on the roads. “


Remi0228 said, “It would be great to have public transportation without having to deal with the general public! It would be nice not to have to deal with other riders: cellphone yappers, smelly unwashed hair, cigarette and bad perfume stench.”


But others thought sharing a “personal” car was still problematic. catology said, “These sound great, until you consider all the filthy slobs out there who will be leaving their garbage, sickness and stink in these nifty little cars.”


Many wrote to share their experiences of a similar system at West Virginia University. Gabeee said, “It's an outdated system that needs many improvements but it still gets the job done with the random break downs and delays.”


emeraldcls said, “It may be old, but it still runs. My mother used to take us for rides in the summer and now she takes my daughters. I would take the PRT over the DC metro any day!”


Stmyer14, a senior at WVU, said, “Our PRT is anything but 'progress.' It breaks down constantly, doesn't run as often as this article would like to think, and usually breaks down when it’s snowing or raining. They have spent millions of dollars on new software for the system, and it is still horrible.”


But brian8907 said, “The PRT isn't the bad part; the breakdowns and delays are due to the computer technology our university refuses to update. There was an article in the DA that said 60% of breakdowns happen because of the computers, not the actual PRTs.”



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March 31, 2011
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Well folks, live and learn. On the next election be sure and vote against your best interest AGAIN. Perhaps after a few more Republicans get in office we  will be just like the Democratic Society in India,where they have Bonded Labor/Slavery. I consider myself middle left and I can see that you just can't really trust either party,but that goes double for the Republican side.

March 31, 2011
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Just a bunch of bears that got fed someone else's money. Now they're mad that the hand outs are being reduce or cut off. The union really needs to get back to their original purpose and quit being the bully on the block shaking down the common folk taxpayers of their lunch money or lunch.  

March 31, 2011
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I am always amazed at how gullible people are.  The rich are getting richer (400 individuals hold more money than 104,000,000 Americans combined - 1/3 of our population) and suddenly this year the lost tax revenue is the fault of the middle class teacher, policeman, road crew, fireman, DMV clerk and public health inspector?  They don't deserve a collective bargaining voice?  If you silence them the world is going to right itself and we will all be swimming in jobs and raises?  A teacher is now a scab and blight on our society.  I’m sure that we will continue to only attract the best and brightest when they can look forward to distain, sneers and slave wages.


The GOP is brilliant at creating smoke screens and appealing to the basest human emotions like fear, envy, and hate can build an army of drones.  They feed these pathetic Tea Baggers false nostalgia, moral superiority, hypocrisy and pedantic pseudo-debates while they are stifling the voice of the common man.  They got a great head start with the Supreme Court's decision to allow corporations unlimited funding of candidates. 


We don't need to save money we need to collect it from the real people who are not paying their fair share.

March 31, 2011
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It is shameful what the public is doing to unions.  The thousands who died in the attempt to unionize are rolling over in their graves. That being said unions have problems, but I would not give up union rights any more than I would my free speech rights due to some opinions I dislike.

March 31, 2011
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Unions are out of control and they need to go. The days of child labor are past as well as 18-20 hour work days. Either all Americans get unions or no Americans get unions but we can't have it as it is today.

March 31, 2011
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Corporations and small businesses create jobs and sustainable prosperity. Unions never create jobs or sustainable prosperity. The forced-union states are going to be perpetually bankrupt because they are losing corporations and businesses to extort money from. The end result of unions is to turn everyone in the U.S. into a bunch of beggars because unions reduce or destroy the profitability of any company. Union labor is subject to supply and demand for wages and that will be proven when union employees lose their jobs and workers and business move from forced-union states to right-to-work states.

March 31, 2011
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doesnt this go against the 1st admendment with your basic freedoms of the: press,assembley,speach, to petition the goverment,and freedom of religion. Since a federal law overrides a state law then no matter what the Ohio legislative say they cannot take their basic American rights away from them

March 31, 2011
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Interesting on how everybody was so quick to complain and protest Wisconsin and now that it happens to them it is different.  We have to balance the budget somehow.  Remember how D.C. helped the money makers on Wall Street.  The money had to come from somewhere.  Oh that is right it was the Democrats who started the ball rolling.

March 31, 2011
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It's quite glarring what the National Republican Party is doing. They have no scruples when it comes to workers rights. Those rights were made into law on the backs and lost lives of union workers. They would be tickled to no end if we revert back to the 18th century on workers rights. And be not decieved, this is exactly where they are headed. One Republican stated to me that we don't need unions because we have laws to protect workers. I laughed out loud,and this was 2008. It is easy to see how your legal workers rights disappear under a Republican controlled state and federal government. Wisconson,Ohio,Michigan,Indiana,etc. Do you see where this is going folks. And they haven't stopped just with workers rights. Check out Grassly wanting to investigate AARP. I guess the old folks is the next big voting block that they want to decimate. Just remember if they are fighting us one at a time they win. Remember the Supreme Court ruling that allows the huge corperations to buy elections[Koch Brothers]etc. That is who we will be going up against,and we will have to do it one at a time all by ourself. Thats how they win, they rig it so that they can't loose. They killed ACORN and tried to kill NPR from the same type of clip and snip vidieo job from that rich kid that doesn't have a job except for being a hatchet for Republicans. But go ahead and vote more of the Republicans in office. Just don't come crying to me when your child or grandchild is hancuffed to a machine in some factory for 18 hours a day. Just go get yourself a big mess of that and see if it suits you.

There is a saying in my field of work. You can't cure STUPID!!

March 31, 2011
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No that was W that started that. And the TARP will show a profit. Maybe W did one thing right!

March 31, 2011
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Why should public workers be paid with my money and get better perks than anyone in the private sector? Its time for the unions to quit getting fat off of the sweat and blood of working people.

March 31, 2011

Why is everyone so afraid without the unions?  The remaining 88% of the workforce is just fine without union protections.  Union members have been so brainwashed into thinking that everyone is out to get them.  Guess what?  No one is out to get them.  Just like everything else in life, just do your job well and you WILL be rewarded.  And it feels much better to earn it than to demand it through collective bargaining!!!!  If it was so bad in the "real" work world, more people would flock to unionize.  Instead, union membership has continued to decline.  I would encourage all union members and all union supporters to embrace your individual skills and value and think and make decisions for yourself.  You really do NOT need a union to take your money and to tell you how and what to think.  Do not fear the unknown.  The remaining 88% of us are doing well without a union to control us.  Please join us and you will appreciate the freedom and rewards!

March 31, 2011
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Unions are parasitic and use union due to buy politicians to give them more money. What is a Union for? To get paid more and do less. No way can the USA move forward with that mind set. Sorry but true.

March 31, 2011
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I'm not in the union. But I know what the unions have done to improve workers rights. I have worked for employers that try their best to act as though it is the good ole days. Back when you worked 18 hours and got paid for 2 hours. Or worse! Don't try to tell me it don't happen when I lived it brother. When the laws are rewritten by greedy people with no scruples you loose.

March 31, 2011
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@4taxpayers - If everything is so good for the 88% of us that do not belong to a union, why is the middle class losing so much ground?

March 31, 2011
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Lets be honest - the wages of the union members - though exorbitant are not the problem. It is the penions and healthcare costs that are killing the states. Union people keep putting up these red herrings about budgets and wages when it isn't the wages.  And the reason to eleminate collective bargaining is because a concession given today will be taken back and more as soon as the economy appears on track. 


Face it public unions have a far greater influence in our public policies than their place and position justify.  It is time public employees stop believing in their right to fleece the public for benefits none of us can afford and just raise taxes on the rich will solve the problem - it won't and it never has.

March 31, 2011
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Wow,sounds like you believe the government should decide what people make.

Does that same principal apply for a CEO?

March 31, 2011
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So this great governor of ours is pretty happy to cut state employees pay right? Well, he himself, took a 40k raise as soon as he took office. His staff also received pretty nice raises too, communications director, for example, that position did pay 89k , now under Kasich it pays 120k.    Strickland's press secretary made 70k , Kasich's will get 90k. Strickland's chief of staff made 123k (Nice) Kasich's will make 170k. And it just keeps going. I am a state employee and I am facing pay cuts and possibly being laid off. We are robbing peter to pay paul . How can he say he is making these cuts to help fix the states budget crisis? He is cutting out the middle class. I can't see doing my job for less than what I am making. . It's amazing that he says that state employees make too much money and don't deserve the benefits but isn't he a state employee? How does he lay people off and give out raises in his office? Am I the only one who sees a problem here ??   

April 1, 2011

Kasich and Walker are giving local public administrators the needed power to make financial decisions.  They are giving superintendents and school boards the ability to say, "You know what, we can't afford to pay over $100,000 for a school librarian just because of their seniority.  Now, we will have the freedom to hire another person for a lower cost that will provide the same service/function in the library for 9 months of the year, and in addition, now we have more money to hire back that music or art teacher we had to cut when we had to cut those programs."  This is about something more that public employees.  With respect to public schools, this is about being able to re-focus the resources on the core business of educating children and meeting the CHILDREN'S needs in this competitive world.  This is not about taking anything from public emplyees.  Quite frankly, the public school system is no place for a union at all, as it is a sort of monopoly as tax payers do not have the freedom to decide which public school they send their children to.  This is long overdue! 

April 1, 2011

In addition, quit whining about how much money other people make and use that energy to go start a business and make as much money as you want.  You take the risk!  You put in the sweat and tears!  You create the jobs!  You make the needed sacrifices!  You are free to start a successful business and make as much money as you want!  Quit resenting those who made those choices when you chose not to put forth that effort.  Just like in investments, the greater the risks, the greater the returns.  Go start a business and put some other people to work!

April 1, 2011
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#1 Public school systems are not in business. They are a public service for the public to be educated. Remember back in the day before we had a public school system? Boy that was good stuff wasn't it. Only the wealthy folks got an education,and that was from private schools that their wealthy parents paid for. Of course only those that had enough wealth were educated. The majority of the public didn't get educated,unless it was from home school. Yeah I remember reading our history and this attitude from the Republican side mimics those good ole days when only a select few recieved a good education. And the rest were forced into bonded labor,yeah the good ole days.


Fact is I don't agree with all the unions point of view,but I like the rest of America don't believe in the big corperations honesty. They are greedy and will take everything you have and smile while they do it. The obvious proof is in there recent history. The middle class jobs were shipped overseas for slave labor. They want to have a local market for slave lobor,so they are in the proccess of making that happen. As soon as the unions are gone the laws will be changed to mimic that same slave lobor overseas. They are already trying to get rid of the minimun wage. It seems that the Republican Party has no low or bottom when they are reaching to transfer wealth from the middle class and poor to their pocket. As I said in an earlyer post Mr Grassly is initiating a investigation into AARP to see if it qualifies as a tax free entity. Stepping on old folks and stomping on kids seems to be the moto. And the rest can be dealt with through attrition in some stupid war like Iraq. What a great bunch of folks the Republicans have become!!

April 1, 2011
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American is no longer a manufacturing nation. And with Republicans busting unions and lowering wages across the nation even further, more and more citizens are reaching for their credit cards to pay for basic day-to-day needs all too often. Obviously, this is their ploy. Why? Because America's number one manufactured product nowadays is CREDIT. That's right, CREDIT. I can hear the sales pitch now: CREDIT is on sale right now for just 2.99%, so get some now while its on sale before it goes up, people, so you can buy those new Chinese manufactured iPad2's and those Korean 55" LED TV's that just came out. We must keep corporate America rolling in huge profits while you and I drown in debt just like our psuedo-rich Uncle Sam. Isn't capitalism great?

April 1, 2011
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I think the point made at the beginning of the article is very important.  In the early 90's while working at H-P, the corporation took every other Friday off because a slow economy.  That meant EVERYONE in the corporation took a 10% pay cut across the board.  So, why isn't this being suggested in Wisconsin, Ohio, or any other state? 

April 1, 2011
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What the wealthy and powerful have been doing for years is engaging in manipulation of the wages and the standard of living for the note-so-wealthy-and-powerful. Then as a disparity between the unionized and non-unionized becomes evident, they convince people to belive that it's the unions who have been robbing them and not the wealthy and powerful. It's a ploy that would work only on the least informed and uneducated, and the American voter unfortunately fits that profile to a tee.

April 1, 2011
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Just because corporations don't act ethically doesn't mean unions can trample workers rights by forcing them/us to pay protection money to political organizations.  Taking money from workers without having the common decency to ASK is WRONG regardless of what corporations do.  If this weren't so, unions MIGHT have a case.  However, as evidenced in Wisconsin and several other states the true sacred cow to unions is protecting their ability to rape the paychecks of workers.  If an organization has to steal money for it to remain powerful and relevant that organization doesn't deserve to exist.  If unions want my money they should be forced to convince me they're worth it.  I didn't ask them to negotiate for me.  Unions are like that annoying guy on the street corner who washes your windshield without asking then demands compensation.  You didn't ask for it and you don't want it.  Just leave me alone and let me be free.  If you want to throw your money away and join a union, fine.  But if you're a true liberal you'll allow me to have the same freedom of choice you enjoy.

April 1, 2011
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So what if Union Workers can retire in their early 50s at almost (sometimes more) full pay.  And get cost of living adjustment and almost free health care.  STOP WHINING.  You are just envious because you did not make the grade.  If you save $3,000,000 in your 401K you can pay for the same benefit.  In the meantime continue to eat rice and beans while the government Union Workers eat steak

April 1, 2011
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It is interesting to read all these comments and try to comprehend everyone's feelings and thoughts. I decided to write mine because I actually am a teacher and feel it is necessary to express myself finally.  Someone wrote, 'You take the risk!  You put in the sweat and tears!  You create the jobs!  You make the needed sacrifices!' well I did by becoming a teacher. I have sweated and I have cried for my students future and for the work I put in. I have sacrificed many nights of planning and staying at work until 7 p.m. That would make it about a 12-13 hour day. My union didn't have to tell me to do it and I also didn't go back and ask for any pats on the back for it. I sacrificed like you said and will continue to do it until I'm done teaching. The next point of firing the over paid librarian and hiring another one for cheaper so you can allocate resources elsewhere, perplexed me.  We are not all small business owners and are not guaranteed a job. How would society work if we just had a rotating door every 10-20 years to hire somebody new, for the sole purposes of cost. How would you like to find a new job every 10-20 years. Oh yeah and you also have to go back to school and become reeducated or learn a new skill because saving cost means firing experienced teachers/staff to hire newer cheaper ones. Ask the families who have had that happen to and how it has affected them. Morality has not died, has it? Maybe, 88% of you can do without unions but just because the majority does not have it doesn't make it right for everybody. All situations are different and it sad to believe that the social contract between society and teachers has been broken when we are your neighbors, family, brothers, sisters, advocates, and most importantly your future. We are the builders and creators of millions of jobs. It may not say on Jimmy's test score but what I taught Jimmy helped him learn how to create a business so yes I did create a job and many more.  I don't mind paying a little more into my pension as long as I know corporations are no longer getting any tax breaks and members of congress are no longer over paid and given millions of concessions.  Two more points and I'm sorry if this has been long winded. Fathom this, a young aspiring girl/man is wise and bright and is witnessing this going on. His/her talent to communicate ideas and teach others is superb and natural. Why in their right mind would they become a teacher knowing that A. their pay is no where near comparable with other college graduates B. the public is so misinformed they believe you are the problem C. in some years down the road you are not obsolete but your pay is so they fire you and hire younger version of you regardless if they are more capable, the school does it for financial reasons. This young aspiring teacher can see all these red flags and will take his talents elsewhere. All the lives and minds he could've reached and helped no longer will be.

If you were informed and if the media was informed it is the superintendent and assistant superintendents who have totally gone to the bank and robbed the piggy bank with their pension plans. Also, it would be great if people compared how much high school teachers are making compared to elementary teachers. Elementary teachers work just as many hours and hard but are nowhere near the same ballpark as high school teachers.

Lastly, for everyone holding up a sign and says stop sucking our money away I wish you could experience one week of excellent teaching and everything it takes. Then maybe you would give us the much deserved respect. Then you would ask Walker, Kasich, and his cronies to stop giving rich people and corporations tax breaks and to leave teachers alone and fund us properly! Hey here is an idea stop building bombs the world has enough and when will become civilized.

April 1, 2011
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I am fascinated by the ill-informed comments from people who simply assume that all public employees are lazy.  Ride with a cop on the midnight shift when there are no other cars available for backup.  Go with a firefighter into a burning building.  Spend the hours a teacher does, trying to help a student who comes from a dysfunctional family to succeed.  Ride with a garbage collector on a ninety degree day.  Generalizations are the marks of ignorance. 

April 1, 2011
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I just can't believe people blame UNIONS for jobes leaving for overseas. WOW!  Jobs leave, because they want to avoid paying corporate taxes and not to pay health care, and descent salaries to US workers.  It is well known it has nothing to do with the Unions, but just like the Mexican smoke screen, many Americans swallowed THE MORON pill.

April 1, 2011
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Sorry Jnkesrouan, but the UAW did not drive GM into bankruptcy. GM drove GM into bankruptcy with their crappy overpriced cars and trucks that MAKE you have OnStar by Big Brother in them!  Who's going to buy that?  Huh?  I'm not!  And I'm definately not now that GM means Government Motors, or Government Mess!

Ford, just like ALL the car companies in America, has workers protected by the UAW, but did THEY have to be bailed out by the government?  HELL NO!

April 2, 2011
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Dear CNN Readers

We need your help. We bought the house in Avalon Village in Eugene, OR. In 2004, we did not know that the community had rules set by a housing association. We bought the house “As is” as a reposition from HUD. I was very proud to be a new homeowner and we worked very hard to fix it inside and out.  I decided to paint our home a new color and that is when our nightmare started. The HOA has made us repaint that house three times. My wife is white and I am black, we are both citizens here in the USA. I felt like I was being singled out because I am black.  I decided to move out and go to Washington State. We did not succeed in selling the house mainly because that is when the economy started going down.  In 2008 we received a letter from the HOA saying they were going to start charging us for breaking the paint rules. We went back to Oregon and painted the house into the original color as to when we bought it. The HOA has never stopped fining us and compounding the ongoing fine by 18%. They are still saying it’s not back to the original color, when we have proof from the appraisal pictures of when we bought the house. We painted the trim color differently than the original and it is an approved color under their rules and regulations otherwise the house is back to looking like it was in 2004.

They have gone to the extent of even garnishing both my wages and the bank account that my wages fund. My wife is unemployed and this bank account is what we are living off of. We have and are trying to sell the house. It is frustrating that we will get a realtor that is excited about selling the house in the condition and price range that we want until they talk to an HOA leader and then that realtor will become very discouraged about the chances of the house selling.  If they are chasing the realtors away, how are we supposed to sell the house and pay the HOA? We are just renting a house here in Washington State and things are becoming more and more difficult. We have three kids who are just about to becoming homeless because of this. We have even stayed for 5 days without water because we could not afford to pay the bill. There are so many homes in the community which have been painted different colors and they have not posted their differences in the annual newsletter or fined them for changing the paint color outside of the allowed color combinations. 

The HOA as a whole is not a bad organization, but some officers who keep being elected in one capacity or another have apparently taken a negative personal interest in me and my family. They have refused to negotiate with our past and current lawyer, us, and the different realtors that we have contracted to sell the house. Most creditors that I know of are supposed to have a set price when they garnish your wages, but the HOA does not seem content with the $16,000.00 in the papers served by their lawyers and has now billed us over $20,000.00 with no end to the bill in sight.

Please help !!!!


April 3, 2011
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I don't know man. I looked at your profile,I hope you don't mind. You have a great looking family there. A persons color shouldn't matter,but I know it seems to sometimes. I'm white and my next grandchild will be half black,and it doesn't matter to me because I love my daughter and son-in-law. Have you explained this situation to HUD. Or contacted the Federal Trade Commission. Those are federal agencies that may at leat have some advice. A couple of years ago I had a credit card vendor on the phone, I was complaining to them about the jacked up interest rate that they were charging,and I pulled up the FTC complaint site while I was talking to them on the phone. It was great because I told the lady what I was doing and I would need her to stay on the line with me so I could get all the information that I needed about the vender. The whole conversation changed on the venders side to be very cooperative. I filed the complaint and a few months later the interest rate droped. Write your state and federal reps,send it to their state offices because the DC mail gets roasted with XRAYs. Also send it with some way to track or document that you are trying to communicate with your reps. I have even hand delivered letters straight to my reps state offices and spoke directly  with them or their office manager because I wanted them to know that I was serious. I feel for ya man,I don't think I could take it. I would have to pull a RD Mercer and whip somebodies @##.

April 8, 2011
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Wow...some of these comments are shocking.  Sure, why not, lets get rid of Unions for everyone...Give it a chance!!! I'm sure that Companies will do the right thing and won't erode working conditions, pay rates, benefits, breaks, Bereavment time,etc.  Plus, if we get rid of Unions they won't be able to give money to the Democrats to ensure that workers rights are protected.....Yeah RIGHT!!! How stupid do Republicans think people are?  They are already calling teachers,firemen,policemen 'Well Paid' public employees and that Unions are bankrupting us...Whats bankrupting us are the Tax laws that let companies use myriad loopholes to get out of paying little to no taxes at all.  Because, lets face it, Republicans believe that Corporations are more important than people are, or at least people who don't already have money.  We could continue to let them erode the American workplace and maybe we all can make 10cents/hr..That way, Companies wont have to send jobs overseas and we will be able to 'Compete' on the 'World Stage' with the other countries where a majority of the population live on the edge of poverty!

May 2, 2011
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SB5 is not now and never ever was about the impact unions have on common people, it's COMPLETELY about politics.  Unions are the largest Democratic party contributors, therefore undermining union power is considered by the leaders of the Republican party as financially taking the legs out from under the Democratic party. Let's definitely have a serious discussion about unions and their place in society, but don't confuse this issue with that one. They are different.

September 6, 2011
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Multinational corporations are setting the agenda for the future of Americans and the rest of the world.  They owe no allegiance to anyone or any idea!  They will take and give back nothing. Bottom Line...they have all the marbles!  They will continue to work from behind the curtains to further break the middle class and working Americans.  They will finance these politicians to break us and anything that will uplift working class Americans...the unions.  The trouble is that Americans are becoming dumber and are easily brainwashed with the tirades of the far right and teaparty.  Much of what they say shows no compassion for their fellow Americans.  It is all about me!  We have become dumber, apathetic, and hopeless, and there is little or no response to what these big corporations and rich fatcats have done to our country!  My appeal to you, who are reading this comment, wake up!  Don't let them keep taking what is left of our rights to this country and idea of America!  Teach your children to turn off their electronics and start learning about their country and their rights!  Teach them to communicate and participate!  Teach them to care what happens to the next guy!  Teach them to value books and actually learn!  Teach them to question everything!  Please people...wake up and start a new revolution in our time!   If not, you and your children will lose all that is good about America!

December 19, 2011
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Anti-Union Republicans have been against Unions from the start during the FDR 1930's.  Republicans passed "Deregulation" in 1980's for trucking, airlines and phone companies, all were middle class Union jobs with pensions and medical insurance.  During the 1990's, Republicans passed "deregulation" for Electric and Gas companies, all were middle class Union jobs with pensions and medical insurance.

Deregulation of those industries caused oursourcing of work, caused lower wages and removed pensions and forced American middle class into 401K plans riding Wall St and allowed comapanies like Enron to cook their books before causing employees to loose everything.

Today the Anti-Union Republican State Governors are working on removing even more State middle class Union jobs in the Teachers, Firemen, Policemen and State government workers because they are Union members.

Republicans say that the Union workers have to good of benefits compared to the private sector.


Republicans hate Unions because Unions created the middle class and the Union influence so they just want to remove the middle class entirely. 


Replacing middle class jobs with low wage jobs that have no benefits such as WalMart are bad for American families and American standard of living.


Republican Governor Rick Perry of Texas is proud of his job creation during the past 4 years but why doesn't he tell Americans about Texas having the highest percent (28%) of state residents with no medical insurance.  What kind of jobs did he create?  WalMart?

There are less American workers with pensions today because of Deregulation.  Greedy capitolism takes over and workers loose jobs, pensions and medical insurance.


If American workers had a chance to choose a Union or Non-Union job, everyone would choose the better wage, better medical insurance and better retirement plan for their families, whether its Union or not.  This has been happening for more than 30 years, Republicans called it "trickle down" economy.  If the rich guys have money they will create jobs.  Today, the richest 1% have majority of the money and 10% unemployment with 49 million Americans in poverty with the largest income inequality since the 1920's.


Take America back from the the fatcats influencing our laws.....


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