Monday, April 11, 2011
Sunday storms ravage the Midwest

Strong storms Sunday night brought treacherous winds, torrential rainfall and tornadoes for many parts of the United States. CNN iReporters sent footage of the incredible storms that swept through much of the Midwest. Many described the recent Midwestern storm surge as something they have never seen before.



Nick Laszewski was having a cookout with his family and parents Sunday afternoon in Appleton, Wisconsin, when storm clouds started to crowd the sky. In a few short minutes bolts of lighting were highlighting the skies in a deep purple hue. “The lighting show was the best I have ever seen,” Laszewski said. But the lighting and rain were not just visually stunning. They also ended up causing some significant structural damage. “There was a hole in the side of the house. We could see insulation and drywall from the outside.”



Jim Jorstad described the storm that hit Arkdale, Wisconsin, as fast, brief and almost surreal. “It was one of the fastest moving and intense storms I’ve witnessed, and with severe damage in its wake,” he said. Jorstad noted that after the storm there were concentrated pockets of damage throughout the area with fallen trees all over the ground. “With the damage, the orange-tinged storm clouds now in the distance and the wail of sirens, it was very unnerving."




High-speed winds blew through Jason Asselin’s century-old home last night as ferocious storms made their way to Iron Mountain, Michigan. “I’ve been married for 10 years and I never seen my wife so scared,” he said, adding that the gusts of wind were like something from a tropical storm. “I probably scared my kids because I screamed for them to go downstairs and then I ran out of the door with my camera."


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April 12, 2011
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Our severe season hasn't started quite yet in ND, but we're busy battling extreme flooding. I'd be more than happy to trade.

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