Monday, April 11, 2011
You are taking a stand to end slavery

In Seoul, South Korea, 17-year-old Priscilla Kim and her friends want the world to know that “the next generation is taking a stand."


Modern-day slavery is not often talked about, but we’ve learned that people all over the world are passionate about stopping the problem.


Last month, CNN iReport and GOOD asked readers and viewers to join the CNN Freedom Project and take a virtual pledge to end slavery.


We've received more than 100 pledges from people in dozens of countries (read more here). Of those, we’ve spoken to 50 submitters and found that our audience is committed to educating themselves and those around them about sexual exploitation and forced labor beginning with a simple message:


"I'm taking a stand to end slavery."


By forming a community of people committed to this issue, we hope to make a difference in future Freedom Project challenges.


Have you taken a stand to end slavery? What are you waiting for?

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