Tuesday, April 19, 2011
CNN app unveiled for Android phones!

Fans of Android phones are no doubt used to a little bragging from their iPhone-toting friends, who always seem to get first crack at the hottest new apps. Worry no more, Android users, because CNN has just unveiled an app designed for the Android mobile platform.


The CNN Android app features all of the usual good stuff: Breaking news alerts, live streaming video, stories and more. And for our Android-using iReporters, this means you’ve now got the world of iReport on hand at all times! You can browse the latest assignments and view the day’s featured iReports, right on the dashboard. Even more exciting, we’ve added full functionality for uploading iReports on Android phones. If you’ve captured videos or pictures of a particularly news-worthy moment on your phone, you can submit your iReport directly from the app.


So, there’s nothing left to do except… get cracking! Download the CNN Android app and start uploading your iReports on the go!

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April 23, 2011
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Yesterday I bt an LG GT540 with Android 2.1  however I was not able to download the CNN application, was able to download CNN news but no video streamline, or ireports.


Please Help?

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