Friday, April 22, 2011
Royal wedding frenzy

With just days to go before Prince William and Kate Middleton's big day, lots of iReporters are getting into royal wedding mode.


Walking through New York's Greenwich Village early Friday morning, Julio Ortiz-Teissonniere discovered that “Kate and William fever has hit NYC!”


"While some storefronts are decorated with British flags and even wedding gowns, two stores in particular went above and beyond their call of duty," he said in his iReport. "One store, Tea and Sympathy, is even holding a royal wedding block party."


No British wedding is complete without fancy hats. Kate Middleton is highlighting the accessory by hiring famous designer Philip Treacy, who has created eye-catching hats for celebrities like Lady Gaga, to make headpieces for members of her bridal party.



Team iReport got into the spirit and challenged its community to make their own royal toppers. Cara Owen, a student from Ann Arbor, Michigan, used a glue gun, green spray paint and feathers to create a fascinator suited for a princess. On April 29, she and some friends will watch the wedding while enjoying an English brunch.


Speaking of brunch, food blogger Shelby Larsson said her buttermilk scones with blood orange marmalade are fit for a new princess – or anyone  planning to get up early to take in the big day. She was one of several  bakers who responded to our “royal scone smackdown” celebrating another English tradition in honor of the royal nuptials.



In Sri Lanka, royal fanatic Shari Atukorala created a lavish spread in celebration of William and Kate. Her feast included an array of delectable-looking treats, from cucumber sandwiches to chocolate gateaux, which Atukorala shared with her neighbors. She said she doesn’t know exactly “what makes me go bonkers over” the British monarchy, but her mother’s fascination with the royals had a big influence on her.


“I know this is what my Mum would have made for the great day,” she said. “If my mother had been living, my mother and I … would have had a ball,” she said.


Betty Carter  from Deer Park, Texas, had her nails decorated and painted in honor of Kate and William. Each nail symbolizes an aspect of the wedding, Carter said. One of the gems on her nail is an envelope. "It represents a love letter than William had written to Kate back when they were dating," Carter said.  Carter and her family and friends watched Diana and Charles wedding 30 years ago, taking off from work in order to enjoy the ceremony.



"We all agreed that if they had a son we would definitely stay up to watch that one," Carter said.


A week remains  until the royal wedding. Are you doing something special in honor of the event? Join the royal wedding open story and send us an iReport! And if you’re holding or attending a viewing party, we’d love to talk with you. Go to to tell us about your plans, and a CNN producer may contact you.

April 23, 2011
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I really do hope I get to view the Royal Wedding, as its raining and raining like hell... when it rains no signals no TV

April 24, 2011
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April 26, 2011
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April 26, 2011
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For those interested in the history of Westminster Abbey there is a great new i-Phone App called 'Abbey 3D' available on iTunes. Stunning 3D animation and a fly through of the Abbey plus interesting information about Westminster Abbey and Royal Weddings.

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