Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Rocking out with Team Coco, Mashable


When we saw the video featuring a dance move called the "goodie grabber," we went through several stages of reaction: fascination, shock, denial, revulsion, amusement, visceral horror and acceptance. Just ... watch Tyler Rigney and Jared Sparkes' "goodie grabber" dance demo for yourself.


Meanwhile, Katrina Sagun of New York recently showed us how she organized her desk. She says it's like a mullet: "business on one side and party on the other."


These two submissions are totally different, and pretty hilarious. But they're also both examples of the great submissions we've gotten via our ongoing partnerships with Team Coco and Mashable. We're excited about these projects because they give us opportunities to try cool new things and introduce new members to our community.


In the case of Team Coco, Andy Richter from TBS' "Conan" asked the iReport community for help coming up with a signature dance move. iReporters responded with freaky lawnmowers and collar kickers, and even a rooster strut. Then, Team Coco's Andy Richter-esque dancers re-enacted the dances in their shirts, ties and skirts. Mel Haynes Jr. of Denver, Colorado, ultimately won with an arm-waving sort of dance.


Thanks to the creative workspaces project we did with Mashable, in which we asked people to show us their customized desks and other setups, we got a cool glimpse of how people view their relationship with their working areas. Aaron Traffas of Wichita, Kansas, proved to be quite the handyman with his standing desk arrangement. But we were equally intrigued by Mark Van Patten of Bowling Green, Kentucky, who apparently was "'Mad Men' before 'Mad Men' was cool" with his super-frugal vintage office.


These two recent awesome projects with our partners have warmed our hearts. We love meeting these wonderful new iReporters, and working with Team Coco and Mashable allows us to do just that.


Building off these successes, we hope to do more with our partners. And be on the lookout for more excellent projects to come, because we're always looking to see what's out there.

April 27, 2011
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to me this is super cool

May 14, 2011
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