Thursday, April 28, 2011
iReport unveils Facebook integration

Our development team has been hard at work on some awesome new features for CNN iReport, and we’re excited to announce the rollout of some brand-spanking-new integration for iReport and Facebook. iReporters can now link their accounts to their Facebook profile, so that their iReports will publish directly to their Facebook pages.


When you click on your iReport profile page, you’ll see a new “Connect with Facebook” button under the “Connect Accounts” section. Click the button, enter your login information, and make sure that you hit "Allow" on all the permissions pop-up box. Voila, your iReport and Facebook accounts are connected!


The Facebook integration system works a little differently than the usual “Share on Facebook” buttons you might have seen around the iReport site. Once your accounts are linked, every time you successfully complete the upload process for an iReport, it will automatically generate a link to your report and post it directly to your Facebook wall.


Now, your friends and family can all see your awesome iReports as soon as you post them. iReport and Facebook: Together at last!

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