Thursday, June 09, 2011
Before and after: From mountain view to gray skies

As the Wallow Fire continues to rage in Arizona, we're hearing from lots of residents in Albuquerque, New Mexico, affected by the smoke that's blown over into their city.


Billie Jean Little of nearby Rio Rancho says she's noticed the smoke and her family is getting headaches from smell.


"We can see the particulates on kitchen counters, and the house, even with central AC, strongly smells of smoke."


To demonstrate how much smoke is filling the area, Little shared two pictures of her backyard view: one taken in August 2010 and one taken on June 8. The difference is striking; her once beautiful view of the mountains is now completely obscured by a gray sheath.


Little said she's considering whether to evacuate and has been looking at cabin rentals in Utah and Colorado. Meanwhile, she wonders if the air is safe to breathe.


"I still see kids outside playing, people riding bicycles and I haven't seen anyone wearing a mask."


If the Wallow Fire is affecting you, too, we'd like to hear your story. Make a before-and-after of the sky around you, or just take snapshots of what you're seeing. Share your photos and videos with iReport, but please stay safe out there.

June 9, 2011
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Stay safe...

June 10, 2011
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I live near the foot of those mountains, and much of the time I can't see them, either, and that's from two or three miles away.  Some days, like today (Friday) it's fairly decent - just a haze over the skyline and we don't have our crystal blue skies, but many evenings it's so acrid I have to completely close up the house and turn off my evaporative cooler.  Bit stuffy!

June 11, 2011
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I'm wondering if it will affect smaller planes flying

from Florida thru the top of Texas going to Phoenix AZ.


June 11, 2011
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Hey phosphater- I remember you. You and your boys have a safe flight.  Do your homework on these inclement flying conditions and we'll see you guys soon.

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