Thursday, June 16, 2011
Boston and Vancouver: A tale of two cities

It was the best of times in Boston, it was the worst of times in Vancouver. Last night, the Boston Bruins shut out the Vancouver Canucks in game seven of the Stanley Cup, giving Beantown their first Cup in 39 years.



Agitated Vancouverites immediately took to the streets after the game, and it wasn't long before rioting and looting erupted. In the video above, iReporter Percy von Lipinski grabbed his camera and ventured out to chronicle the mayhem. "The city of Vancouver sounds like a war zone with explosions, people screaming, sirens blaring and helicopters patrolling the sky," he said.


The mayhem recalls another ugly chapter in Canuck history, when Vancouver rioted in 1994 after losing the Cup to New York in a high-profile game at Madison Square Garden. Unlike 1994, the Vancouver Police Department took a very restrained approach towards crowd-control with this riot. Lipinski says this "was a wise move, because despite the large number of police they were still massively outnumbered."



On the other side of the North American continent, Bostonians gathered for a celebration four decades in the making. Chris Dukich and his friends were watching the game in a downtown bar near the Boston waterfront, and immediately rushed out into the street to celebrate after the Bruins' victory.


As Dukich stepped outside, he found an army of revelers waiting for him. "We were screaming, it was great," he said. "Literally all of the streets were filled with people and everyone was going crazy."


Or, as Charles Dickens put it: "What a night it has been! Almost a night, Jerry, to bring the dead out of their graves!"


If you're in Boston or Vancouver and are celebrating (or mourning) your team, share your story with iReport.

June 16, 2011
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It's Vancouver-ites!  moron.  Do some homework.  If you wrote an article on Paris, would you call the locals Parisites?

June 16, 2011
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Vancouver is a city that is not indicative of Canadian hockey fans in general.  In fact I'm from Calgary and can tell you that the majority of anybody that knows anything about hockey was cheering for Boston.  Vancouver has always been known for their ignorance of the game. Just look at the headlines - Rest My Case!  Just think of the carnage if the idiots would have somehow won!!!

June 16, 2011
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Im from Van, people are embrassed but the VPD was completely overwhelmed and did a horrible job ending up calling 700 RCMP officers to downtown who should have been there to begin with.



Anyways 8000 people showed up this morning to help clean the downtown core.

June 16, 2011
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I live here in Vancouver and the problem was with the police presence (lack of) and the drunk-idiots on every game night before June 15th.


I was downtown each night and I can tell you that the police were almost always idle when groups of several dozen men should have been arrested for public drunkenness.


What we had here during the pre-riot game nights was large group of men, grossly intoxicated, young, walking around aimlessly, for hours, shoving other men they passed and cat-calling (sometimes grabbing) the women they passed... all this was going on unchecked!


What the hell did the police think was going happen on June 15th???


I called it! I said win or lose there's going to be a riot.



June 16, 2011
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As a Vancouverite I'm thoroughly disgusted and angered by the riots.  The degenerates that came into the downtown core with preconceived intentions to trash our beautiful city and those in the crowd who participated and encouraged them are an embarrassment to Vancouver.  The Canucks gave our community a reason to celebrate all their achievements throughout the playoffs and come together to watch and cheer together as neighbors, and these idiots are so much more of a disappointment than losing the cup.  As a resident of downtown Vancouver, I can't help but take it personally that my town was ransacked.  This is where I LIVE.  I walk my 3 year old son down those streets, do my shopping, buy my groceries, go out to eat, CONDUCT MY LIFE here.  And now the world can see the lowest level of citizens we have tarnishing the city I take pride in.  My only hope is that those outside Vancouver know enough to understand this does not represent us as a whole.  What a disgrace.

June 16, 2011
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The TD Garden management in Boston wanted to show the game on big screens inside, but the Boston Police said no.  They didn't want a bigger mob than they were already expecting.  Probably a good call, although the happy drunks in Boston were certainly in a better mood than the angry drunks in Vancouver.

June 16, 2011
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Post Hockey Game!


    It’s only fair that that the Bruins were up on their game to American or Canadian...may the best team win. Shame on Canadians for behaving in such a despicable and embarrassing manor after the game. Canadians are above such a spoiled spo...rt behavior, now we are all over CNN and looking like a Country of cry babies simply because we lost a Hockey Game. Our reputation is known for being peacekeepers all over the world and not violent disrespectful looters. Alcohol should not be an excuse for unacceptable reactions to a lost Hockey Game. This is my personal opinion regarding the childish behavoir of a small % of Canadians. 


Debbie Lorette



June 16, 2011
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What a bloody discrace Vancouver! So much for that squeeky clean image of yours. All over a freakin hockey game. Tuck your tails between your legs and walk away in shame, because that was indeed shameful and also unforgettable. Canadian terrorist!

June 16, 2011
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I find it funny that some Vancouverites are blaming the police for this. These idiots would have rioted no matter what preparations were made. They would have rioted if the Canucks had won. It wasn't the police that went insane and started burning their own wasn't the police that were tearing down fences to use as weapons. These people need to stop blaming this on the police and take ownership of their actions. Every year there's a loser in the Stanley Cup ... but not every year do we see this type of sore-loser reaction by fans in other North American cities.


I realize this riot doesn't speak for all Vancouverites, but I definitely think Vancouver should be banned from ever hosting an NHL hockey game again. What's the saying...fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, and your out!

June 16, 2011
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This should smash the idea that Canada's some peaceful and happy place to live while America's some savage and backwards nation.  Guess what Canada, you have your problems to.

June 16, 2011
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The worst part of this all  is 16 of the 25 starters of the bruins were Canadians. Imagine if the U.S beat canada in the winter olympics last year in vancouver.

June 16, 2011
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Did you see the photo of the guy holding a sign that said Riot 2011? before the game even ended? There was so much media noise about the riot in 1994 that I'm sure it gave some a the idea.

June 16, 2011
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@ JRHickey: Fixed it. Thanks for spotting that.

June 16, 2011
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Many people seem to know nothing of downtown Vancouver. Unlike many cities the downtown core actually houses a very large chuck of the population. About 80,000 people. And that is JUST downtown. There were not 80,000 people roaming the streets. Most Vancouverites, myself included, who live downtown went home. We do not want to trash the places we live, eat and shop.


But people from all over the region had come to watch these games. And they have far less respect for where we live. It's not their home, why should they care what happens to it. So the acts of really quite a few tarnished the reputation of the entire city. 


This is not the result of rioting by those who live downtown (80,000) nor does it reflect the majority of people in the Greater Vancouver Area (2 million+) If those sort of numbers rioted, there would be no city left.

June 16, 2011
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Congratulations to the Boston Bruins for the great gamed they played!

June 16, 2011
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Having grown up in Vancouver and being a Vancouverite, I’m sad to have to witness another riot. I am ashamed of the mob mentality that took over again last night. I watched the events unfold from 1,500 miles away and felt sick to my stomach.


There is no defense for destroying Government or personal property.However, I did notice that a few of the “Fans” had brought their own surgical masks to the event; they seemed quite prepared for pepper spray/tear gas.  Making me 100% sure that this is why the came into the downtown core, not to celebrate or commiserate over the Canucks, no these folks where there to cause trouble and blacken the eye of Vancouver/ The Canucks true fans.


I hope that along with all this negativity Vancouver is receiving right now there will also be some stories about the Facebook page that has been set up for tagging looters and those who damaged property. I hope the news will cover those citizens that fought back against the mob…  And finally I hope when the Canucks win their Stanley Cup the city of Vancouver: will have the good sense to not invite 100,000 people to partake in the downtown core, stay home and watch it with your friends, trash your own home, burn your own car!!!


June 16, 2011
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I was born in Vancouver, live in the Greater-Vancouver area and work downtown.  This is not a reflection of Canadian values, Canuck fans, police presence, or Vancouverites in General.  This was a group of drunken THUGS that came downtown with nothing else on their agenda but to create chaos and destruction.  The overall atmosphere downtown this morning is one of embarrasment and disgust.  We want these people prosecuted!  The true Vancouverites were the people that came in on buses this morning with brooms volunteering to help clean up the downtown core!

June 16, 2011
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It started with booing American children hockey players, it ends with the canuks burning each others cars......

June 16, 2011
Click to view chuter's profile

u yanks r simple mind no wonder u try to compare us with USA riots a yearly event, there are idiots all over the fricken countries

June 16, 2011
Click to view Brahman's profile

There are more Canadians playing for the Bruins than for the Canucks. I am certain they were embarrassed by the actions of these idiots.

June 16, 2011
Click to view spuzzyflecko's profile

I am a Vancouver-ite and I must say, sadly that what everyone is saying is correct. It is so embarrassing, stupid and ultimately disappointing the way the mob acted. I am so embarrassed to say I am from Vancouver this morning.  Morons, just a bunch of morons. It makes me so mad. I can't even express how angry it makes me that morons make us look so stupid to the world. I'm sorry.

June 16, 2011
Click to view BeantownMan's profile

Some people call Bostonian's a little crazy and the type that would do what the Vancouverites did. Well that's not what I saw, despite some drunks celebrating in the streets the celebrations were done with class and respect for the city and their team and I'm sure with a loss although disappointed the same class would have prevailed. Shame on Vancouver, praise to Beantown.  

June 16, 2011
Click to view xmattx123's profile

its to bad a small group of people had to ruin the reputation of a great city for everyone

June 16, 2011
Click to view Jmadden17's profile

I'm glad the carnage was not in Boston. I would have been embarrassed by that kind of behavior. As it was, there was loutish behavior in Boston anyway. Mostly people climbing up on Subway Stations and a few thrown items. Only 7 Arrested, though. Our Police have had experience with this sort of thing in recent years. It was not always this calm.

June 16, 2011
Click to view Muck1's profile

So how can authorities and people on the scene keep blaiming a handful of thugs? There is too much footage of too many morons participating in the riot to claim that. From the scary guys flipping cars to the cute girls with their cellphone cameras saying "omg did you see that car on fire this is awesome" (paraphrasing actual conversation in one video) they are all at fault to some extent.

June 16, 2011
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I want to take this time to thank Vancouver for giving us an exciting game.  Without opponents, we would have no championships.  You gave us a run for our money and the games were so great to watch.


Second, I don't believe anyone feels the behavior of fans last night in Vancouver is representative of the people of Canada.  As our mayor in Boston would say, it was "hooliganism", which often accompanies excessive drinking.


Other places, including Boston, have had similar incidents.

Nothing new, unfortunately.

June 16, 2011
Click to view PaleinPDX's profile

The Bruins left with dignity and the Canucks' fans were the ones who left Vancouver in ruins. Not only were they losers, they were sore ones at that. Bravo to Boston for a great game and their dignified fans.

June 16, 2011
Click to view spuzzyflecko's profile

Just want to also say, that the Police did an awesome job. They were calm, peaceful and through their actions it did not escalate even further. I think they showed an amazing amount of restraint. If any of the VPD read these posts, just want you to know how much we all appreciate your work.

June 16, 2011
Click to view suncatcher's profile

Maybe the Canucks should move out of Vancouver to a safer Canadian city.  Vancouver cannot afford a 3rd riot in a row should the Canucks end up in another Stanley Cup playoff.  2 playoffs - 2 riots - what a shame.  Certainly NOT typical of most Canadians I know.

June 16, 2011
Click to view outawork's profile

The start of the great Canadian revolution.

June 16, 2011
Click to view spuzzyflecko's profile

@Kelly55 Thanks for saying so.

June 16, 2011
Click to view lajmh's profile

If the Bruins had lost, such behavior would've been in Boston instead...believe me.

It was AWESOME, but made me feel old because the last time we won was in 1972 and I was only nine and too young to stay up and watch the game.

June 16, 2011
Click to view BOBOLINKLANE's profile

You're right Beantown Man. The Canadians seem to think that they own the hockey world. Taking their Cup away from them is the highlight of my day . What a degenerate group of moronic fans. Drunk and stupid is now the way Vancouver hockey will be remembered. Bostonians are a class act!

Congratulations Boston!! 

June 16, 2011
Click to view dmls's profile

No, they would be called Parisians.  If you're going to mock at least get your facts right.

June 16, 2011
Click to view Junior95's profile

No, because they're called Parisians.

June 16, 2011
Click to view DaveP4's profile

95% of the people there were standing around watching what the other 5% were damaging/doing

June 16, 2011
Click to view Blackberry82's profile

I feel bad for our good Canadian neighbors who feel the shame caused by the actions of a group of idiots. I've spent a good deal of time in Canada and have a great respect and affection for our northern neighbor.  The USA is fortunate to have such a great friend in the True North. My heart goes out to the good citizens of beautiful Vancouver B.C. and all Canadians who do their nation proud. I'm a Yank who sings O Canada along with my own National Anthem before each hockey game I attend when our Washington Capitals play a team from over the border.  I do so out of respect and affection for a fine society of people who share the world's longest unprotected border with us. I salute our good Canadian friends.

June 16, 2011
Click to view BOBOLINKLANE's profile

No, he was right. I've been to Paris. I found that they could easily be called Parasites. I have checked the facts!

June 16, 2011
Click to view kikicalgary's profile

I just ask everybody not to put all Canadians in the same pot! I'm from Calgary and we lost the Stanley Cup in 2003 to Tampa Bay, we didn't do anything like this, we just got together to cheer our players for a great season! To all of you who're bad mouthing Canadians and Canada, you're VERY wrong!!!!!

June 16, 2011
Click to view BOSArcAngel's profile

Congratulation Boston.

June 16, 2011
Click to view lajmh's profile

I saw those people jump over the fire.  Isn't that a wee bit dangerous?  Really, now.

June 16, 2011
Click to view smittymark's profile

The NHL is made up of a majority of Canadians anyway, so why cry? 

June 16, 2011
Click to view beermorebeer's profile

Canadians living overseas are having a hard time explaining this violent behavior. While some earn respect for our country of citizenship and birth, others tear down. What a sordid, juvenile act of reprehensible aggression!

June 16, 2011
Click to view Sammitheleo's profile

Perception is everything isn't it, the world thinks Canada has no backbone, therefore we don't have the capability to go nuts . Guess what we do..We we all know the rioters are not your average everyday Hockey Fans, they are indeed people who figure "Why the hell not"... We are human beings in the matter nationality, and as humans we go off at certain points.


As a Canadian its sad to watch the type of behaviour that occurred last night in the great city of Vancouver, will it happen again in another city in the world, hell yes. Were just as crazy and stupid up here in the Great White North, Oh those Canadians, tsk tsk.


My name is Sam and I am proud to be a Canadian, I am proud of Vancouver, almost did it,but the better team won, Boston played a great game!


Stupid is stupid no matter what country it occurs in

June 16, 2011
Click to view JBuckby's profile

Makes me heartsick to hear so many people trashing on Vancouver and Canada because of the actions of some drunken idiots!! No place is perfect. Every city in the world has had a dark moment. Yes, these people were disgraceful, disgusting and disrespectful. Yes, they definitely put a sour end on such an amazing season of hockey. However, if you open your eyes just a little bit, you will see that the other 2 115 000 of us living in the Greater Vancouver area, are completely embarrassed and saddened by such an immature and pathetic display. Not to mention the nearly 10 000 people that showed up this morning to volunteer and help clean it up. Let alone all the amateur footage that has been posted to FB and handed over to VPD to try and bring these morons to justice. THAT is what this city and country is truly about. Just sayin`...

June 16, 2011
Click to view italcanadian's profile

I am canadian, living in Toronto.... been a Canuck fan all my life. This is sad no doubt, but like I will say time and time again.... these are NOT Canuck fans, these are people who go there with ill intentions in the first place, they will travel there for that sole perpose and try to blend in wearing Canuck jerseys. Its anarchists, the same people that flock to G8 conventions and cause riots. Sadly, vancouver breeds alot of these lowlifes, hence the big drug problem and crime that city has (worst in canada).


I truly feel sorry for the true Canuck fans that have this dark cloud on them, but 8k people showed up to clean up the city. Which says alot, about the people in vancouver..... no citizens in Toronto or Montreal cleaned up the city after there riots! Police should have been more evident.

June 16, 2011
Click to view beast4534's profile

I'm sure everyone knows that the people rioting represent a very small percentage of the Vancouver population. It's a violent sport with some fans (not the majority) watching just because they like violence. You get a bunch of violent people in one place and it's no surprise that things will get ugly ... and fast. Oh, and alcohol just fuels the fire.


Of course, it's a bit unfortunate that some of the actual Vancouver players (i.e. Burrows) showed such poor sportsmanship and cheap play during parts of the series. Sets a bad example.

June 17, 2011
Click to view scotthar's profile

I was in grade 12 during the 94 hockey riot that happened in Vancouver. I've been thinking about that recently.

I remember before the riot there were whispers floating around that there was going to be a riot of victory if they won and a riot of anger if they lost. I should emphasize this -  they WERE whispers; this was before we were an eSociety.

I would love to find out the true roots of that one, however they seem to be largely obscured by time.

But this one.

The roots are really clear.

There were no riot whispers until later in the series when the local media started barraging us wih images of the 94 riot.

They baraged us with those images because every time they showed footage their page views would go up and their advertisers were happy and they were happy because their increased page views means they can charge more for the space on those pages and TV. More sales for department stores and Cellphone manufacturers.

And there were more page views because everyone knows that images of people wrecking shit (even if it was 17 years ago) is a hell of a lot more glamourous (yes, glamourous, stop bullshitting) than sound debate about fiscal policy. They put the necessary images out there into the public mind. Most of these rioters had until that point thought of the crowds in the mentality everyone had during the Olympics. Harmless and fun.

So it goes these days.

The media has been struggling for a decade to maintain profitiablilty. And we have reached a point in society where there is profitiablitly as long as people are paying attention to you. It doesn't matter who the people who are paying attention to you are as long as there are lots of them. Social capitalism.

These kids that looted last night.

These kids.

Look at the ages of the ones who burnt and stole.

Most would have been under 8 when the first one happened. They would have no fucking clue what Vancouver burning would look like if they weren't shown what happened when Vancouver lost in 94. Over and over and over agian. Where were the counter images? The images of even more people downtown during the Olympics not burning the city?

Now think about who these kids are. They are young. They are uneducated. I think it is safe to say that guy I watched bellyflop onto a burning car is not a Rhodes scholar. He isn't looking at repurcussions on the societal level.

He is looking towards those cameras. Those cameramen. He hasn't yet created reasons to have a vested interest in a orderly society.

All he is hoping is that they will be filming him, increasing his social capital. For someone like him being able to see your bellyflop was on the news is bragging rights.

Look at how many people paid attention to him. Hell. I did. I am.

And when you have people like that people raised in this "Hope many people have seen my face?" mentality and then you put the pre-conditions out there for them to not only increase their material capital but social capital as well without any real effortt the results are...

  This is insane.

  At this point I should tie together how this sort of thing will not only keep happening if we keep society focused on attention rather than merit, and how it will only get moreso as communication increases and people scream louder for everyone else to watch them, but what's the point?

The media now gets their aftermath stories.

The kids now get their free Iphones.

The stores will get their insurance.

And so it goes these days.


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