Friday, June 17, 2011
Current iReport site issues

Many of you might have noticed some issues with uploading to the iReport website lately. The iReport team wants to let our community know that we are aware of these issues and that our tech team is working hard to tackle these problems. For the time being, if you are having issues uploading, please keep trying.


If you have had any other issues with the site, please leave a comment below or contact us at, and we will try to resolve any problems as quickly as we can. We appreciate everyone’s patience with this.

June 17, 2011
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Thank you

June 18, 2011
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Sunday, 18th June, 2011 - Time : 3.05 a.m.


Tried to upload  a video file of 20 MB failed stopped at 39%  - ;((

June 18, 2011
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My ' New Activity ' page is not getting updated, it has all the old posts ....

June 19, 2011
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I have tried several times to change my e-mail and haven´t been able to change it,

I click on change and the same e-mail is on my profile.

I have asked about this for almost a year or more,

how can I change it without sending an e-mail to

all has failed including sending an e-mail to

thank you best regards iReporter Larena

June 19, 2011
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My New Activity page is now refreshed with my new fellow ireportes latest reports. Thanks.

June 19, 2011
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Video also uploaded, but with the greatest of difficulties

June 20, 2011
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i had difficulty uploading photos, videos and graphics.  i refreshed the upload page and it worked. but i had to repeat this every time i uploaded. also i sent ireport via email and it worked a lot easier.


At least now i know it was a problem everyone was having, at it will be fixed.  Thanks

June 20, 2011
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Thank you for keeping us updated on any issues you are having. We are trying to tackle these issues as fast as possible, but in the mean time, just keep trying! It seems that re-uploading and refreshing seems to be the best answer for now.

June 22, 2011
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it's great to know that it's being worked on...& i will keep on trying!

July 8, 2011
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