Monday, June 20, 2011
Paper airplanes for freedom


Thanks to the iReport community, we've proven that paper airplanes aren't just for bored kids in school -- they can help make a difference in our world, too. iReporters across the world have created paper planes – the symbol of CNN’s Freedom Project – to help us spread the word about the problem of human slavery.


So far, iReporters in more than 25 different countries, from Nigeria to Sweden to Indonesia, have created airplanes and passed them along.


Although the planes may seem like a lighthearted symbol for such a serious subject, they offer the important opportunity to educate the world about slavery. Each plane includes a hard-hitting statistic about the prevalence of slavery in today’s world and a personalized message of hope. After making – and flying – their planes, iReporters then passed them along to friends and family in hopes of spreading the word.


And while the response is impressive, we don’t want to stop there! CNN is taking an in-depth look at the Freedom Project all week and we want to continue spreading the word about slavery with the iReport community. We hope you’ll join the effort and create a paper airplane of your own. And, in the meantime, you can learn more and check out a video of some of the best submissions we’ve received on the Freedom Project blog.

June 21, 2011
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thanks Katie freat assignment to help end slavery¡¡¡

June 21, 2011
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great assignment oops my spelling thanks end slavery

June 21, 2011
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Thank you for being part of it, Larena!

June 22, 2011
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Thanks CNN for this Wonderful Project!!

June 22, 2011
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I would like to enlist a million or more people to say,President Obama, there is a time for war and a time for peace, and right now there is time for war in aghfanistan because the men are to chauvinistic to run their country with the help of the women, so to achieve democracy it is needed to arm the women and give the women the power, once empowered they will get rid of the taliban, of course it will mean bloodshed, but freedom is seldom conquered without it and between a life chained to the taliban and freedom, there is little to choose but victory!! Kancha Libre

August 30, 2011
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  I think your project is bias in that from the start you show a goal against slavery while you state a non true desire to educate the people about this subject.

  When one educates a subject and does not allow a pro and con or open the door to political understanding, there is no education only dictation.

  I myself advocate slavery of illegal immigrants and their children with them by repeal of the 14th ammendment and a new ammendment to allow slavery and slales of these people when caught to nations like china and others for cheap labor and account them to our nation debt.

  I advocate firm but fair treatment of slaves but non the less I do not rule out slavery as a social and economic lesser evil. If they will not be slaves upon capture in the USA then I would advocate they be executed save the children who can be sold into foriegn slavery. It would send back many nationals to china at least and maybe mexico would buy or pay ramson for their own nationals, We certainly should ccollect the debt Mexico owes us, say 35 million plus nationals in america times 1 million each for the cost they suck from us poor tax payers and PEOPLE OF THE LAND.

  So I surely support slavery where and when it is proper and justified like such a case I make. Slavery has been a part of mankind for more then 50,000 years I can bet you for sure and to me, such people who arise these last 1 to 2 hundred years that support full end of all slavery are the real and true radicals not them who support slavery. At least in the fact we have well documented history over 3,000 years mass slavery vs 200 years of anti slave radicalism.

  Scripture says that The Lord allowed slavery, did not Abraham force many of his men to be in the covanant of the flesh from his God.

  Is Abraham or Sarah evil because they owned slaves? I myself am a slave to my God and gladly so, his Beast 666.

Everyone is a slave to something and a master to another.

  Many Americans need to be put into slavery and made to work I think. To work at keeping themselves out of trouble and work at being productive, and educated and ready to fight for AMERICAN UNITY.

  Yes I am an advocate of slavery, I think that many leaders like Bush and others who are WAR CRIMINALS by actions ought to be punished with slavery or worse, beheading in his case but otherwise many should be subjugated to suffer as effort to turn the wrath of God I the real Beast 666 so summon on mankind.

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