Tuesday, June 21, 2011
Caution: Cute critter crossing

Over the past week, CNN iReport has received some especially cute animal iReports. These little critters really put a smile on our faces, so we of course wanted to share the cuteness with our community.


Last Thursday, Roger Stavitz was driving near his hometown of Danforth, Maine, when he and his German Shepherd mix, Snoopy, saw a snapping turtle getting ready to cross the road. Stavitz, a self-described animal lover who has helped other turtles cross the road in the past, immediately pulled over to help the little guy crawl his way to safety.



Stavitz uploaded his video to iReport thinking only a couple people would be interested in it, but those who saw the video fell in love with it and started leaving comments showing their love for turtles and thanking Stavitz for his gracious act.


“We have a turtle in our neighborhood that crosses the road every year about this time,” Cindy Schultz commented. “We've seen the same turtle for years, and he is now over 14 inches across. Every one in the neighborhood looks out for the guy and helps the turtle across the road.”


“Great video Roger!” iReporter Tiffany77 said. “Thanks for helping the turtle and sharing.”


The same day, Mark Stephen Basile captured this adorable video of a friendly baby armadillo drinking water on his mother’s back porch in Conroe, Texas.


“We haven't had rain here in Conroe, Texas, in months,” Basile wrote in his iReport. “It is so hot and so dry down here that this baby armadillo bravely came straight over to us for a drink of water out of the hose!”



Yesterday, Larry Langner captured a photo of his 15-year-old lapdog, YoYo, crossing Avenue de la Republique in Paris. Langner said that YoYo "never really needed any schooling but the crossing monitor treats him as if he's number one in his class." YoYo, crosses the Avenue de Republique near a local school "every morning with his favorite and beloved traffic monitor," according to Lagner.



These loveable animal iReports made for a nice break from the hard-hitting news, so the next time you see an animal doing something cute, capture a video and upload it to CNN iReport!

June 21, 2011
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Such sweet little doggy

June 23, 2011
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Aww so cute!

July 11, 2011

i thought that said ECOLI !

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