Monday, June 27, 2011
Cultural census: Portrait week!

Remember that iReport cultural census we told you about a few months ago? Your response has been amazing, and we're now digging through all those really cool submissions to produce some fun and insightful stories for CNN.


Our first series of articles comes out this week, starting with today's piece by yours truly: In Facebook age, is camera-shyness a thing of the past? It was inspired by the fact that 500 or so of you submitted images to our self-portraits assignment, making it by far the most popular of the five cultural census assignments.


Later this week, check back for more portrait-related content, including a story on the importance of profile pictures and a quiz on first impressions. Next week, we'll dive into your yummy food submissions. And be sure to keep coming back as the summer progresses, because we'll have stories devoted to your handwriting, accent, and transportation iReports as well.


In the meantime, check out today's story and tell your friends to participate in the cultural census! The more responses we get, the cooler it will be.

June 28, 2011
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The picture here is gorgeous.You are awesome.The cultural census should be extended globally particularly Africa.We like our culture and promote it.

  Continue with the cultural census.

July 2, 2011
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.. but I can't take part since I am outside of the US no?

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