Wednesday, July 06, 2011
Massive haboob hits Phoenix

Residents in Phoenix, Arizona, awoke this morning to a surprising gift from Mother Nature -- a 5,000-foot-high dust cloud engulfing their entire city. The dust cloud is referred to by many as a “haboob” which comes from the Arabic word habūb, meaning “strong wind.” Haboobs typically form as sandstorms during the summer monsoon season.


Here is a highlight from iReporters in Phoenix who shared their photos and video.



When Mike Olbinski heard that a haboob was descending on his city, he ran to the parking garage and began taking pictures. Olbinski then produced an awesome time lapse video that he uploaded to CNN iReport. He said, “I've seen pictures of dust storms from other places but never seen anything up close. Last night it looked apocalyptic -- like from a movie or something.”



Gregg Galvez, a resident of neighboring Chandler, Arizona, described this dust storm as the worst he has ever seen. He said that there were "massive amounts of dust everywhere" and that his pool "was a mess."



Christian Medrano captured this video of the haboob outside of his home in Tempe. He said that the effects from the dust cloud were relatively minor.


“For the brief time the doors were open, a very fine film of dust developed around the house. Physically we weren't too affected other than dust in the eyes,” Medrano said.


Have you been affected by the Phoenix haboob? Upload your iReport and share your story.

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