Monday, July 11, 2011
Let's have a party!


iReport is turning FIVE next month, and in honor of the big day we'd like to, well, celebrate.


Here in Atlanta, where Team iReport is based, we're cooking up plans for a party. But it wouldn't be fair to keep all the fun to ourselves, especially since Atlanta is a long way away from many of you. So we're also organizing a month-long series of birthday get-togethers all around the world, in lots of locations where every place there are iReporters (which is just about everywhere).


It's going to be a great chance to meet other iReporters and participate in a special birthday assignment that will only be open to people at the meetups. We'll also be sending out some party favors to help get the parties started.


The wheels are already turning in Manila, New York, Washington, Las Vegas, Seattle, Dallas, San Diego, Houston, Vancouver, Minneapolis and Hyderabad, India, and several more iReporters are also planning meetups in their cities. And we're just getting started.


We've set up a page to help us organize the parties. If there's already a meetup planned in your town, just RSVP, so we'll know you’re coming.


If not, you can start your own group, and help us by picking a date and location for the event.


Here's what you do:

1) Go to and either create an account or log in.

2) When you get logged in, you will see that the site automatically creates a community for your town.

3) Click on the link and then click the red "count me in" button.

4) You should then see an option to recommend a location and change the date and time. You can go ahead and set the date when you want to have it.

5) Once you've created the meetup, you can start sharing it on Twitter, Facebook etc. and we will spread the word as well.

6) Finally, please make sure that your address and phone number are updated on your CNN iReport profile.


We'll be sending meetup kits (which are sort  of a party in a box) and the special assignment to organizers about a week before their meetups.


This is something we've wanted to do for years and we're really excited about it!


If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below, or email

July 11, 2011
Click to view sunethra's profile

who is in Wattala, Sri Lanka?  I would have liked to join whoever has an ireport meet up there, however when I clicked on that Wattala area, there is no infor on anyone there????

July 11, 2011
Click to view sunethra's profile

Kandy, Sri Lanka is not on the map.  Tried to put a location in Kandy, but it says, could not locate it.

July 11, 2011
Click to view alleebeth's profile

Awesome! Already started an unofficial Meetup group! Now it can BE. :)

July 12, 2011
Click to view KCRep's profile

I can't seem to log in, I've tried 3 times.

July 12, 2011

KC, you have to do a complete Reg and Password for 'Meet Up' - It is a seperate login from both CNN and Ireport...Hope this helps!

July 12, 2011
Click to view sunethra's profile

You can log in from your facebook A/c

July 12, 2011
Click to view KCRep's profile

I got in, sign up Al!!!

July 13, 2011
Click to view larena's profile

I signed for Mexico anyone would like to meet Mexico is not on the map thanks

July 14, 2011
Click to view changecairo's profile

Just created the meet up for Cairo @ T.G.I.Friday's on Friday August 12th, on the Corniche Nile View !

Should be good times :))

August 1, 2011
Click to view PinkSlipMixe's profile

How do we invite local iReporters?


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