Thursday, July 21, 2011
iReport Tumblr, activate!


If you're a user of the popular microblogging service Tumblr, you'll be excited to know that the iReport team has just completed an overhaul of our Tumblr. We're going to be updating it with the choicest cuts of everything going on in iReport land, along with the usual grabbag of interesting tidbits that has become Tumblrs stock-in-trade.


Tumblr is a little like your own personal internet scrapbook -- a cross between the best parts of traditional blogsites like Livejournal and the rapid-fire networking of Twitter. If there’s a niche interest group out there, odds are that they’re healthily represented on Tumblr.


If you're a fan of everything iReport who uses Tumblr, give that 'follow' button on our page a click! Or, register your own account and join in the fun!

July 21, 2011
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Just joined tumblr.

July 22, 2011
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I just want to congratulate you on changing your evening "line up"....  Tom Forman is GREAT and I am glad to see him replacing Spitzer and Edie Hill.... Also...  I think that Anderson Cooper is one of the best and most stable reporters you (or any network) has and am glad to see that you are giving his show a better time.  NOW, just get rid of Piers Morgan and replace him with someone of the same quality and Anderson, Forman and Blitzer and you will have a group of TOTAL WINNERS!!  My opinion.....

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