Saturday, July 23, 2011
Comic-Con: crowds, cosplay and Twi-hards

Ladies dressed like superwoman? Twlight fans camped out in tents for days? This can only mean one thing-- San Diego Comic-Con is back!


Over on the "What's Next" blog, we've got a must-see roundup of iReport photos and video from the convention. Click the link to check out our post and add your comments.


Are you there? CNN iReport is teaming up with to enlist iReporters to share their Comic-Con experiences. Each day, we're focusing on a different topic, so check the assignment desk to see the latest subject. Share your story and you could be on CNN.

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July 24, 2011
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When Star Trek Voyager came on, I instantly became an Engineer Torres fan. It was an obvious for me: my last name, while working at NASA-JSC aI had the title of engineer, and the actress was Puerto Rican. It's just that she was fiction but I was the "real Engineer Torres." So that's my brand name. I use it for communicating the stories about working in the space industry. It was Star Trek in 1966 that really drove my love of space. It would be 12 years before women were allowed to apply to be an astronaut so science fiction was important to creating my dream for the future. And it's not just the individual but what the individual can do for others with that level of goal and achievement.

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