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Top five: Amazing health stories

Editor's note: CNN's citizen journalism initiative, iReport, is celebrating its fifth birthday this month. To mark the occasion, we're taking a look at some of iReport's shining moments in a series of top five posts on a variety of topics. Here, CNN health writer Elizabeth Landau shares five incredible stories she's worked on with iReport.



It's been a privilege to see CNN's iReport grow into a powerful force for citizen journalism in the past five years, and as a health reporter I've tremendously enjoyed talking with iReporters about everything from autism to brain cancer to finding birth parents.


Here are some of my favorite iReport projects: 


For disabled parents, challenges are a bonding point: One video I'll never forget was of Sarah Kovac changing her son's diaper with her feet. She and many other iReporters with disabilities shared the challenges and joys of parenting.


When a bullied kid grows up: Mike Sarkany was open and honest in his iReport about how he still feels like he's hiding from bullies. His story shows that the effects of bullying really can last a lifetime. 


Born in male body, Jenny knew early that she was a girl: This story about sex changes opened our eyes to the deep struggles of being a person born into a body that feels wrong. Some people say changing genders is one of the best things they've done. 


Celebrating life on the anniversary of a death: We invited iReporters to share how they remember their loved ones who have passed away, and received many touching memorial stories. Sukhraj Beasla does something special involving books on the anniversary of her grandfather's death because he was the reason she fell in love with books.


Who controls the thermostat in your home?: This was one of the funniest iReport projects I've worked on. We invited iReporters to vent their frustrations about temperature control in their families. Michelle Ladyzhynsky submitted a video about the "thermo wars" in her home.


If you have an amazing health story to share, please do! And you can always check out the iReport assignment desk to see what we're looking for.

August 16, 2011
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Top 5 iReport stories? There's no such thing. Self-absorbed egomaniacs who get their OPINIONS posted to a news site is not "reporting" in the true sense. It's one step away from the endless YouTube fluff already flooding the internet. CNN, tear down that iReport feature! Or at least corral it into one, easily identifiable section so readers can knowingly make the choice to view or pass over it.

August 16, 2011
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Health is also being destroyed in the U.S. by Obama campaign contibutors !!


Obama took $30,000 from Metlife Executive VP James Lipscomb for his victory party !!


I found Lipscomb’s signature on MetLife’s THIRD Non Prosecution agreement regarding Bid Rigging Sales of health, disability, life and related policies.


Six months after MetLife’s agreement was signed, Obama’s Directors reviewed quotes from numerous Federal Judges who have written about “MetLife and its henchmen” ignoring life threatening medical conditions of the very sick patients who file claims on the policies that MetLife committed frauds to sell.


They even ignored Multiple Sclerosis, brain lesions, cardiac conditions of many patients, and a foot a new mother broke in five places !!


Obama’s DOL/DOJ will do nothing to stop them !!


In the disability case of Ms. Brenda Zanny, U.S. District Judge Richard Enslen wrote :


"Metlife and its henchmen should appreciate that such conduct may itself precipitate the suicide death of a person who has placed implicit trust in their organization. This record is an open indictment of MetLife’s practices and treatment of the mentally-ill and long-term disability benefits."


In the case of Ms. Jacquelyn Addis U.S. District Judge Honorable Timothy J. Savage wrote that MetLife and their consultant Dr. Gary Greenhood ignored :


“MRI reports evidencing Multiple Sclerosis”


“nerve damage consistent with Ms. Addis’s complaints of stumbling and falling”


“pain in the lower extremities, fatigue, weakness and shaking in lower and upper extremities, poor coordination, bladder and bowel problems, blurred vision, and other physical problems”


In the case of new mother Joanne Vick, U.S. District Judge Robert Cleland wrote that Metlife and Dr. Greenhood ignored a foot that Ms. Vick broke in 5 Places after she developed diabetic kytoacedosis following childbirth.


(end of quotes)


Multiple Cardiac patients endangered.

In the case of Wright verses Metlife U.S. Magistrate Judge Jennifer Guerm wrote these quotes :


"MetLife relied on clearly erroneous findings of fact in making its benefit determination. MetLife’s review of Plaintiff’s appeal consistently omitted or misrepresented relevant information in several ways. On October 18, 2004, Dr. Barnett wrote a letter to MetLife stating:


"I am gravely disturbed by your misrepresentation of the facts with regard to my discussion with your independent physician consultant and your lack of due diligence in collecting further medical information regarding Mr. Wright’s health condition. Indeed, Mr. Wright has ongoing cardiac disease including ischemia and loss of function due to previous myocardial infarctions."


(end of quotes)


All of this is occurring while MetLife is dangerously violating their fiduciary duties under U.S. Title 29 1104 which requires them to:


“act with care, skill, diligence and prudence solely for the participants”


MetLife cannot be sued for punitive damages because they agreed to this law !!


U.S. Title 29 also requires :


“The claims procedures contain administrative processes and safeguards designed to ensure and to verify that benefit claim determinations are made in accordance with governing plan documents"


That’s a small portion of the quotes I’ve sent to Obama’s DOL Directors. They have sent me letters saying it is their top priority to stop violations like these, but they have not even asked MetLife’s consultant Dr. Greenhood to stop ignoring Multiple Sclerosis and feet new mothers break in five places !!!!!!


    • Prudential and Unum insurance also received Non Prosecution agreements for the exact same crimes of Bid Rigging in health, disability, life and related policies. Prudential and Unum have received multiple Non prosecution agreements like AIG as you will see below !!


AIG Rigging Bids in Workers Comp !!!!


WFAA-TV in Dallas wrote :


“a remarkable number of Texans committed suicide because they could no longer endure the pain caused by their injuries and they had been repeatedly turned down for worker's comp care.”


“some insurance companies send peer review doctors medical files "stripped" of records important to the possible approval of workers' comp claims. Those peer review doctors who routinely deny care receive lucrative contracts, while those who approve care fail to be rehired.”


WFAA also wrote  :


“the number of insurance companies referred since 2000? Zero.”


During the time of the suicides AIG Insurance Company increased their sales of Workers Comp policies by rigging many bids and they were fined 1.6 billion dollars but no one was prosecuted !!!!


In 2006 the Securities Exchange Commission wrote :


"AIG will pay in excess of $1.6 billion to resolve claims related to improper accounting, bid rigging and practices involving workers’ compensation funds.”


Two years later AIG received $182 Billion of taxpayer money to bail them out !!



August 16, 2011
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You can see more evidence by going to www.treasonevidence.blogspot.com


You'll see how the same crimes are committed against injured and deceased War Zone Contractors !!!!


Here are quotes from a ProPublica.org article regarding the Defense Base Act that provides benefits for injured and deceased War Zone Contractors :


“CNA's failure to pay out benefits underscores the continuing problems with the Defense Base Act, essentially the workers compensation system for overseas federal contractors.”


“Reporting in 2009 by ProPublica, the Los Angeles Times and ABC's 20/20 revealed deep flaws in the program.


Workers fought long battles for medical care, including such things as prosthetic devices and treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. The Labor Department seldom took action to enforce the law. One official called the system a "fiasco."


“CNA withheld portions of the investigators' findings when it submitted the claims to the Labor Department, court records show.”


"Labor officials can recommend cases for prosecution to the Justice Department–but have only done so once in the past two decades, according to Labor officials"


(end of quotes)


This is about one percent of the evidence I've found, and I'm limited because I had orbital surgery on my left eye, and then I had cancer removed from my right eye while MetLife ignored my LTD claim for six years and destroyed my mind and my life !!


August 16, 2011
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why don't you just write a book, BS?

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