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Top five: Most-viewed iReports

Editor's note: CNN's citizen journalism initiative, iReport, is celebrating its fifth birthday this month. To mark the occasion, we're taking a look at some of iReport's shining moments in a series of top five posts on a variety of topics. Here, CNN PR’s April Andrews revisits the five most-viewed iReports of all time.


I’ve been on the publicity team that promotes iReport ever since I joined the CNN public relations department in 2008. It has been a delight to watch its evolution, from receiving an iReport submission from every country to watching this amazing community grow into more than 880,000 registered users.


It has been even more rewarding to have the opportunity to share with the press and people outside CNN the individual stories that we receive every day from iReporters across the globe. These iReport contributors come to share news that they witness in their own backyards, videos that include passionate points of view and stories that affect and shape their lives.


Whether it is breaking news or something happening in local communities, thanks to CNN iReport, our users have a platform to share and surface stories about which you might otherwise never hear.


Of course, there are some iReport stories that resonate with users beyond all others. Here are the top five most-viewed iReports of all time:


210,000 Christmas lights



This isn't your everyday Christmas lights show. It took iReporter Bob Cox around three months to hang more than 210,000 Christmas lights on his Pittsburgh home and more than six months to program the display. The spectacular display is our most-viewed iReport: It’s been shared more than 1,200 times, was e-mailed almost 5,000 times, and has appeared on CNN TV.


National Go Topless Day at Venice Beach



iReport is also a place where users can go to express their opinions and to sound off on issues about which they are passionate. When hundreds of women came out to Venice Beach in Los Angeles to celebrate National Go Topless Day in August 2010, iReporter Julie Ellerton was there to interview attendees. This video garnered nearly 1,000 comments from users who debated whether or not women should be allowed topless in public.


President Obama heckled on fan shuttle bus



Our third most-viewed iReport is from Elwood, Illinois. After a rained-out Memorial Day speech in 2010, President Barack Obama made a surprise appearance on a shuttle bus. CNN iReporter Brent Ardaugh was on the bus with his camera when a fellow passenger started heckling the president. His video captured a rare glimpse of the president.


Millions of Facebook members protest new layout



When Facebook significantly changed its user interface in 2008, it not only was a topic around the water cooler, but people took to the Internet to express their displeasure. iReporter Trevor Dougherty, then 17, shared his views on the social-networking site and interviewed the teenager who had started a Facebook group (with more than 1.5 million members) intended to protest the new Facebook.


Robertson: Hate and Haiti



The fifth most-viewed iReport comes from cartoonist Brixton Doyle, who took aim at televangelist Pat Robertson and his controversial comments about the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Roberts said the quake was a result of Haitians making a pact with the devil. Doyle’s cartoon was shared almost 3,000 times and sparked more than 1,000 passionate comments from fellow iReporters.


If you have a story to tell or an opinion on the news, encourages you to share it with iReport. Who knows? Maybe your submission will be the next iReport to make this list!

August 18, 2011
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Out of so many stories there must be another 5 or 15 top viewed reports.  Please post especially if they are more current.

August 18, 2011
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Hi njmljk, there are definitely lots more iReports with lots of page views. In honor of CNN iReport's fifth birthday, we are sticking to five iReports from the past five years for each blog post. You can see ALL of the most-viewed iReports here.
August 18, 2011
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amazing stories!

August 18, 2011
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Painting Pat Robertson as the devil is very wrong.  You may disagree with his statement, but there is no need to vilify him.

August 18, 2011
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I joined this blog because I was shocked,saddened &  disgusted. I thought CNN was a responsible, non-partison news outlet, until I saw commercial re: Obamacare. In true FOX style among other things, your commercial(therefore YOU) inferred there were "death panels" to decide if elders would receive medical care.Anyone who is informed knows this is false,twisted,disinformation to scare people who are ill-informed and gullible.Just like FOX, you are preying on the vulnerable and ignorant. Shame on you!

August 18, 2011
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Vilify Roberston? Pat Roberston vilified the entire country of Haiti at their darkest hour. The dead and dying- the grievously injured- men, women and children being pulled from the rubble of their homes-didn't need Robertson stating they deserved their agony because they made a pact with the devil.


I merely took Roberston's exact words, save changing 'they' to 'I' in the final panel and threw his own hate right back onto him. If you choose to defend him, I'd offer you need to rethink your humanity.


I truly thank CNN for having the fortitude to showcase the cartoon, then and now.


Brixton Doyle

August 19, 2011
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This article is about most-viewed iReports.  The viewers are the ones who make the number accumulate.  If it weren't interesting, no one would watch.  iReports come with multiple styles, images and audiences.  If anyone has a problem with the content, then don't watch, (and the popularity numbers won't accumulate!)

August 19, 2011
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I just wanna say something about this "Evangelist" Pat Robertson. A while back, I was sitting on my couch searching for something to watch on TV. Then, I came across a story being told by Pat concerning Venezuela President, Hugo Chavez. Pat was very animate that the U.S. should go in and "Take him out"", meaning kill him. Why? Because Mr. Chavez won't bow down to the U.S.? He was democratically elected, cares for his people which unlike most countries the U.S. is "friendly" with, don't give a damn about their poor. Mr. Chavez does. I just don't start spouting off B.S. without knowing at least a little about the subject. So, I watched the documentary, "This Revolution Will Not Be Televised". It was basically about the behavior of those who have everything and those who have nothing. He cares about the poor and will NOT sell-out to the U.S. and sell his people's oil. Sure enough, the rich in Venezuela wanted Mr. Chavez removed and a U.S. "friendly" puppet installed. I thought the Christian heart was supposed to be about Love, forgiveness, patience, etc. Instead, I see this leader of the Christian people suggesting someone (CIA, hired killer, someone!) KILL Hugo Chavez because he poses a threat to the most powerful and militarily superior country in the world. What a crock. Pat is a Satanist, a secret member of the illuminati or an ORG. like the illuminati, and is a total whore to his handlers.

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