Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Come work with Team iReport


We're getting bigger, folks. Three fantastic new jobs just posted on Team iReport. This is a team that invents something new just about every day, helps tell some of the world's most important stories, and genuinely enjoys one another's company while we're at it. If that sounds like it'd be up your alley -- and you're curious and brilliant and inventive and thoughtful -- by all means please throw your hat in this ring.


Details for each position are below, along with a link to an online application. Good luck!


iReport producer, News


The news producer on Team iReport leads the daily news effort at CNN iReport. That means actively planning, producing and pitching the best of what iReport has to offer on the top stories of the day and weaving iReport seamlessly into the way CNN tells the day's biggest stories. It's the kind of job that demands sharp news judgment, a hunger for the next big development, and some serious powers of persuasion. And of course finely-tuned community journalism chops, since that's what it's all about. This position is based in Atlanta.


See more details and apply »



iReport producer, TV integration


iReporters are ready for their close-ups, and the TV integration producer is responsible for arranging them. The TV integration producer collaborates with colleagues across CNN's global networks to connect the iReport community and stories into television programming. That means coordinating and also creating truly interactive, original, multimedia news storytelling based on what the iReport and CNN audiences have to say. This position is based in Atlanta.


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iReport writer/producer, Comments


The comments writer/producer is the editorial leader and newsroom cheerleader for comments on CNN.com. The writer/producer fosters lively and respectful conversations on CNN.com, increases participation by the CNN.com audience and works to develop a sense of community among contributors. The writer/producer will encourage and highlight interesting conversations on CNN.com, and lead the way for CNN.com writers and producers to get involved in lively, meaningful discussions with their readers. This position is based in Atlanta.


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August 23, 2011
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thanks lila I would love to work for CNN iReports MEXICO

because I am currently living in Mexico City if something comes up please let me know Happy 5th Birthday iReports¡¡¡¡

September 15, 2011

Whoa, scary looking bunch. Anyone there ever get a date? j/k...


Fun photo...

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