Wednesday, August 24, 2011
All shook up over East Coast quake


Oh, the devastation. Yesterday's 5.8 quake shook, rattled and rolled several East Coast states for a few interesting seconds.


People who had never experienced an earthquake in their lives grabbed their cameras and took pictures of what they could. We received thousands of iReports of the aftermath of this quake.


Turns out that yes, Virginia, earthquakes do happen on your side of the country, and in your state to boot. (And no, Delaware, we are definitely not the first ones to make that joke.)


Since you can't physically see an earthquake, iReporters had to get creative to show us the impact of the shaking. Here at CNN iReport and indeed across the spectrum of social media, people posted interesting demonstrations of the quake's effects that showed how there can be a quirky side to an otherwise shaky situation.


We saw a wide variety of shaking objects around the home used as a way to indicate plate tectonics at work. Science teacher Mike Black of Belmar, New Jersey, filmed a rocking disco ball. Frank August of Vienna, Virginia, shared how sloshing chocolate milk got onto a nearby container in his refrigerator. Michael Caposole of Williamstown, New Jersey, filmed a shaking chandelier, while Mario Depeine, Sr., of Dunellen, New Jersey, showed us a swimming pool.



Many people have cameras to watch their pets at home, and we discovered that dogs were understandably frightened by the sudden shaking. Shelley Jewell of Richmond, Virginia, recorded her dogs barking at the invisible specter that was suddenly rocking their worlds. In Springfield, Virginia, Christopher Watson's cone-collared dog paced frustratedly around the room as a recliner bobbed up and down from the tremors underfoot.



There were also a few, shall we say, casualties of sorts. Omekongo Dibinga of Washington got stuck in an elevator and had all sorts of difficulties, including finding his iReport Spirit Award knocked down on the floor. Fellow capital dweller Susan Prahinski was saddened to announce that Aristotle was decapitated, while William Shakespeare was knocked off his base. David S. Aherron of Montpelier, Virginia, observed that a toothbrush and its case were displaced into the sink basin.


Finally, we heard from seasoned Californians who barely flinch an eye at a little shaking every now and then. "We have 5.8 shakers for breakfast!" noted Allen Mealey of Moreno Valley, California, who showed us "plate tectonics" (with real plates) on video.


In short, it was an atypical day for many on the East Coast. While a bit scary for some, the quake's quirkier side did get a lot of people talking. Do you have a wacky or funny story from the quake? Share it here on CNN iReport, and in the comments area below.

August 24, 2011
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My girlfriend slept through an earthquake last night.  These little ones are fun.  I don't know why everyone on the east coast is so soft, but it's getting pretty old hearing about it.

August 25, 2011
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Just felt an aftershock at 1:14 PM Eastern here in Richmond, VA

August 25, 2011
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Tremors in DC still occurring. Just had one about ten minutes ago.

August 25, 2011
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cnnprofile33, I think you mean 1:14 AM?

August 25, 2011
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You Californians who are "making fun" of us East Coasters for being so worked up about the quake are starting to irritate me.  The vast majority of us have never experienced an earthquake and it was quite a scary experience -- especially for those of us (ME) who live close to the epicenter.  Although there is a lot of humor going around, let's not forget there are people who cannot live in their homes because of the damage.  The insurance companies are turning their backs on these people since no one around here has "earthquake insurance."  What about that is "fun" to you, commiecare?

August 25, 2011
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That's great that they can have 5.8's for breakfast in California.  But their buildings are built to withstand quakes of much greater magnitude.  The fright factor here isn't that this was a big quake.  It's that the buildings on the east coast weren't built with quakes in mind.  Also, due to the non-fragmented nature of the old bedrock underneath here, quakes are able to effect an area 10 times greater than those on the west coast.  If we ever have anything close to a 7.0 over here, we're looking at another Haiti.  Dominion Power, which has 2 nuclear plants within 20 miles of the epicenter, only has them specified to be able to withstand up to a 6.2 . . . brilliant!  So while this one wasn't necessarily bad, I do hope it's the worst one I witness on the east coast.

December 17, 2011
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Bill Cosby had something to do with this earthquake. It's a long long story but Bill was interviewed on a radio station in Baltimore the day before this quake. Mr Cosby is internet savvy and researches people who are interviewing him before hand. I guess he likes to know who he's talking to.anyway the website for the radio station is where I post my info that shows the radio station id doing wrong by ignoring a hometown novelty song i wrote and the unique Hollywood story behind it that could be made into an award winning Box Office movie.In my story BLACK CAT BONE,a true story,there is an unsolved homicide of a friend of mine.You can tell in the interview that something is wrong. It's a very shakey interview from the start. There are 3 characters,Mickey Amelia and Spiegel from this morning radio show but the main Character, Mickey,well ol Mickey got left out of the introduction phase of the interview.bill skipped him entirely and talked to the other 2 for a while before Mickey buts in and introduces himself. He said Hey bill,,can I call you Bill or do you prefer Mr Cosby. Bill said, call me Mr Cosby You just violated me. LOL All through the interview these radio people didn't know Cosby knew alot about them..and the the big question. Mickey asked Cosby if he had any words of wisdom for them since he is such a brilliant philosopher. Bill said  "as a matter of fact i do have something. I came up with it a couple days ago and I'll put it on your website. This is how i know Bill Cosby has been to their site and saw my story on there. Because how else would he know they had a website you can post anything on. Bills wisdom for them  He who hides his head in the sand. Places their behind in a very uncompromising position. Understand now that these are public figures on the radio 5 hrs /5 days a week. They don't hide from anyone but me.Bill definitely knows my story and made them pay for robbing me. so I sent bill a message on his facebook link and his webpage. I asked him if what i believe went down is actually what happened in the interview just to be sure. Keep in mind I'm emailing the guy that was NOAH talking to god on his classic record released many years ago. A guy who,as Noah told god to just make it rain 40 days and 40 nights instead of the original 1000 days and nights that god initially planned to flood the earth with. My theory is that god knew I needed an answer from Bill and Bill wasn't responding fast enough so god,having a great sense of humor that he does, took it upon himself to shake my house and assumed I would understand it was my answer. I do understand and i won't be emailing Bill Cosby ever again.As my house was shaking i knew i had my answer.Yepp Bill Cosby knows all right.

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