Monday, August 29, 2011
iReporters were everywhere for Hurricane Irene

Starting in the warm waters of the Caribbean and sweeping alongside the East Coast of the U.S., Hurricane Irene left behind a swath of destruction and iReporters were there in droves, telling stories that mirrored the path of the storm. Their images and videos showed up as little red i’s on the Irene Open Story alongside reports from CNN staffers out in the field.


To all those that contributed to the Irene Open Story: Thank you! Every individual iReport uploaded helped tell the larger story of the storm. You added immense value to CNN’s coverage of the hurricane and its aftermath.


iReporters, such as Staff Sgt. Brian Hissem, were also all over television this weekend and the footage we received was incredible.



Hissem, who is in the Army training at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, decided to stay and ride out the hurricane as it brushed the coast. He told CNN’s Joe Johns that he was “not afraid of Irene” during a live interview on The Situation Room.



We also heard from five-year-old Jane Haubrich, who reported from Doylestown, Pennsylvania, with storm updates every few hours. HLN’s Robin Meade applauded Haubrich for her adorable and informative videos and featured them on Morning Express.



And as the storm brought heavy rain to the northeast, iReporters in Vermont, New York and New Jersey taped jaw-dropping footage of floodwaters surging through quiet towns and normally empty gullies.


As the East Coast steps back to assess damage, we’re still receiving iReports from areas facing serious flooding and from towns without electricity. We understand that this story is far from over and we’d like to hear how you are doing in the wake of the storms. Share your updates and stories with us as this story continues.

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