Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Your favorite hometown foods

Shrimp and grits, machaca, po-boys, barbecue and "chowda." These are just a few of the answers we've received to the question: "What food is your hometown famous for?"


Answering that question will get us closer to ranking America's Best Places to Live, CNNMoney's list of the best small towns in the nation. While we've closed the assignment, voting will continue until September 15 and on the 19th, CNNMoney will unveil your choice picks.


We received more than 70 photos and descriptions of your hometown favorites over the past two weeks from towns like Santa Cruz, California, Silver Spring, Maryland, and tiny Luling, Texas (pop. 5,411).


Tiny as it may be, Luling shares in the big Texas tradition of barbecue. iReporter Robert Gardner tells us about his hometown favorite, Luling City Market's barbecue: "Their mouthwatering brisket is seasoned and cooked for 6-8 hours over a slow oak wood fire and, for that true 'Texan' atmosphere, is served on brown butcher paper."



Less-known food favorites are also sharing the spotlight. In Jamestown, California, there's the Super Bowl Breakfast, a complete country breakfast of cheese, gravy, eggs and meats in a scooped-out sourdough boule bread roll.


But my personal favorite was the garbage plate from Rochester, New York. Matthew Nazarenko tells us that this heart-stopping delicacy can be had at a variety of establishments in Rochester, each with its own unique twist.



The most common garbage plate is "two cheeseburgers with half a plate of macaroni salad, half a plate of home fries and covered with meat sauce and onions."


"It doesn't get any better than that!" he says.


Head over to CNNMoney and take a look at these and other delicious favorites from towns across America and help us choose the best.

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