Monday, September 05, 2011
Dragon*Con 2011: Like a 'four-day Halloween party'

If you've been keeping an eye on the newly-minted Geek Out! blog, you'll know that an annual Atlanta tradition went down this past weekend: Dragon*Con! This year's convention (also the festival's twenty-fifth anniversary), was a celebration of all things geeky, from sci-fi to anime to videogames to, well, just about every subgenre imaginable. Naturally, iReporters were on the scene to document the fun.



Matthew Druin snapped some excellent candid shots of the costumed participants and onlookers at the Dragon*Con parade. "This was my first year attending Dragon*Con," he said. "Apparently I picked a good year to start. I only attended the parade, but I had a lot of fun."



iReporter Adriana Maxwell was also at the parade, and captured this video of some of the dazzling and colorful costumes on display. "I brought the kids with me this time," she said. "It was interesting watching them marvel at life-size Star Wars Stormtroopers."



And as longtime Dragon*Con attendees know, the whole weekend often ends up feeling like one big, happy party. "This was my first year ever attending, I had a really good time meeting people and talking about their costumes," Chris Janes said. "It's a sight to see, if you really enjoy dressing up for Halloween, then Dragon*Con is something you should try. It's a four-day Halloween party."


Take a look at our Dragon*Con assignment to see what else iReporters submitted. And if you were there, share your photos and videos with iReport!

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September 10, 2011
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thats so cool i wish i was at the parade.

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