Thursday, September 08, 2011
Follow-up: Nebraska floodwaters receding, risks remain


The Missouri River has been receding for about two weeks in South Sioux City, Nebraska, giving residents a chance to start cleaning up areas that have been flooded since June.


"Everything's covered in deep, thick brown mud," iReporter Jim Headley told CNN. Headley is the editor of the Dakota County Star newspaper and has spent a lot of time in the flooded areas talking to people fighting to save their homes.


A nurse at the Nebraska Regional Poison Center  recently told Headley that the muck isn't just dirty, it's also loaded with bacteria, chemicals and every other gross thing that washed into the river.  There's also a lot of mold, which Headley said is bad for his asthma and made him pretty sick.


Workers have been using heavy equipment to scoop up the soggy remains of sandbags and have started cutting down hundreds of dying trees. Headley said there also are a lot of city buildings near the river that will need to be cleaned up.


We want to keep telling this important story and we hope you'll help us. If your area was flooded over the summer, please share your photos and videos and let us know how you're doing.

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September 9, 2011
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9/11 is so sad i can't stop crying! why would terroist do something so stuipid? God Bless You all and We all preyed for ya and God Bless America

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