Thursday, September 22, 2011
iReporters win 'Morning Express' theme song contest

Note: Grayson Thagard, HLN TV/Web producer for "Morning Express with Robin Meade" wanted to share the exciting news here on the iReport blog.

Congratulations to Ashley Bush and Amanda Dillard! Their happy little ditty is the winner of the “Morning Express with Robin Meade” ‘Rise and Shine’ theme song contest! More about them in a minute, but first…

To all iReporters, we’d like to say thank you! Your submissions have always been a big part of “Morning Express with Robin Meade”. We’ve aired your pictures and videos from storms, riots, celebrations, and disasters, but we’d never asked you to sing. So when they told me several months ago that we were going to be asking you to get your “Glee” on, I was doubtful, to say the least. But you all stepped up to the mike in a big way!  Over 1600 individual iReports were uploaded to our contest assignment -- that’s a lot of content.  For weeks, we poured over all the entries, and got to know many of you along the way.  So many of you put huge amounts of effort into your songs; there were productions that took days (if not weeks) to complete, and we are sincerely honored that you would take the time and effort to be a part of it. Big thanks from all of us!

But at the end of the day, we could only pick one. After narrowing 1600 songs down to 100, and then down to 50, and then down to our Top 10, the final decision fell to Robin. She chose Ashley and Amanda’s song as the winner! Today, the two longtime friends are in a recording studio here in Atlanta putting the finishing touches on a new, slicked-up version of their song that you will be hearing on HLN soon!

Thanks again, iReporters! You have proven once again that your are a community of creative, driven journalists. You can shoot, write, report and break into song, just like a certain anchorwoman I know.

-Grayson Thagard
HLN TV/Web producer, “Morning Express with Robin Meade”

September 22, 2011
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Well that'll perk ya up - great job and congrats! Fantastic!

September 28, 2011
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Wow, I totally missed this until now. Ashley and Amanda rock!


Great job, ladies!

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