Friday, September 23, 2011
Stories from Social Media Week

Social Media Week is wrapping up in cities around the world and we heard some interesting stories from iReporters, who attended some of  the events.


Vancouver Police Chief Jim Chu told Tracy Bymoen how his department is using social media to solve crimes and build better relationships with the people his officers protect.


Paula Gibson went to a Writers Guild of America panel in Los Angeles and heard how writers for TV shows like "Scrubs," "The Vampire Diaries," and other media heavyweights use Twitter to advance their careers.


Writers' panel


Khaliph Young wasn't at Social Media week, but says he stays plugged in all day everyday as part of his job as the social media director for Detroit, Michigan.


And no matter how you feel about Facebook's new timelines and all the other new changes, Mark Schell reminds us that if you want a pizza, Mark Zuckerberg's got your back. He ordered this delicious-looking pizza last week over Facebook.


Facebook pizza


We want to thank everyone for sharing their stories from Social Media Week sharing their stories from Social Media Week and hope you'll keep letting us know what's going on in your communities.

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