Thursday, October 27, 2011
Documenting a movement: iReport photographers capture Occupy

iReporter Sarah Beth Boynton has shot a whole portfolio of Occupy Salt Lake City images. She's not part of the Occupy movement, but she thought its story deserved to be told.


"I wanted Occupy Salt Lake City to have a chance to show what they were doing," she said. "And when I saw that there wasn't much on the news in the beginning, iReport gave me a chance to put Salt Lake's perspective out there."


Many other photographers felt the same way. That's what led to CNN's Meet the 99% project, which showcases 10 photographers' portraits of Occupiers around the world to share the goals and ideals of the movement.


Kevin Smith, a construction project manager who's been out of work for three years, started off just documenting the protests - he's working to become a full-time photographer. But as he learned more, he started to get involved.


"It's a wide selection of people, all races and ages, and they're all dead serious about it," said Smith of the Occupy Chapel Hill, Occupy Greensboro and Occupy Raleigh protests in North Carolina. "And quite a few of the people I've talked to have been employed, and they just feel like the middle class is going away. That's been the one thing that's really hit home with me in North Carolina."


Smith and other photographers involved say the protesters welcomed their attention, and he emphasizes that they seemed passionate about making their messages known rather than simply getting on camera:


"I got the sense that they were very serious about it. They weren't out to get in the media," he said. "They were just saying, here I am, because this is serious. Most of them were looking square in the camera, no smile, just like, we gotta change."


The photographers capturing the movement feel like they've gotten something back from it, too.


"It was a total education, a little bit of government education, geographical education, and humanitarian education," said Boynton, who plans to continue documenting the protests in Salt Lake City.


And, of course, it's a rare opportunity for amateur and aspiring photographers and journalists to cover a major breaking news story in their own hometowns.


"This is great because I always wished I could somehow fly to Egypt to have photographed that [revolution]," said Jose Armenteros, who documented the Occupy Seattle movement. "So it's nice to have something big happening here that is very accessible."


Are you capturing or participating in the Occupy movement? We'd love to have you join our photography project.

October 27, 2011
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I find it very interesting that of all the people featured in this blog , not one mentioned their desire to end the capitalist system . Many of the people who have been interviewed by the media , especially in N.Y. have put that out as their desire .

October 27, 2011
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The Democrats have hurt the economy with Dodd-Frank regulation reform and Obamacare.  People need to realize that this is stifling job creation by corporations and companies because of the onerous regulations and unsurety of what is to come with Obamacare which is a regulatory nightmare.  Tell Obama to get these fixed pronto!!!

October 27, 2011
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The sign that lady is holding "Where will I go after college?" is quite telling.  The short answer is, "GO FIGURE IT OUT, LIKE THE REST OF US DID."

October 27, 2011
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This movement is so much bigger than I could have ever imagined!  These people are REAL, with REAL emotions and determination to find the change we need in our country NOW.  I have huge admiration for what it is they are pushing for and how hard they are willing to focus to make any change possible.  There are some BEAUTIFUL people that I would never have met had this movement not been started.  I feel so patriotic when I am with the protestors, they are living US history right now... they are a PART of it, and I hope that something good does come of this. 

October 27, 2011
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I think it is so sad (and typical) that CNN continues to ignore the violence, anti-semitism, and property destruction perpetrated by the occupy protesters. You never saw this type of destruction and violence from Tea Party events. I guess CNN has no respect for the ideal of providing a balanced coverage of the news.

October 27, 2011
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I am gratified that there is a project like this going on to bring the messages of the protesters to the rest of the country and the world.  This movement has to grow.  I have participated in Occupy DC.  I do feel that we need to get some focus on specific common goals, like election reform. Take the corporate money out of the election process.  As well as term limits for Congress, a more realistic retirement package, and restrictions on how much can be spent on an election campaign. The problem is, what lawmaker will vote to take away their own source of great power and wealth?  Who in our government will actually vote to reduce their own benefits?  To put them on a more equal footing with those they are supposed to be serving? Answer - none.

October 27, 2011
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CNN has the hard sell on today.  Now publish some news rather than this propaganda.  Tell us about Bill Ayres involvement.  Of course unless you support domestic terrorist and bombing of public buildings.

October 27, 2011
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What an incredible bias piece of journalism. This is not reporting this is pure pro-OWS bias.


Polls show that only about 37% support OWS yet CNN continues to mislead the public by saying they represent the 99%, they DON'T.


Also those profiles selected show a normal moderate hand picked group. Not those actually at these rallies reading and preaching Marxist ideology and condemning American capitalism and democracy. CNN needs to start reporting facts not myth.

October 27, 2011
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The Republican / Tea Party clearly demonstrate a stubborn and arrogant focus on conning the people and manipulating public opinion to allow their return to dominance.  Teamed with “big money’s” power, influence and financial support and emboldened by past successes they are cocky with confidence in their ability to deceive, control and sway people’s thinking to first, fault Obama for all problems, second, to accept their goals benefitting only the few and last, to support a return to “more of the same”.  Can we endure “more of the same”, Bush-Cheney style?


This list is just some of the deceptions included in “more of the same”, without elaboration, and simply assuming that the arrogant and insulting, grossly self-serving and belligerently dishonest nature of the issues will be remembered.  Remember: the multiple tax cuts heavily weighted for the wealthy; Global Warming stated as not a problem; private accounts recommended for Social Security; the actual minimized/ignored warnings before 9/11 while concentrating on Iraq; trumped up justification for attacking Iraq; abandoned effort in Afghanistan; Afghanistan presented as secure; the false coalition with America paying 95%+; Iraqi oil money never paying for the war as was proposed; pressure put on the intelligence community for finding justification; including the authorized departure from Geneva Convention rules; frequent misrepresentations to manipulate public opinion; no bid contracts ($100B’s) to favored vendors; responsibility for port security offered to Dubai Ports; always excusing the growing deficit and unfavorable trade deficit; the apathetic reaction to the hurricane Katrina aftermath; blocking bringing less costly American drugs back into the US; vengefully exposing the CIA agent's identity; squelching the “wiretapping without court order” story; falsely raising the security threat level before 2004 election; the excessive deregulation and the lack of any responsible oversight always favoring the few and resulting in unchecked greed, gross dishonesty and criminal self-indulgence eventually bringing down the financial industry; encouraging the deportation of American jobs and taxes; the sociopathic GWBush falsely presented as a “born again Christian”; and then after Bush-Cheney: the Republican continually belligerent total concentration on their political ambitions; stubbornly obstructing and faulting all efforts to address problems; irresponsibly withholding any bipartisan cooperation; aggressively intimidating and coercing their own representatives to force unity; supporters organizing, directing and sponsoring the Tea Party movement, much like the ‘Swiftboat” effort and the manipulation of the Christian block, aimed to deceptively excite and sway public opinion; ... on and on, everything totally without any conscience, with complete disregard for responsibility and always aimed to benefit only the few, their supporters and controllers, while insultingly taking the people for granted. 


The consistent self-serving dishonesty that is boldly undertaken without any conscience is the real problem and is what literally costs the people so much.  With GWBush you could tell when he was lying by just checking to see if he was moving his lips.  Now with Boehner, McConnell, Kyl, Cantor, Ryan, Bachmann, Perry, Cain and others, their offensive totally arrogant and completely stubborn demeanor that says their goals are all that matter and that they can literally say/do anything to achieve them, is how to recognize their insulting effort aimed to disguise their self-serving con.    To see their style as strength instead of the obnoxious and bold “cocky” deception it is, is to accept being a victim and a return to “more of the same” that just moves this country always closer to being a two-class society with the few having substantially and the majority struggling.  Should there be any doubt one only has to look at past results and current aims.

October 27, 2011
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oh, this reminds me of when CNN did the same kind of "up close and personal" presentation of the people involved in the tea party when it was very active leading up to the last election... /sarc

October 27, 2011
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OCCUPY WALL STREET MOVEMENT IS DOOMED TO FAILURE, as long it has no specific direction and remains just a war between protesters and police (who are also victims of the Wall St. greed). The movement needs clear cut objectives. Simply resenting the rich, some of whom like Steve Jobs built a great company and product, will go nowhere. 1. Focus on the rich paying a fare share of taxes, eliminate tax loop holes, and end the use of off shore account shelters, or else let us all have tax loop holes, and off shore accounts! Yes, some claim the rich pay up to 90% in taxes, BUT it's usually only on 10% of their income! 2. This is complicated, but eliminate "shorting" stocks on Wall street. This is how people become millionaires by destroying companies, putting thousands out of work, looting 401k's and retirement funds. The ability to "short" is sometimes suspended in a free fall market, almost always too late. 3. Eliminate LLC's at its use by financial criminals to walk free. 4. Install better regulations on non-profit organizations and foundations set up by the rich simply to avoid paying taxes and paying themselves huge salaries as heads of these organizations (where often only a small amount is distributed to the purpose of the charity!). Am I wrong?  Your thoughts?

October 27, 2011
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Occupy Movement:


If you are trying to get something done, please narrow your message to ONE goal, and push for it with all your might.  Otherwise you are all going to get more poor and upset by camping out like a bunch of bums.  I am behind your "general" message 100%, but you'd think with this many people in this many cities there would be more focus and results.  UNIFY PLEASE!

October 27, 2011
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I find it infuriating to read some of the comments such as those from Citizen XXXX and JackTors. I realize that it's easy to be smug and self satisfied if YOUR particular life worked out reasonably well.  Maybe you worked hard and were blessed with never having lost a job or contracted a medical problem that will affect you for the rest of your life. Good for you. But speaking from personal experience, there are MANY Americans out here who have done exactly the same thing as you, and they weren't so lucky.  My husband was in the military for 26 years, as a flyer and in the intelligence field.  He got cancer courtesy of the military, although no one will ever admit that.  When he retired, he lost two jobs within a 4 year period due to downsizing. It didn't matter how hard he worked or how well he did his job. Until you have been out of work in this economy, you have NO idea how bizarre it's become.  How there are 100 to 300 applicants for every position. How you can look for weeks, months, years, for a job that will support your family and find nothing.


My husband worked for the rich after he retired. I know what their lives are like, I saw it up close.  The parties, the extravagance, the WASTE. My husband's last employer downsized his position because it was either that or part with his second Gulfstream jet.  We almost lost our first home despite being hard working, educated Americans.  My husband works for the government again, but who knows how long that will last with all the cuts coming up? So before you start slinging smug comments around, and calling people "losers" because they believe there is a disparity in our country that shouldn't exist, count your own blessings and be grateful - not ignorant and mean.

October 27, 2011
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That poor lady with the sign that says "vunerable."  I'm pretty sure she was looking to write something else.  Shame on CNN turning that lady into an embarrassment.

October 27, 2011
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Where was the profiles of Tea Party protesters? Uh oh, CNN! Your bias is showing!

October 27, 2011
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to DickGinAZ:  Very well said; I've copied your comment, so I can document what you've said.  It helps to have back-up documents to teach these points.


Also concerning is that the GOP pushed Operation Cable Splice and Operation Garden Plot into law, as early as the 1980's, showing these events are PLANNED.  The guy marching through the demonstrations with a rifle on his back is an "plant," and although many soldiers are out there protesting, some that I've seen have gotten verbally aggressive enough (together with the police falling back from the verbal assault) to make me think that some of them are "plants," seeing who they can incite to violence within the crowd; and if they can't actually accomplish that, to provide the excuse (like the man with the rifle slung on his back) to justify a massive police invasion and violent assault against the protesters, such as was carried out against the people in New York City last night.


Intelligence has wanted to provoke a violent domestic confrontation with protestors, so they can put these operations into fully swing, backed by the Patriot Act (and they're going to pull ICE into this in the future -- just wait and see), so they can justify the cost of all these prison camps for the American population, by tossing us into them, rebranded as domestic terrorists, of course.  When you really understand this, you'll understand why they behaved the way they did at the Katrina disaster in New Orleans.


It might interest you to know that they refer to Christians as "disrupters", and they fully intend to put them in lock-down, too.  It was for them the camps were built, and the FEMA coffins and guillotines purchased (which they want us to believe are 6-foot high paper cutters, with an indentation for a head!)  But like any business, intelligence must justify their budget and get more funding, so they've got to make use of what they've already bought and built, and are staffing.


All these things start making sense when you view it in perspective of the Illuminati/Masonic goals of one-world government.  Skull & Bones is part of that, by the way.  For them to become the head leaders of a one-world government, our nation's independence must be destroyed, and they've had 400 years to tweak the plans they're implementing.  None of what you see is accidental.


And they're using the HAARPs (here and elsewhere) to do this, as well; they'll create the disasters they wish to kill humanity, and say it's because we've abused nature.  Why?  Read the Georgia Guide Stones (supposedly authored by ascended masters, which we call demons).  One tenant advises maximum population of 500 million.  We've got a current world population of 6 billion 700 million -- which means, they've got to engineer the extermination of 6 billion 200 million people, just to be at maximum population (according to the "guides").  You know their goals exceed that.


We're on the verge of the largest kill-off of humanity that this world has ever seen, all because these devilish men want to ascend to total power, kill us off to keep power and prevent revolt, and bring their devils through the colliders.  You better fight back now -- stop them through the law -- because nobody in labor camp will be able to fight them.

October 27, 2011
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I wonder what's on TV tonight, maybe a good football game.

October 27, 2011
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October 27, 2011
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The people that are wearing masks and hoodies with scarfs, what is their agenda are they paid anarchists?


Who is coordinating these anarchists and what is their agenda.

October 27, 2011
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RECKLESS citizens! Take responsibility and stop being socially irresponsible. The majority screw it up for those who are responsible. You only work 3 of the 8 hours you are at work. You spend more than what you make on things that rob quality time. You surf FB, YT and Tweet during work hours while your jobs are going over seas. Most of the BLOG posts I see are during week day work hours. Get off of CNN and start being productive members of society. I'm tired of my tax dollars going towards bailout for jobs, education and unemployment, corporations. Be responsible!

October 27, 2011
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Occupy Hollywood now on Mixvid . net!

October 27, 2011
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I work in retail distribution and 95% of the merchandise I see comes from Communist China.  That's the problem.

October 27, 2011
Click to view liberalcat's profile

simple solution. when you're on a fixed budget. You dont have to buy the cute 1$ platic thing made in china. duh

October 27, 2011
Click to view rachel8's profile

@JackTors That absolutely was not our intent - we thought her intended message still came across loud and clear, don't you?

October 27, 2011
Click to view abbydelabbey's profile

my granddaughter is participating in the occupy movement; if we her grandparents were physically able to do so, so would we -- this is not about the young only -- this is about ALL Americans.....

October 27, 2011
Click to view thisthought's profile

Perhaps their message is not well received when they complain about corporate America while on their laptops and tweeting on their iphones. Just where do think those toys come from? Figure out what you're against and then do some research and THEN hit the streets. Have some consistency. You just appear foolish otherwise.

October 27, 2011
Click to view Dragon68's profile

I question whether the soldier pictured is actually a soldier.  Why?  First, it is against rules of military conduct to wear your Uniform while participating in political or other partisan activities.  Second, he is out of uniform.  It is a small detail, but a mistake that a real soldier would not make.  The blue badge on his beret should have his unit crest affixed to it.  A serious soldier would not miss a detail like this, and if he has been inlong enough to earn the German Marksmanship Badge (the corded badge on his upper right chest), I would assume that he would not have made either mistake.  He is also missing the Regimental crests on his shoulder tabs.  I hope he is an imposter.  I would hat to think a fellow soldier would reporesent himself so poorly. (Me? 25 years Army, Commissioned Officer.)

October 27, 2011
Click to view Banger5's profile

Clowns.  One and all.

October 27, 2011
Click to view Boatbuilder's profile

The Occupy Wall Street movement is gaining momentum across the country, where 99% of us work and pay taxes, but share little in the wealth, while 1% have most of the wealth, pay relatively little taxes, and own the Congress which spends its time passing laws to control the entertainment and news industry, banking, energy, access to education, the job market, all in a successful effort to keep the 99% in their place.


A few “too large to fail” corporations use their paid minions in Congress to ensure tight control over our economy, to their own benefit.  With their mouthpiece, Fox News, they are able to lead many of the 99% down the garden path to ignorance, where they intend to keep them.  After all, an ignorant society is easier to control than an educated one.  Indeed, democracy depends on an educated electorate to function at all, and democracy is the last thing the 1% wants.


The demands of Occupy Wall Street are intentionally vague, in part because the evil they address permeates all aspects of our country.  It is time for the 99% to be heard.  It is time for the 1% to be held accountable.


October 27, 2011
Click to view CitizenXXXX's profile

WOW how pathetic the mods are here. I break no rules whatsoever but they delete my comment simply because it does not support this misguided action.


Just know every single picture posted here is going into a blacklist which will be distributed to employers and you will have an even tougher time getting employment.

October 28, 2011
Click to view rosehips's profile

Sarah rocks and the occupy movement will continue until our discontent ends. How soon d'ya think that will be?

October 28, 2011
Click to view Wyldfae's profile

@Citizen XXXX - you cannot possibly be for real.  I hope you have fun creating your "blacklist".  We are all trembling at the thought of the vast number of "employers" out there who are anxiously awaiting your personal report so that they know whom not to hire.  Seriously?  We need change in this country before it's not our country anymore.  Go peddle your crazy somewhere else.

October 28, 2011
Click to view ubernouxious's profile

Occupy a Job.

October 28, 2011
Click to view jef123's profile

The protesters have the right to march peacefully so long as they don't impinge upon other citizens' rights: those rights include the ability to traverse the city by car or foot, ability to access and enjoy all public areas without intimidation, and the ability of businesses in the area to not have their commercial prospects hurt. To the extent that these rights are ignored by the occupiers, they are being counter productive to their cause. The occupiers are also increasing tax liabilities in cities. Tax payers have legitimate rights to just live their lives. While a one day march would have made sense, the nuisance factor is growing.

Occupiers'  discontent should be exercised at the polls now, not by making it difficult for ordinary people to live their lives.


October 28, 2011
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It's funny how all the haters are so sure OWS is a failure. How many new cities are being Occupied now? Or should I say how many countries? One genius here says ObamaCare is responsible for the current state of the economy and it hasn't even really kicked in yet. I don't remember them mentioning how the Republican'ts have not offered one Jobs Bill other than more tax cuts and deregulation for the rich. Not sure how that creates jobs after 10 years of that strategy working brilliantly. How can any CONservative be happy about their guys filibustering and party line NO voting everything, especially when their hostage taking strategy led to our credit downgrade. Now that's leadership! Don't you think it might be a little more productive if they worked together? It must be hard rooting for the country to fail just so your guys MIGHT win? Looks like a lose lose is in your future. I hope FOX and the Tbuggers are taking notes while the world watches a real protest. Busing around a bunch of old ladies to manufactured protests with dates airing on FOX is not how you do it. Watch and learn.

October 29, 2011
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I just compared homepage news between and I was shocked to see that cnn devoted close to 25% of their homepage to the occupy wall street protests but foxnews didn't even have ONE mention of it! Talk about media blackout! Foxnews lovers please check out CNN to open your eyes to what fox is trying to keep from you!

October 30, 2011
Click to view markpel's profile

Occupy is world wide movement but this blog writing is one-sided and even nationalist; it is telling only about one country. I think iReport stuff should hire more global thinking people. 

October 31, 2011
Click to view SarahBethB's profile

Markpel, the blog was about the entire post which included other countries.  I will send you the assignment so you can do it as well.  Heaven knows you have mare than enough pictures to do the ten person assignment you just need the interview info now.  Best wishes!

November 27, 2011
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" easy to share a comment" if you never been to a Occupy event In case you hadn't yet heard, Occupy Raleigh is occupying! We've maintained a continuous 24/7 presence on the sidewalk at the South Side of the Capitol Building, facing Fayetteville St., since Oct. 15, 2011.We hold a daily general assembly at 6:30pm to make announcements, organize and come to consensus on moving forward. All are welcome.













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