Friday, November 04, 2011
iReporter featured on new photo blog



Exciting news! launched a new photography feature called CNN Photos this week. It’s a bold, beautiful blog that puts feature photography in focus. It’s a place for the stunning photography CNN has thanks to staff, partners, freelancers and iReporters.


And what’s even more exciting is that an iReporter’s work has already been published on the new blog!


iReporter Charity Deane traveled to Makusa, Uganda, on a missions trip this summer and photographed her experience. Makusa is a tiny island that’s only one acre in size, but home to more than 400 people. Its inhabitants live in small, dilapidated huts crammed right on top of each other.


"I submitted the photos because I want to tell the story of these people in Uganda," Deane said. "I really wanted to share them with the world and knew they couldn't just stay hidden on my computer."


Deane’s final photo essay and story were published on after she participated in iReport boot camp, an initiative aimed at improving iReporters’ storytelling skills over a seven-week period.


Congratulations to Deane on earning a coveted CNN byline!


Share your photo essay and it too could be showcased on CNN Photos. Need some tips? Check out these tricks from seasoned CNN photojournalists. We can’t wait to see more compelling photojournalism on iReport!

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November 4, 2011
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