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How to post iReports

So you say you have a story to tell? One the rest of the world needs to hear? You've come to the right place. Post it here on iReport and it may well get picked up for CNN. Here's a look at the many ways to post your iReport:


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You can also e-mail a story to, which will post it to iReport under an anonymous user account. Later, you can visit the story on iReport and claim it as your own to move it under your iReport account.

To e-mail in a story, send a photo or video as an attachment. Your subject line will be the headline of your story, and the body of your e-mail will provide the description. Again, be careful to strip out any auto-signatures since any content of your e-mail will post publicly to iReport.


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Phew. That's it! Now that you know all the many ways to post iReports, head over to the Assignment Desk to pick up some story ideas. Happy iReporting

November 15, 2011
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I still do not understand this new format

November 15, 2011
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I am regular iReporter posting person from India and as CNN iReporter.  Now not able to post it.  Please guide me.

November 15, 2011
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My son recovered his stolen bike at Occupy Portland.  It was stolen three weeks ago and he went down on Thursday on the remote chance that it would be there..after looking into a few disgusting tents he found it.. he wheeled it out and took it to a policeman who was there and showed him his police report and the serial numbers which matched.  They asked him if anyone was in the tent and he said "They are probably at work" 

November 15, 2011
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Uhhh, where is the "upload" link?

November 17, 2011
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How does one upload an image?

November 17, 2011
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November 17, 2011
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I do not see the "upload" on the site. Are you still working on this new format?

November 18, 2011
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Thank you so much for making me a happier and better . I have to say in viewing your program I always feel that while your preparing a recipe, you make me  Trust is very important in ways .

November 21, 2011
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I want to post a question about Donald Rumsfeld & Dick Cheney's employment history during 1957-1963 to be reviewed/researched. Where & how do I post it?

November 22, 2011
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WHY are submissions suddenly restricted to 4000 characters!!!  Not acceptable CNN.

November 25, 2011

I've been having issues with Internet Explorer 9 the past few weeks. Ireport page is not displaying properly and unable to post. Wondering when this will be fixed.

November 26, 2011
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Thanks for helping the world. U Are widening alot of peoples eyes with this i Report. i Greatl thank u for that. Keep it up.

November 26, 2011
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to nancy grace when are u gong to do the story with missng girl in wv on our news n wv the mom had the twns they r n custody somewhere that said mom was on bath salts sold her foodtamps for cash then the ennews channel show pcs of ll grl 2 days before mssng they beat crap out of that little grl she had bruises on face and i think they knocked teh teeth out  want a update i love yr show  i wish u would do updates agam thanks grace harper in west vrgna

November 27, 2011
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There is going to be a video out Dec 18 going  on bulling Phil Chalmers, Joe Schillaci (48hours} and LG Wise Rapper This is going to be BIG Check Out Phil

December 3, 2011
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How long are our representatives in congress going to get away from inside trading while the general public can go to prison doing the exact same thing. These people are elected on our behalf to serve the country, us, not to improve their financial conditions. While many of their constituents suffer financially, it's Christmas time for those that take advantage of information that benefits their personal coffers. The SEC has know about this for years but if your a member in the private club, go for it!

December 5, 2011
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the US political scene today make a third world country seem tame by comparison.

Venezuela and large tracts of Latin America suffer from the general corruption inherent for centuries but now the US with the Franks, Rangels , Cains, Gingriches make them look like kids -when is the US going to wake up and take account of the many problems affecting their world and do something about? You dont need corrupt politicians,you need ernest citizens!

December 6, 2011
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Thanks for the info. I on the way to try to post my "Lovely Cat" photos now by email. Hope this work.

December 6, 2011
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Hi Russ From Toronto Can.I was sawing  some Wood ,and I  got a big  suprise, when  I  saw stuwies face in it . What  do  you  think Russ

December 7, 2011
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Residents of the Kaduna metropolis are in a tantrum as a massive explosion suspected to be a bomb blast rocked the town.

About six people including a pregnant woman and two children have been confirmed dead in the explosion that occurred near Kastina Road in the state capital. The area is mainly occupied by spare parts dealers. Security and safety officials are seen heading towards the area and police helicopters hover around the area.

December 8, 2011
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Looking for new writers who want to syndicate their work from their website onto mine ( for backlinks to the authors site.


You maintain all copyright (If you own the copyright) and I can set you up an account as a Contributor or I can manually add the articles myself.


No scam, no fees or anything, I just need more original content for my website. The website specializes in U.S. Politics and Opinions.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at

December 9, 2011
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I am Davidson, I am living here in the capital city in Kuala lumpur Malaysia in the past weeks now around 25of November till date the police and government of the Malaysia royal force is continue brutally beating up black Africans and arresting them based on what they told us that they fighting corruption, scam and other fraudulent activities in Malaysia, It’s not a crime to fight those things in a country but they truth of all this assault is not because the some few blacks Africans are doing this things because they don’t want to see them here, for them to tell these people to go back to their countries is the issue.

Firstly, the issue of drugs came up. The Iranian, Thailand and Malaysian brought drug to this country and give to stranded Africans to sell on the street for them, the police and government know these things but no arrest for these people but just the Africans, arrest in their homes, street, churches, clubs and malls.

Secondly, Passport issues for the those who has expired passport were arrested along side with those who has a valid passport and visa but there are some issue I would to let the world know these things happen even if are not an African but you skin color can get you to trouble here in Malaysia.

Beware and wish.


December 11, 2011
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new to the world of reporting ...........wish me


December 12, 2011
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this is ways to report

December 17, 2011
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Bill Press should be the poster boy for CNN, an anti-american, Jesus hating, liberal that needs a dirt nap! 

December 22, 2011
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I would like to "FIRE" our elected Congressmen and women.  How do we petition to get them out of the office?  Instead of Occupy each state lets stand together to get everyone out of their seat and start fresh with a new team of politicians!  I am really tired of them not coming to any agreement about an issue and it is truly time to do something about it.  If is ready and up for a challenge, I suggest getting rid of our Congressmen and women.  Thank you

December 26, 2011
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Anyone find a commentary on CNN online about the 60 Minutes interview with the President last week.....


Obama claims he is the 4th best president - - not a commentary or even a small column reporting this claim from the President??????


Sounds like NEWS to me particularly the part where 60 Minutes edits the interview to omit that part on their TV presentation.....


Hello CNN  -  anyone there?????

December 29, 2011
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Can't CNN find an American to anchor the afternoon segment?  Send Ishay to cover the BBC edition and get someone without an accent to cover our news.

January 3, 2012
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Great! So how will I tag the location if I send my iReport from the email? or will I still come back and edit it here? with love from KENYA

January 4, 2012
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My name is not important, but I do have to tell everyone on this planet that I am not from here I was sent here to observe all the wars you make on each other and all the killings you do here, and we can't put up with it much longer this year you all are going to see example of what your earth will be like in in 2 years and many of earthlings

will cease to exist we are sorry but we must do this you were warned in the 60's but you didn't pay any attention to it Now we have to do ths.

January 4, 2012
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I cannot post my name due to the Navy will not appreciate that I am putting this out to the media since they are trying to make this whole situation go away as fast as possible and I am included in this. The navy and the government have recently decided to let go or lay off 3000 sailors with little to no help. They are making seem like they are giving us all this help but on top of all they are not helping us. I, like many others have served this country for the past 15 years and have given multiple years to deployments and holidays and all other sorts of valuable times away from my family. About a month ago we all found out that we have been given a pink slip to get out of the Navy. The Navy has offered us a severance pay package but we are not allowed to continue service in any type of military branch or we loose the severance pay. We will not be allowed to retire and out medical benefits are all gone unless we opt to go reserves retire at 60 and pay 70% of our retirement pay of $1469 for medical coverage that equals to $1049 monthly premium. Congress passed into law that we will be able to retire at 15 years but the people that are affected by this Enlisted Review Board are not eligible for this. We have been trying to do something about this so that it will include us and we can get our retirement benefits but no one is willing to try to help us. This is the wonderful treatment that we as veterans deserve from the US. I hope that this will air on CNN and the rest of the country sees how badly we are treating our veterans.

January 4, 2012
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My husband was awarded the Navy Expeditionary Medal in November 2011 - but never received it. We found out that it is sitting on a desk waiting for "funding" to be approved. He did this op 32 years ago and is now being recognized - kinda. Congress gets paid - HOW MUCH? BUT They can't send a medal to a well deserved Veteran? What is wrong with this country ?

January 6, 2012
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I would like to know why we don't hear anything about this on CNN.



March 1, 2012
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It's not possible post an article? Only videos or images?

March 4, 2012
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Why don't my comments and uploaded profile picture remain public?  My comments about YouTube ignoring their participants and starting a new ugly design and format have not taken root on CNN iReports. 

March 4, 2012
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YouTube has taken away our freedom of expression, creativity and individualism.  Beginning March 7, 2012, everyone will have one uniform gray design that will be dull and boring.  Our beautiful artwork will be totally eliminated and replaced with  "dungeon death" on the face of our channels.  YouTube also limited the Comment section, and placed them where they cannot be visible because all they want is for Tubers to click on their ads all day and lose the joy that was once a part of logging onto YouTube. The friendly face of YouTube will be terminated forever, and this has negatively affected numerous users.  But they aren't concerned about that as long as they simply become a profit-making advertising conglomerate. 

There is nothing wrong with profiting, but the LEAST they could do for supportive Tubers is to grant us COLOR FONTS so that we can make our channels partially alive again. 

YouTube will be taking the enjoyment out of the "partnership" that once was.

March 5, 2012
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GSM CDMA Mobile Phone Repair Forum by Riau Flasher - Free Download Firmware, Application, Rongtones, Games - Buy Sell New and Used

March 7, 2012
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hey carl azus um well this is me and my friends first time using the cnn student news website and were having trouble getting a shout out but any way we go to kit carson middle school in sacremnto friends and i are wondering why mitt rommney is winning but were pritty sure him and obama are going to have a hard time compeeting because if we were adults we would have voted for obama





March 9, 2012
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  Well I posted a comment on this website yesterday and * have no seen it in print.  I was not derogatory, nor is bad taste, I would sure like to see it in print.


March 12, 2012
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I need some help on iReport, help!

March 13, 2012
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Presidential Reform!

As we enter a new millennium and technology will become the front runner in our daily lives even more so than ever, it is extremely important that the person who will have the World's destiny in their hands should be interview by we the people, just like we have to endure a job interview, background check, ahead of time so should the expected President. Every check should be done before even considered to become our next President. All of the skeletons out of the closet ahead of time.

This will disallow all of the billions spent on candidates trashing each other, and 1 year of back and forth unwanted ads opposing each other, our lives would be easier and we would feel safe as a world. The best three candidates will then be considered, no matter what affiliation that person has. We the people will decide as a whole the person we want to lead us. This will prevent any crazies for ever getting into the power.

This is a new era. If we the people don't exercise our rights to change our country for the better, and change with time, and our circumstances we will all pay the price, as we are doing so now. It doesn't matter how we got here what does matter is how we go forward from here on. We have the power to insist that whoever takes our lives to their hands will truly be for the people safety being number one, stability, and knowing that our freedom and our opinions matter.

Things in Washington would change for the better!

There will be more to come!


March 25, 2012
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i am having difficulty seeing where to post, and have been unsuccessful so far. also, if you want syria video you have to disable your gps locator function on the site.

if you want 24/7 reporting from inside syria, use the chat on livestream syrian freedom for translated twitter, links to you tube and bambuser and much more.

April 12, 2012
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Luke 10:25-37


The Jesus patrol carries neither gun nor knife, fear nor hate but rather true brotherhood.  Practice the virtues of non-violence as your law.


Debate whether he ever existed.  But does a good neighbor debate the kind acts of another?  What do you seek to justify or deny?


Who is my neighbor - brother, sister, mother or father?


Livelie-up yourself like Mr. Marley said.  You Heard?


One Love!


April 15, 2012
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When i am taking shower thinking about future in IT, Everyone thinking to do outsource to reduce their expenses. Entrepreneurs thinking american labor is expensive but using better tools can also reduce the cost and if we use Americans brain its more effective (honest ,integrity etc..)

Just My Thought what happens if Americans start thinking not to support who outsourced Jobs.

(Taking one mutual Company who exclusively do business with Americans (Insurance , Bank, etc)


They always say

"We are Mutual Company"

"Our customers are our priority"

"Of-course we are doing business with American People"

if no Americans no Business

Think a minute


If Americans start thinking who outsource their jobs not to buy products from that company means

do the company exist or not?

why every company like outsource model?


why the entrepreneurs are not thinking about their country and their own people  ..some outsourced jobs are acceptable but not who do business with exclusively by Americans...


if company's follow this definitely min 5% reduce unemployment issue..Please comment on this???????

April 18, 2012
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Hi my name is Matthew I'm southern Missouri on well watching cspan today I saw that the so called budget hawks in the majority of the house want to use US tax payers money to build a highway in Canada. I was wondering if there is already a story covering this or a reporter cause please look into it and report on it . Thank you .


April 20, 2012


my names is usman momoh oluwaseyi , i still looking forword to see your support and assitance  ok , get back  to on ,

thanks or here on cnn 1report

April 20, 2012
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April 21, 2012
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Here is what happened in FL. Just when I think things are going fine, I'm senior out of work living on my social security only.  My TRANE A/C unit starts making noise. Quality Control Air had put a flyer in my mailbox so I called them to check it out. They came told me I needed whole new A/C unit to tune of $6400. I asked if my TRANE (8 years old) wasn't still under warranty. They said no, too old, new technology and all I would have to replace whole unit. Lots of song and dance and what a great deal they were giving me for a CARRIER brand. Workmen came and started work, a few hours later I go outside and see that the unit they are installing is not the CARRIER I paid for but some other inferior off brand called Day and Night. I stop work on everything thinking they have messed up the order. Quality Air  tells me no the "day and night" inferior brand is a division of CARRIER. Now my stomach aches, red flags flying, wondering what else they lied to me about. I call another A/C company who checks the TRANE compressor wh had been removed from the concrete pad but I would not let them haul away. Guess what, my TRANE is still under warranty and could have been fixed for less than $600. But now the attic TRANE handler which was working fine has been dismantled twisted up and hauled away by Quality Air.  This is some kind of bait and switch, fraud scheme here. Quality Owner very threatening; I am in permitting hell with open permit so no other company can pull a new one. Would appreciate any thoughts. Owner of Quality Air has arrest record for Cocaine, DUI, and by some online reviews I found, I am not the first he's done this to.  State complaint agencies do nothing except have me fill out forms.  Have contacted BBB, FL State licensing board, state attorney, and senior abuse. I fear I will die of the heat before any of this gets settled.


April 23, 2012
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we do not have Justices . here in America the politicians they think we are stupid ; Because we do not have any laws to protect by USA Laws;. Snd they using us with the rule of dictators . the politicians pretend that they are good people ; whici in reality is the most cold blood killers in erth. The America politicians have created the terrorist; the Amercan politicians make the terrorist to do ; whatever it has be done untill today.

April 27, 2012
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I am very happy to know that there is a website for students to explore and learn from.  Almost every morning, I, as a teacher, show my students the news.  Some parents and other teachers don't like the students to know things about their world, but I think it is important to let the students know things that will eventually affect them in the years to come.



April 28, 2012
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By the discriminant us they have made on us to be DESTROY. Plus they have Tordured , theaten and keep threaten even now , they have humilited us, blackmail us,the abuce us , they use us illegal , they have take our dignity, FOR ALL THIS WE HAVE DOCUMENTS PHOTOS ,TO PROVE WE ARE VICTIMS BY ILLEGAL ACTS FROM THE DICTATORS OF THE TOWN OF PURCELLVILLE .PLEASE PLEASE WE WOULD YOUR HELP.

April 29, 2012
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making wrong choices i live in philadelphia pa we work hard 24/7 trying to provide for our families this state really don't care about our struggle where paying taxes to house inmates for non-violent crimes their placing them in prison for even the minor crimes such as technical violations of there parole these are minor  infractions our taxes could be used for our children education everyday is a struggle we came a long ways to get where we at today because they can't afford to place these inmates we have to pay more taxes there making wrong choices they don't care about the jail/prison population or that the department corrections is overcrowded i don't think we should have to pay taxes to house inmates for non-violent crimes and inmates that are being held on detainers from other states the system is failing us and our children where pleading for help the more inmates the more taxes the more being took away from our children. 

May 3, 2012
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Good morning:

My name is Marta J. Dávila. I am from Gurabo, Puerto Rico. I am sending you this message because I need to contact my nephew. His name is Jose Antonio Hernandez Lopez. He is 30 years old. His parents live in Gurabo, Puerto Rico. I heard that he is probably living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I need to contact with him because his mother is terminaly ill of cancer.

I can send a picture of him. Please, help my family find him since his mother told us that he was probably living in a shelter or in the streets or home.


Please help us.


Marta J. Davila

May 3, 2012
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In approx 5 days the sentencing of Najarred Walker, will occur in Frederick, Md., as a result of being convicted of first and second degree rape of a 16yr old victim  that occurred in Nov 2004, and the New-post so openly protrayed this man and al the forensic DNA, tying him to this crime. The original artical was in April 12, 2011,Frederick Newspaper edition and ultimately resulting in his being convicted due to this information portraying this individual as some form of a serial ratist......without investigating the entire story with folow-up during the Trial! In the court room where the Trial ocured there were no Defense presented in this individuals case and the investigator who initially took the statement from the victim documented two different versions of the victims statement of identification of the assailant. Neither two matched the defendents discription.  In addition the defendent stated to the defense cousel that there were witnesses whom were never called upon as defense counsel stated they could not be found...and all the while they were in the Frederick City one was recently arrested on other charges of their own!  Additionally, the victim residence was on and near the residence of what was deem a "Party House", during this period in 2004, and that may lead to a very "Doubtiful Testimony", that the victim was attacked while returning from the county Library......speaking of the Library, there are rules and regulations in effect during this time that, a person using the Libray Computers must sign in and out! None of this was investigated to corrobrate the victims whereabouts just before this alleged attack occurred. Ultimately the defendent was not provided a proper defense as attested by several Jurisprudence profession who addressed their concerns to the defendents family members after the Trial.  The DNA was evidenced as saliva present on the victims neck..that ultimately conviced the defendent who never denied contact with the victim.....however, not under the Rape circumstances.   

May 4, 2012
Click to view ddpeddicord's profile

I struggle daily with mental illness and the aspects of it, that could hinder my success in life. I have two children as seen in my photo...Zoe age 10 and Jadyn age 7. These two beautiful girls, are the driving force behind my every effort in life, without them it would be easy to give up, and slide into oblivion and just kill the time any way possible. Unfortunately, due to my inability to support them with financial stability, they suffer. My girls live with the barest of neccessities, and often do without things that most kids take advantage of and never think twice about, but my girls are strong, and they are fighters for sure...still I see an ever growing sadness and disappointment in their eyes when the look around them and see other childrens lifestyles. I want to stop their sadness as quickly as possible.   I was in college last spring, my 2nd semester studying to be a respiratory therapist, but do to excessive abscences while recieving inpatient psychiatric treatment, I was unable to complete the semester. I now have to repay a portion of the financial aid I recieved( believe it or not there was no exception due to my hospitalization that would allow me to repay this money while continuing my education) I have been paying 80 dollars a month out of my SSI check, and still owe 1008 dollars.   I do not like to ask for charity, but if it will shorten the time until, I can show my girls that life doesnt have to be all sadness and poverty, then so be it, I will swallow my pride. I am hoping organizations or individuals will help me pay this debt off more quickly so I can return to school and get my degree. ANY amount will be greatly appreciated and the donor will recieve regular updates on our acheivements and the childrens well being. I will not accept any donations personally...rather I will provide information so that the money can be given directly to the school or debt collector. I am not asking for this help for myself, only for my children. I have lived in poverty all my life...I'm used to it.  Alternatively, if you cannot help financially, I also would like to recieve any moral support you are willing to offer me with my mental illness, parenting skills, financial skills and other problems that may arise, as my family should not bear the burden alone, Thank you in advance for any type of help you are willing to offer. If anyone can help me with this debt please contact me here on Face Book.                                                    THANK YOU For Reading!!!

May 6, 2012
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My signature has been forged at Jaguar, Land Rover Dealership in Hilton Head south Carolina. I feel that this was done to cover-up a recall(02-05,RR,HSE) Attorney for L.R.produced this second forged document at A.D.R.,which tricked me into beliveing I had somehow given them approval to switch engines.I had signed a loaner agreement but without my approval,LR could'nt get payment from Extended Warranty Co.This is where the forged documents comes in. This is in Jasper Co. South Carolina, Home of the Low Country but it sure seems LOW DOWN to me.

May 7, 2012
Click to view headturner's profile

I am trying to post to iReport. I click on the link, post my message and heading. It shows a red asterisk for what you must fill in. It does not show an asterisk for uploading a picture/video so one must assume you don't have to post one. It also looks like one doesn't have to post an address. When I click on Upload, I get a page telling me I have to upload a picture or video. Why? I don't have a picture or video to upload. Why can't I just post my story???

May 9, 2012
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Police Say in Arizona Neo-Nazi Killed 4 and Himself. Google it, it's something inportant. Ready, 39, was the leader of a group of armed civilians that patrols Arizona’s desert near the Mexican border for illegal immigrants and drug smugglers.


In one of the 911 calls, Ready’s girlfriend is heard saying in a raised voice: “Oh my God. He’s got a gun. No!” before the sounds of two shots.


In another call, a sobbing young woman tells a 911 dispatcher that “my mom and my niece and my sister are all on the floor. They’re hurt pretty bad.”


Asked by the dispatcher about the shooter, the woman said: “It’s my mom’s boyfriend, JT Ready.”


Besides Ready, Gilbert police have identified the victims as Lisa Lynn Mederos, 47, Ready’s girlfriend; Lisa’s daughter Amber Mederos, 23; Amber’s 15-month-old daughter, Lilly; and Amber’s boyfriend Jim “Jambob” Hiott, 24.


Police released some of the 911 calls Monday.



May 10, 2012
Click to view ryan6357's profile

One of the best teachers that Ive had is My 4th grade teacher Mrs. Hubbell. She tries so hard to teach us. But, some of us zone out.









May 12, 2012
Click to view Taviarose's profile

My neighbors are the nicest, easy going elderly couple in the world.  The man is a ww2 vet and a professional golfer(24 hole in ones). His wife raised three kids and taught water arobics at the rec center.  They met right before the war but didn't marry til he came home. The wife was adopted as an older child and moved around a lot before and after. For this reason I believe she tried to make up for that by always being there for her oldest daughter and the other two as well just not to the degree she went to for the oldest. She failed to realize her daughter wasn't missing any thing so making up for it made her a monster. She never suffered any consequences for her actions or learn right from wrong other then she's right everybody else is wrong. All the wife wanted was to be there for her daughter,unlike her mom who was not there for her. But since her daughter had both parents this must have confused the daughter.

I guess all I'm trying to say is that parents cannot make up for their own childhood through their children.

And if you try your robbing your child of their experiences which will, in the long run, make them resent you. Adopted people have this need to be the last person to not have a family and to let those that have one know how lucky they are to have one, no matter how disfunctional. Not sure who said this but it is true "there is only one thing worse then a bad mother and that is no mother at all.

May 17, 2012
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Charlotte Schilling and Son Owen have been Missing for Six Days

We've obtained surveillance video of the Schillings.

May 24, 2012
Click to view 12spinner's profile

Federal Debt – State and Federal Taxes -- the Federal Budget -- Raising Taxes


We, the American Citizens, are constantly complaining about the above mentioned items. They are a continued turmoil in our lives and will constantly be there.

People discuss this issue with fear and hate and confusion and anger and frustration. So many different feelings come from this issue and yet at the same time we, the American Citizens, look for someone to blame for them. We unknowingly blame the right people but we don’t seem to know who those right people really are.

We blame the President, Congressman, and Senators, everyone that is working in a government office. We seem to think that these are the people that are at fault. In simple, we blame the government. Now the funny thing is, Abraham Lincoln said we had a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Okay, if that statement is true than we can only blame ourselves for our tax problems. What we should do now is stop complaining and help those that we put in offices to represent us, the American Citizens, correct the issue.

If we were to do this, where would we start? We each have our own thoughts and ideas.

My Idea is to take a look at it in this format --- (Federal Debt – State and Federal Taxes -- the Federal Budget. I won’t say my full thoughts let me only bring up an issue I see as unfair to the lower class of people. People that don’t at the end of a year owe $10,000 or more in taxes.

People that owe $10,000 or more search for some loophole in the tax system to get some sort of relief on their tax bill. There is no relief for the lower class that don’t owe the much they get the blunt of it by the government raising taxes the next year so that those that don’t owe that much have to bear the cost of those that do. You hear on the radio and see on the internet and television that people owing $10,000 can save as much as $8,000 with this relief. Some have shown people owing over $100,000 have saved as much as $80,000.

Let’s take a look at some of these savings as if they paid the tax due. We will use some fake numbers because I am not sure of the number of people that use these loopholes.

Let’s use 2000 people using loopholes at an average $50,000 in savings. That would be $50,000 times 2000 people that would be $10,000,000 that could go toward the National Debt. My numbers could be off by 10 times that number of people if so that would be $100,000,000. If that were placed toward our National Debt would they need to raise our taxes? Are the fake numbers used that unrealistic? The size of our population is there and the number of people that make large amounts of money is there. You figure it out.

I would strongly urge the American people to take a look at this issue. 


May 31, 2012
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May 31, 2012
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June 6, 2012
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To His Highness

Help me from Modern Slavery.....!!!


I feel revered to discuss my sufferings that I have been facing since four years. I have been acted like a puppet in hands of my sponsor during the above mentioned span of time. Furthermore, I was unable to travel and missed lot of events that came to my life which includes ,death of my father, my family that suffered due to financial issues, looking forward I am pleased to have kind consideration from you to have an immediate action on merit about the cause that I have mentioned in supporting documents. My former sponsor Amhani Baeshin gave my passport to the representative Mahmood Saeed because I got a job under Mahmood Saeed’s supervision. But having a problem in profession that was of watchman Mahmood Saeed was unable to have me under his influence. Then Mahmood Saeed advised me to change my profession in Iqama. Then being opined by some of my friends I came to Mr.Musleh Faisal Al Otaibi and requested him to help me out in changing my profession .He asked me to give SAR 6000.00 to him for implementing a change in Iqama. Afterwards without having any official documents from Amhani Baeshin (former Sponsor) in lieu of changing my profession he took me under the sponsorship of his mother. Then I beseech in front of him that, why you did so and on what grounds you took me under your mother sponsorship. Proscribing all my documents that abounds my passport and Iqama he forcefully ordered me to work for him as a taxi driver, I refused to do so but he threatened and projected me to do work as a driver, I started working with him and when the Iqama expiry period came near he took SAR 2800.00 from me as a Iqama renewal charges. Then I applied for my vacation and he refused then I bow before him to please give me vacation but once again he took my Iqama and license by force. Having bearing all this I contacted one of his friend Muhammad Al Shehri (policeman in Jama P.S) on the request of him he gave me Exit Re entry (vacation of 4 months).Spending those vacation in Pakistan and acknowledging the prevailing circumstance of unemployment and financial Crisis. I came back to Saudi Kingdom .I came to them and requested in a noble and decent demeanor that that please restore my sponsorship due to impairment in my health I am unable to continue it meanwhile I suffered from diseases like, High blood pressure, piles and diabetes. But still all my requests went off his ear .During driving taxi my profession on Iqama was watchman but I had LTV license. I got traffic fine approximately SAR 11000.00. Once again he asked me to arrange SAR 6000.00 in order. He will change my profession from watchman to general driver to avert from traffic fine. Having no way out I further paid him SAR 4500.00. Then he changed my profession from watchman to general driver .Bearing and tolerating all troubles I requested him to release me from his job. He refused and harassed me in his office. Reaching my limit, went for Justice in Labor Court .After filing a Sue  against him he didn’t appeared before the honorable Court in eight hearings consecutively . To fix my problem I decided to have a table talk with him. Then Mr.Kahlid Al Ghamdi called him for negotiation bringing the dispute between us on table.

Mr.Kahlid Al Ghamdi contacted my sponsor and organized a meeting on the e17th Jan 2012 at sponsor office. The meeting was held between Mr Khalid and Mr Musleh the sponsor in my absence, the agreement was as follows.


1.     The sponsor will renew my Iqama and I will pay him amount,

2.     I am to withdraw the court cause against the sponsor; and

3.     I will give him the transfer paper in return from my passport.

Following the agreement, I was asked to come into the office (as I was waiting in the car outside the office) and handed over SAR 6500.00 for Iqama renewal.

The following day as per the agreement I withdrew the case from the Saudi Labor Court and submitted the withdrawal letter to the sponsor on the e18th Jan 2012. While I was there the sponsor asked me to pay SAR 1000.00 For additional coast related to Iqama renewal.

After three weeks, the sponsor had renewed my Iqama, but has asked for SAR 1100.00 as additional expenses incurred. I visited his office on 15th Feb 2012 in anticipation of obtaining the passport and Iqama.

At this meeting, the sponsor told me that I have to work for him as a Taxi Driver, I refused to work for him given his character and relationship history.

The sponsor asked me to handover my license as well, which I refused to do. I was physically held and had my license forcefully taken off me. In addition the sponsor forced me to sign a blank piece of paper as well as got my finger prints on the same piece of paper.

Esteeming high expectations and seeking justice from you honorable people, I and my coming generations will be thankful to you if you put an end to my miseries.



Mobile:00966 501668250

Email :

June 13, 2012
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I have a question. How to delete uploaded iReport ?

Please, I need to remove wrongly uploaded post.  

June 15, 2012
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Myanmar Breaking News  

I have heard that the government set security force in Maungdaw, Arakan because of the current instability.

The Bangali Rohingya torrists are burning houses and killing innocent people including government police and women and children in Maung Daw, Arakan. According to Laywaddy updated news, over 30 villages were burnt by Bengali Rohingya terrorists holding guns. There are currently fighting seriously with the government soldiers in Maundaw.

According to a government official who is working in the Migration Department, there are 95% Bangli Muslim in Maung daw and 85% in Buthidaung, which are border area very close to Bangalish, only apart Narf River.

Because of the rocket population growth and the huge amount of illegal migration of the Bangali Musilm, there are much more population different between the local people and Bengali Musilm.

They had destroyed and fired nearly a hundred Arakan villages and killed thousands of Arakaneses during the conflict in 1942.

Started from 1951 and 1952, they tried to build a Muslim State by trying to occupy Maungdaw and Buthidaung.

The name "Rohingya" came into existence last 50 years ago and became well-known these years.

I would like like to encourage all the local and international journalists to study historical background and the current situations of Arakaneses in Arakan. In my point of view, a journalist needs to understand the truth clearly to write.

As most of the people from international think, we are not majority in our own State, Arakan. Bangali Muslim people become majority in Arakan.

We are struggling people trying to survive in our own state.

In Maundaw, the situation is very risky and the government servants are sent to government building.

"There is no enough security in Maungdaw. Arakaneses villages surrounding Bangali Muslim villages are very risky. The situation may worse at night" said Local people form Maung daw.

The government has to take fully responsibility for the security of its citizens before it is too late.

And I would like to suggest the international community to form a special committee to conduct research on "Rohingya" as it is the root cause for all problems.

In conclusion, I would like to request all the local or international journalists, writers, social workers, and leaders and broadcasting Medias not to give easy comments on "Rohingya" issue as it might lead to genocide like in Rwanda

Credit To Si Hpyo Lin



June 16, 2012
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Hello everyone my name is Whitney Rain Denham, who is a 27 year old pre op transgendered woman in which am in transition to become the woman I was meant to be. I am also, an advocate for my LGBTQ communities of the world. I love to educate people who don't understand what I am going through. Right now I am in the process of getting world wide Equality for me and my LGBTQ communities of the world. If anyone, would like to get to know me and help me just contact me.




Whitney Rain Denham

June 19, 2012
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June 19, 2012-My Theological Name is Jesus Bilal Islam Allah Muhammed. Very recently All Members of Congress have Received a Post Card with this International Financial Legislation.


The National Government Named (Blank), Print The National

Currency Named (Blank), To Finance The National Government Named (Blank) Budget.


The National Government Named (Blank), Print The National

Currency Named (Blank), To Finance All State Governments

Named (Blanks) Budgets, Or To Finance All Province Governments Named (Blanks) Budgets, Or To Finance All Equivalent Governments Named (Blanks) Budgets.


The National Government Named (Blank), Print The National

Currency Named (Blank), To Finance All County Governments

Named (Blanks) Budgets, Or To Finance All Parish Governments Named (Blanks) Budgets, Or To Finance All Equivalent Governments Named (Blanks) Budgets.


The National Government Named (Blank), Print The National Currency Named (Blank), To Finance All City Governments Named (Blanks) Budgets, Or To Finance All Equivalent Governments Named (Blanks) Budgets.


The Concern of the National Government Bank Named (Blank), Pertaining To Inflation, All Businesses and All

Consumers be Reimbursed All Costs of Inflation Quarterly

from the National Government Treasury Named (Blank), or


June 20, 2012
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Is it me, or is everything that we do these days over the top. 


Technology.  It think it's wonderful, but it has it's place.  Everyone steps around the fact that, PEOPLE ARE ADDICTED!  When you can't walk into another room without your phone, something's wrong.  If the first thing that you do in the morning is look at your phone or laptop... I have to spell it out?  How long will it take.  What is to become of our young people.  Take the blinders off!


We're treading some dangerous water when it comes to politicians trying to make laws to "protect us".  I don't think so.  I don't need someone telling me what I can and can't eat.  It's my decision.  The American people will only take so much.  Mark my words. 


Come to think of it, maybe the reason there is so much obesity is not because of "sugary drinks" but because we spend so much friggin time on technology, we don't walk or talk anymore!

June 22, 2012



True Divorce Story;


Most Recent 2012:

Judgement on divorce entered;Security of this judgement entered increased to level 3. Consent judgement filed(June/20/2012).


My position:


"I did not consent to this divorce decree; True I want out of the marriage but I do not have a mental illiness that requires supervised visitation and nor do I need to be humiliated in a divorce decree that seeks to force me to see a psycologist and a psychiatrist inorder to have access to see my children under supervised visits."


My Case:

I was sent to whom Miss-diagonosed me was a friend of this Judge. I was ordered to see him and it was docketted that I requested to see him. Same Psycologist tricked me into being addmitted into a hospital for panic and high blood pressure symtompts I talked to him about. He led me to the hospital for check up and told them I was sucidal where I was kept for a week and released. I voluntarily signed up for a mental help study to proof that he was wrong and I got that proof after a year with no meds other than high blood pressure that the diagonosis was in full remission. Even though that, this diagonosis cannot be in full remission. Either u have it or you don't. It is called Schizophernia. Same Psycologist after he diagonosed me with this mental illiness said I would not be able to see my children after 15 years.


Guardian on first visit with him had told me this; "Why did you get rid of the first judge because the second is less fair that the first". This rang a bell in my mind and still rings a bell. I have appeased the court, beged these people by send them email of jesus on a cross to indicate that I was a christian just like them and whatever was occuring needs to stop but this was used to indicate proove their point that I was hallucinating and planned on killing myself. 


June/18/2012; hearing was set when courts thought I was on meds for a mental illness and was considering to grant me Unsupervised visitations. I then decided to tell them so that I have not had any syntompts for a year and had not been on meds for this diagonoses. The courts then went 360 on me so did the Gardian. My Guardian-who told me that the male guardian will not reccomend me for unsupervised visitation because I was not taking any meds for this mis-diagonosis and it was pointless to have this hearing because it would be denied. I pushed into having this hearing as I was dead set on finding out more about what was going on in my divorce that have left me speachless. This hearing was a closed door and took place at 11.30pm where I was praised for my mental health progress which I really did not have then told that I will need to hire a attourney to modify. I played along with them.



Court ordered supevised visitation. I made my arguement that I did not do anything wong to go to a supervised visitation and there was no substantial evidence that requires me to be seeing my children in such a place. Court then made me a deal, "get a stable house and see my own Psycologist (Bradford) and I may considered unsupervised visitation.


Fall/2010. Paid an attourney $500 retainer fee as agreed to take up my divorce and enter his appearance for me but he took my money and never did.


Fall 2010, Sued and evicted a tennant noteriouse for not paying his rent. Tennat majical was able to afford an attourney whom at the end of trial De Novo gave the Judge (Cater) a high 5 while I await for a judgement against me. I felt setted up and a silent message filled my head after seeing this action. November/2010. Same attourney for tennant sued me and after a year long with an attourney provided by insurance company. Case was settelled and judgement as dismmised by both parties. "My position was firm and well asserted. This was a conspiracy even though I spent 1 week in a mental instituition which was a direct result of a trick pulled by (Bradford).


New challenges awaite me while I fight for my right to be a father in an interracial divorce case that I have been silenced on with a treat of losing my children for good if I dear speak out. Facts and evidence are backed up. There is no such thing as false in this story. I am very concerned on my safety and safety of my family for being a witness against wired behavior from 3 judges in Green County Courthouse and One Guardian. Please help me. I am leaving in fear in this city and if I move, I will not be able to see my children. My new greatest Challenge is finding an employer who will not judge me by looking at casenet. I am innocent in all cases on casenet. I have fought for my right to see my children, evicted a tennant noterious of not paying his bills. Place a liens on my house to avoide it being taken by the bank while I went through a divorce. The protective order against me by my ex-spouse was granted on default and asserted when I got misdiagonoses. My arrest for violating a protective order was an attempt see my child

June 22, 2012

ren by getting their mother back.


Case with mother and mother's family will not be told as she is the mother of my children.

June 28, 2012
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A future business that will create 2 multi billion dollar

businesses. Require the Amount of $1.4133 Billion. To start the 1st multi billion business. After the two businesses are in operations, there will be the creation of a Prison State-10 years 4 months. The 1st business gross income will be $1.6 Billion minimum per week. The 2nd business gross income will be $2.25 Billion per week.

For a total of $3.85 Billion per week. The Prison State will receive a minimum $50 Billion per year. For more information, please go to this email address: Thank you for further consideration.

June 28, 2012
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Alfred Lawrence Patterson & Company is seeking the amount

of $1.4133 Billion. To finance the 1st multi billion dollar business of two multi billion dollar businesses.

The 1st business will be a Special Business Loan Brokers

Business Firm. Alfred Lawrence Patterson & Company will

Recruit 394 current attorneys. To be educated to Master of Laws Degree in Corporate Finance Law in 18 Months. Alfred Lawrence Patterson & Company main workforce will consist of 320 Corporate Finance Attorneys-the other 74

Corporate Finance Attorneys will be Management. 320 Corporate Finance Attorneys will accept 320 Clients per Day-Monday through Thursday-Friday will be Agreement Day.

Alfred Lawrence Patterson & Company minimum business loan

assistance will be $25 Million Minimum Business Loan Assistance per Client. Alfred Lawrence Patterson & Company will charge a Fee of 5% per Client. That minimum

equal $1,250,000 per Client multiplied by 320 Clients per

Day. The 2nd multi billion dollar business will be an Advanced Advertising Agency. Which will obtain 100,000

Prepaid Customers per Manufacturer of a $5,000 Consumer Product. Alfred Lawrence Patterson & Company will deduct

$1,500 per $5,000 Prepaid Customer. The Advanced Advertising Agency will pay for All Advertising Cost and Processing. 100,000 multiplied by $1,500 equal $150 Million per $5,000 Consumer Product. 3-$5,000 Consumer Products advertised per Day, which equal $450 Million per

Day-Monday through Friday-which equal $2.25 Billion per Week. Alfred Lawrence Patterson & Company's gross income will be $3.85 Billion per Week. The 1st business will finance the 2nd business with $12 Billion. Alfred Lawrence Patterson & Company will allocate $50 Billion per Year to Finance a Prison State. If you want further information contact Thank you for your further consideration. Alfred Lawrence


July 2, 2012
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Delay on American Airlines flight AA731 LGA-DFW, aircraft returned to gate to to "small technical issue" reported by Captain to require turning off of water to forward & aft lavatories. Aircraft still sitting at gate after returning from runway

July 3, 2012
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While your Member of Congress is Home from Washington, D.C. on Vacation. Ask your Member of Congress how they are going to Vote for my International Financial Legislation sent to your Member of Congress very recently

by Post Card. One advantage is No Taxes. Second advantage

is No Budget Cuts. Third advantage is Every Governmental Agency's Budget will be Financed to amount wanted. Here is the Gist of my International Financial Legislation.

The National Government Named (Blank), Print The National

Currency Named (Blank), To Finance The National Government Named (Blank) Budget. The National Government Named (Blank), Print The National Currency Named (Blank),

To Finance All State Governments Named (Blanks) Budgets,

Or To Finance All Province Governments Named (Blanks) Budgets, Or To Finance All Equivalent Governments Named (Blanks) Budgets. The National Government Named (Blank), Print The National Currency Named (Blank), To Finance All

County Governments Named (Blanks) Budgets, Or To Finance All Parish Governments Named (Blanks) Budgets, Or To Finance All Equivalent Governments Named (Blanks) Budgets. The National Government Named (Blank), Print The

National Currency Named (Blank), To Finance All City Governments Named (Blanks) Budgets, Or To Finance All Equivalent Governments Named (Blanks) Budgets. The Concern of the National Government Bank Named (Blank), Pertaining to Inflation, All Businesses and All Consumers

be Reimbursed All Costs of Inflation Quarterly from the National Government Treasury Named (Blank), Or Equivalent. Alfred Lawrence Patterson/

Jesus Bilal Islam Allah Muhammed.

July 5, 2012
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Alfred Lawrence Patterson & Company is Seeking the Investment Amount of $1.4133 Billion. At the 1st Week of

the 24th Month from Receipt of the Investment Amount of

$1.4133 Billion, will Receive $6 Billion. Alfred Lawrence

Patterson & Company's 1st Multi Billion Dollar Business will be a Special Business Loan Brokers Business Firm. Will Recruit 394 Current Attorneys to be Educated to Master of Laws Degree in Corporate Finance Law in 18 Months. Alfred Lawrence Patterson & Company will pay for

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Company per Minimum $25 Million Business Loan Assistance.

$1,250,000 multiplied by 320 Clients equal a Minimum Amount of $400,000,000 per Day-$1,600,000,000 Minimum per

Week Gross Income to Alfred Lawrence Patterson & Company.

On Friday is Agreement Day. The Other 74 Corporate Finance Attorneys will be Management. The Time Table will

be 30 Days to Recruit 394 Current Attorneys-18 Months for

the 394 Current Attorneys to be Educated-30 Days for the 394 Corporate Finance Attorneys to transfer to the City of Washington, D.C. equal 20 Months-plus the 1st 13 Week

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2nd Multi Billion Dollar Business will be an Advanced Advertising Agency. Which will Obtain 100,000 PrePaid Customers per Manufacturer of a Consumer Product that Retail for $5,000. Alfred Lawrence Patterson & Company will pay All Advertising and Processing Cost per Manufacturer of a $5,000 Consumer Product. Alfred Lawrence Patterson & Company will Deduct $1,500 per $5,000 PrePaid Customer. $1,500 Multiplied by 100,000 PrePaid Customers equal $150 Million per $5,000 Consumer Product. 3-$5,000 Consumer Products Advertised per Day-Equal $450 Million per Day-Monday through Friday-$2.25 Billion per Week Gross Income to Alfred Lawrence Patterson & Company. 91,000 Part Time Employees and 30,000 Full Time Employees required for the Advanced Advertising Agency. The 1st Business will Finance the 2nd

Business with $12 Billion. After the 1st Business and 2nd

Business has Operated together for 1 Year-$50 Billion per

Year to Finance a Prison State. The 1st Business Gross Income per Week will be a Minimum $1.6 Billion-The 2nd Business Gross Income per Week will be $2.25 Billion-Alfred Lawrence Patterson & Company Gross Income per Week

will be $3.85 Billion Minimum. A NOTE:The 2nd Business will Operate for a 42 Week Year. If interested, contact Thank you for your further consideration, Alfred Lawrence Patterson-Sole Proprietor.

July 14, 2012
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Mitt Romney described assertions by President

Barack Obama's campaign as "deceptive," demanding  an

apology and rejecting calls to release more than two years of tax returns.


Romney you need to man up about the (BAIN)  issue.

Your being more deceptive by not answering.

Unless it's all true and your the one trying to deceive the votes.

Time to man-up.


July 16, 2012
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I understand the statistics of the economy,  However, we have a small campground in Miles City, from "no where" MT.

Our year has been the best ever.  Whether it is the low gas, or the oil fields, the families are traveling like I never seen before.

July 17, 2012
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D.C. police officer investigated for threat against Michelle Obama


An officer who works as a motorcycle escort for the White House is on administrative leave while police investigate allegations he threatened Michelle Obama.


By Clarence Williams


The Washington Post













First lady Michelle Obama, subject of possible threat.










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Here's something I think we can reach bipartisan agreement on - if these allegations... (July 14, 2012, by kil4stn) MORE




Even if it's determined to be a joke, I hope he gets fired. What a jerk. (July 14, 2012, by baff) MORE




John Pheonix - They aren't buddies, just acquaintances who live near each other and... (July 14, 2012, by Poolpro) MORE




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WASHINGTON — D.C. police have stripped an officer of his police powers and gun as they investigate his alleged threat against Michelle Obama, the District's police chief said Friday.


Police and the Secret Service have not yet determined precisely what was said by the officer or his intent, Police Chief Cathy Lanier said Friday. During a Wednesday breakfast with other officers, police officials have said, the officer threatened to shoot the first lady.


A genuine threat would be a crime and referred to the U.S. Attorneys Office for prosecution, Lanier said. A comment made in jest would be disciplined as conduct unbecoming an officer, she said.


"If it was a threat, it was criminal," Lanier said.


The officer under investigation, whom authorities have not named, works on motorcycle escorts and has been with the force for about 17 years, Lanier said. She said he was put on paid desk duty and his badge and gun were revoked after the alleged threat was reported to a supervisor by another officer.


The comments were said to have been made Wednesday morning over breakfast at a downtown restaurant with at least five officers present. They allegedly involved shooting the first lady, according to police officials.


A group of officers from the Special Operations Division were at the restaurant when the conversation turned to the first lady, the police officials said.


Several police officials said they had received initial reports the officer used his mobile phone to display a picture of the firearm he intended to use. Those officials later said he may have used an application on his phone that makes the sound of gunfire.


Lanier declined to address whether a photo of a gun was shown or other details. She also declined to discuss where the conversation took place or how many officers have been interviewed during the investigation.


"It is very early on," she said. "We are not 100 percent sure what the statement was that was made."


On Friday, Lanier addressed the possibility the officer's alleged statement was intended as humor.


"There's absolutely no place for jokes that could be perceived as a threat to the first lady" or anybody else, Lanier said. "That's not funny," she said, adding that her department's officers "get it."


Secret Service spokesman Edwin Donovan declined to comment on the investigation Friday.


The Special Operations Division performs escorts for the first family and other dignitaries. The department takes pride in that work and does it "flawlessly," Lanier said.


The allegation of a threat has left officers across the force frustrated and angry, she said. If proven true, "the outrage and hurt" in the department "cannot be overstated," Lanier said.


"You don't say things like that, especially when you have access to the South Grounds of the White House and a gun on your hip," said a Special Operations officer who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to comment. "It's a black eye to our unit. It's an embarrassment."


July 23, 2012
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My Motivation is to become a transformational leader, am the  type of person that motivates and inspires people to perform at levels far beyond anything that they had previously thought possible.


Keep People In the Know?

Transformational leaders empower others by keeping them "in the know," by keeping them fully informed on everything that affects their jobs. People want and need to feel that they are "insiders," that they are aware of everything that is going on. There is nothing so demoralizing to a staff member than to be kept in the dark about their work and what is going on in the company.



Leadership experience as such


Leadership experience is something that encourages to doing your best. It is like an impulse to some actions that determines the type of human behavior. The stronger your leadership experience is the better result you will get.


Leadership experience is usually presented by specific emotions that may have either positive or negative characteristics. Basically, it refers to a complex of tangible and intangible factors that provide high-quality and highly productive work.

Goals of leadership experience


Commonly leadership experience can be considered as an abstract object or as an economic category. All of the above describes leadership experience in general. As an economic category, it refers to systematic phenomena derived to stimulate workers to perform well.


? To attract new employees;

? To reveal workers' potential and hidden talents;

? To retain good and perspective employees.

Leadership experience types


As we have already mentioned, leadership experience can be positive and negative. Although both characterize leadership experience well, neither the first nor the second one reveals the entire features. Thus, there exist other types of leadership experience.


? Intrinsic and extrinsic leadership experience;

? Positive and negative leadership experience;

? Stable and unstable leadership experience;

? The motive of self-affirmation;

? Motif identification with another person;

? Power leadership experience;

? Procedural content motifs;

? The motive of self-development;

? The motive to achieve;

? Pro-social (socially important) motives;

? Affiliation motive.



Plays a great part in our everyday life. Once an individual sets any goal, he or she will not succeed without reasonable ground. Thus, writing, one should describe its importance and express it as an essential lever to successful performance.


To make a good explanation of how to compose a good and appropriate, we shall deepen into the core of leadership experience concept. We will try to show guiding lines and supporting features that may help enhance your motives.


July 28, 2012


this is usman from nigerian ok, i  have been wishing to here from you ok, about what have told you involve in support or assistance ok i will be very greatfully if you can support me ok , i m sranded here , i mean i don,t have anything with me , i need money ok to support my living activeties and some others  things ok

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thank, i will be looking forword to here from u ok

July 28, 2012
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Hi my name is Ketlie Jackson, I am a single mom who have been teaching for 16 years. Weeks before school begins I was informed that my teaching contract is terminated due to budget cuts. The program that I was working in as an alternative school teacher has been eliminated. Yet the school district which I  was employed, hired a new teacher in my area of education. I was not offered the position. Now I am without a job and have no idea how I am going to manage.

July 28, 2012
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HellO; Ketlie.

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Please Pass it on Ketlie.


Team Captain.

August 8, 2012
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Hello my name is Curtis E Mozie aka C-Webb, I have been filming street gang violence in Washington DC since 1981 with my video camera. I created a safe house where I mentor youth at risk. There I interview them with my video camera as they give their living confession. Then later on I film these same young men out laying in the streets gunned down from gang violence, I then record them in the emergency rooms as they die from their gunshot wounds as the family members stand over top of their dead loved one crying calling out their names. With that said I have written a book memoir"Beyond The Yellow Tape: Life & Death On The Streets Of DC" which I will release this fall maybe in September. I will be posting my book trailer on ireport soon so stay tuned and witness this historical critical acclaimed book memoir trailer its gonna shock you on what I've captured on tape over 27 year time period up to now. Along the way I gained the support of NBA all-star and TNT NBA host Chris Webber and rap star Nasir "NAS" Jones together were trying to make this world a better place free from gun violence.

August 21, 2012
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Wow! Some of these posts are..........Did some of these people fly over the Coo koo's nest, or what? Whirling birds and crayons don't have anything on these people.....

September 4, 2012
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What's the maximum size of a story?

September 10, 2012
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how can i delete entries?

October 18, 2012
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Testing 1 2 3........

October 28, 2012
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Absolutely thrilled about this iReport community. Thank you to everyone involved

November 8, 2012
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Will this one day be a kind of twitter?

November 20, 2012
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carl Azuz we need you back. we miss your punts and we need you back!!!!!!!!!!

November 20, 2012
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Carl azuz we miss you from Valdez AK

January 29, 2013
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hello everyone

February 15, 2013
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Thanks for hiring Chris Cuomo. What a great addition. ABC's loss.


Lorri G.  Michigan

March 13, 2013
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May 9, 2013
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I would like to thank Mrs. Meyer  and Mrs. Davey for teaching us and making class fun!


May 15, 2013
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i would like to thank CNN for its generous support

July 4, 2013
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CNN.. You keep insisting it's a coup in egypt! What coup? This is the voice of the people. Didn't you see the people passionately urging the army to step in over the last couple of months? Can't you hear the thunderous crowds all over Egypt? No? Oh well.. One more network to strike off my list!

July 24, 2013
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Why on earth is CNN Blocking anti Muslim Brotherhood Egyptians from expressing their point of view lots of Egyptians believe CNN is biased

Is that the type of democracy you want to impose on Egypt is that freedom of speech you headache our heads with

July 26, 2013
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CNN coverage of Egypt demonstrations was unfair

September 25, 2013
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Have not seen it on the national news yet so I am wondering if CNN is aware a major bridge is out in the Green Bay Wisconsin area. Officially known as the Leo Friggo Bridge, it is the I43 bridge that crosses the Fox River at the southern end of the Green Bay of Lake Michigan. One of the bridges piers settled 2 feet over night last night and was reported to 911 about 5 this morning. This will be a major problem for traffic and commerce for the next several months.

January 12, 2014
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HELLO Y'ALL,   Just testing the waters  on posting...

April 21, 2014
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Don't Know why, But i am feeling great to be a part of CNN.. Running out of my words.. Thanks CNN..

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