Wednesday, November 23, 2011
iReporters' take on CNN GOP national security debate

Last night, the prospective GOP primary contenders gathered at George Washington University in Washingon, D.C., for a CNN-hosted debate on national security and foreign policy. Candidates squared off on the war in Afghanistan, immigration, aid to Pakistan, and why they believe they'd be a more effective Commander-In-Chief than President Obama.


iReporters who watched the debate shared their thoughts on the best and worst performances of the night.



Longtime politics iReporter Egberto Willies was impressed by last night's debate, and thought it was one of the more substantive ones to date. While he thought Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney were "intellectualy dishonest," he was particularly impressed by the philosophies of libertarian-leaning candidates Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul.


"Jon Huntsman came across  as a real conservative with true American values without the need to  pander," he said. "Ron Paul is consistent and I like his mind-your-own-business foreign policy. These guys were the only consistently truthful ones on stage. The others knowingly lied to pander."



iReporter Virgil Edwards, however, thinks the debates suffer from their present format. He believes that the moderators have too much power to favor certain candidates over others, and that when a question is asked everyone onstage should be given a chance to respond.


Like Egberto, he thought that Ron Paul had the best debate performance of the night: "I agree most with his stance that part of what motivated the 9/11 attacks was blowback from our foreign policies of the past and present as it pertains to the Middle East," he said. "Ron Paul is the only true  conservative in the race, as the rest are different sides of the same liberal coins as it pertains to the growth of government and reckless government spending and reckless foreign policies."

November 26, 2011

Thanks CNN for the liberal spin once again. It has become habit forming.

November 30, 2011
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Once again we see the need (from MrJeckyll) to apply simplistic labels (the "L" word) to the discussion. If this is truly offensive, he could always move to Fox News where the rotation of the spin is the polar opposite. But, I really think MJ is here just to have some fun and be provocative. What I think he has missed entirely though, is that both Virgil and Egberto seem to be commenting from a more conservative position. Look up the term "knee jerk", MrJ.

December 28, 2011
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BWMCC - Pot calling the kettle black?? 


Interesting how you go after MrJeckyll for applying the simplistic "L" Word label, pretty funny, to CNN.  Then, in the very next sentence you tell him to go to the polar opposite FOX News..


So, its not OK to go after CNN for their left-leaning stances but it is OK for you to go after FOX News for their right-leaning stances.


Interesting how the partisan mind works.

December 29, 2011
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