Friday, December 02, 2011
Lumberjacks, political face-offs, and severe weather: The best of iReport this week

Here at iReport, we get a variety of stories from people all over the world any given day. It’s almost impossible to keep track of them all, which is why we’re starting something new: A look back at five of the most interesting, compelling, or just plain unusual stories of the week.


This week’s offerings didn’t disappoint. Here are five of the best iReport stories we received:


New Zealand lumberjack show


iReporter Jerry Gonzales visited a lumberjack show in Stratford, New Zealand, last weekend that featured log-rolling, wood-chopping and climbing up 40-foot poles in record time. Gonzales said he enjoyed “every minute” of the action-packed event.


Iowa students challenge Bachmann


Anelia K. Dimitrova was on the scene Wednesday in Waverly, Iowa, as local students challenged Republican candidate Michele Bachmann on LGBT rights and bullying. “They were very gutsy as you can see in the video,” said Dimitrova, referring to the students. “It takes tons of courage to identify yourself as the ‘other’ in rural Iowa.” Likewise, she was impressed that Bachmann didn’t back down on her views and allowed the students to continue asking questions.


Delivering smiles to NYC bus drivers


Lizzy Showman and Kathleen Fitzgerald, students at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, used design to show appreciation for the drivers on the M15 bus line, the second busiest in the nation. They designed custom seat cushions and shot video as they delivered them to bus drivers. Just try not to smile as one gentleman exclaims “this is the nicest thing anybody’s ever done for me."


Black student defends rebel flag



iReporter Byron Thomas is a proud Southerner who believes he should have the right to hang a Confederate flag in his dorm room at the University of South Carolina-Beaufort. He's also black. Thomas shared a video expressing his opinion and sparked a passionate discussion about racism and tradition.


Heavy winds damage California homes, property



Freelance photojournalist Matt Hartman rushed over to the San Gabriel Mission after 70- to 80-mph Santa Ana winds tore through California and damaged the historic church yesterday. "The crucifix, the wood part was standing, but the Jesus part had fallen off and was really badly damaged. … The hands were knocked off and the arms and hands were pointed upward to the sky," he said, describing it as an eerie scene.


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