Thursday, January 12, 2012
Severe winter weather...or not


Okay, we get it. Snow in Alaska doesn't exactly sound like a breaking news story. But when it's one of the snowiest winters on record and it's only the beginning of January, it definitely is.


Just take a look at the photo above. Linden O'Toole captured that image and several others in Cordova, Alaska, this week.


"I have lived in Cordova...for 30 years, and we have never had this much snow all at once," she said.


The area has seen more than 230 inches of snow since December 1, says CNN meteorologist Ross Hays. Fifteen feet of snow was dumped on the town last week, and subsequent rain has compressed it, making it heavy and difficult to remove. The city has special heavy-duty shovels on their way from Canada.


"Both of my kids were raised in Cordova, and I don't remember a single day of school closure due to weather," said O'Toole. That record ends this winter: "The kids have been granted this entire week off of school."


Nearby, Anchorage has also been hit by record snowfall. Eric Bleicher captured an image of all the snow in the brief reprieve between two recent storms.


"The incoming storm brought whiteout conditions, 100 mph wind gusts along the Anchorage Hillside, and has forced the only highway south of Anchorage to shut down due to the conditions," he said.


But in the lower 48, it's another story. iReporters from California to Michigan have grabbed their cameras to document the shocking lack of snow and ice they've seen so far this winter.



Becky Hull describes the weather in her town of Cedarville, Michigan, as "insane." She captured the above image of a decidedly non-frozen Lake Huron.


Hull is concerned about the economic impact a warm winter could have on the area.


"I work at a retreat/conference center where we rely on cold and snowy conditions to help people enjoy winter," she explained. "We have no ice for them to skate on, no snow for them to ski or snowshoe on, and we are getting worried."


The story is the same in California, where Michael Hilburn says many ski resorts are still closed for lack of snow.


"A group of friends and I decided to escape snowless San Diego and spend New Year's Eve in the mountain ski resort town of Big Bear Lake," he said. "Unfortunately, mother nature had different plans this winter and not much snow was to be found and the lake was barely beginning to freeze over."

And in Rochester, New York, pictured above, resident Nick Swann wonders, "Is is January or April?"


Swann is a tractor trailer driver and usually transports salt all winter. Like others around the mainland U.S., he's not happy with the economic effect the weather is having.


"Last year this time we were working like mules hauling salt," he said. "What a difference this year! Not good!"


As Swann says, it's a far cry from this week last year, when 49 out of 50 states had snow on the ground. But it's not too late to give up hope: Mild November and December weather can often give way to intense snowstorms later in the winter and even into March and April.


"Although early winter has been mild in North America, plenty of cold air is still bottled up in the arctic waiting to dive south at the U.S.," says CNN weather anchor Chad Meyers.


Are you experiencing severe winter weather - or a lack thereof - in your area? Show us what's happening if you can do so safely.

January 13, 2012
Click to view neochess's profile

That is how exactly global warming feels like.

Even colder!

January 13, 2012
Click to view Dragun's profile

Neochess your missing the point, this is EXACTLY how global warming works.  It effects the ENTIRE climatology, I for one cannot remember a warmer December or January here in D.C.  While we are warm, these fronts keep that cold air in the far northern hemisphere and it wrecks all kinds of havoc.  Take for instance mosquito and tick populations.  If it does not remain sub 32 degrees here for at least 12-14 days in a row then their population will be insane this spring....try seeing the big picture here instead of focusing on one towns record snowfall.

January 13, 2012
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Increased average global temperature leads to increased atmospheric turbulence since atmospheric physics is governed by fluid dynamics. IOW- there will be increasingly shifting climatic patterns, with some areas actually getting cooler while existing desert areas increase and formerly temperate areas become hotter (e.g. continental Europe and N. America). The climate change deniers really need to start looking at this situation from a scientific perspective instead of believing whatever gets spoon-fed to them by the corporations and politicians who stroke them into complacency. Quit being stooges, sheeple!

January 13, 2012
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There's always someone who doesn't understand global warming that makes a comment (neochess). Global warming means MORE moisture, not less. Record snowfall means record moisture. They are also getting hammered because they lost a lot of sea ice off the coast that shielded them from a lot of the winds and sea squalls. Now with less sea ice, they are getting pounded. Again, due to higher average arctic sea temperatures. This isn't some conspiracy, it's a scientific measurable fact.

January 13, 2012
Click to view DBHouston's profile

Okay, it is no longer global warming. The correct terminology is Global Climate Change. I have been a member of the Climate Change Technology Sub-Committee through the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) for some time now, and conclusions are difficult to ascertain.


The climate of our blue marble is cyclical and we are due to enter another ice age. The jury is still out how mankind has affected this next cycle, that is how severe and how rapid the coming glaciation will be and how long it will last.


Just fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

January 13, 2012
Click to view DEECEE12's profile

Well, it's definitely January today in Rochester, NY.  At least a foot of snow just since this morning.

January 13, 2012
Click to view Timmaahhyy's profile

well to the nort east of Rochester in Burlington Vt we were expecting 5-7 inches yesterday and last night.  We got about an inch of snow followed by 38 degree temps and rain that washed it all away.  The ski resorts here are in trouble

January 13, 2012
Click to view JohnGalt's profile

Search "Historical Palmer Drought Indices" if you want to see precipitation records over the past 100 years in your area of the U.S.. This is a "" safe web-page.

January 13, 2012
Click to view DBHouston's profile

@JohnGalt - Do you really believe everything that the government tells you? Turn to private research for real answers.

January 13, 2012
Click to view TangoUniform's profile

Bumpy ride indeed. Earth is extremely dynamic and in constant flux. It also adjusts and rebounds, in geologic time, not ours. Earth will ultimately endure all of us. Just read a little earth history and you'll discover that life has been nearly wiped out a great number of don't think you're special. Personally, I think we're overdue for a good flush job....for the greater good, as they say.

January 13, 2012
Click to view justrob's profile

Being from Michigan "in Texas for the winter" Im all for global warming, in fact we've already got palm trees picked out for our Northern Michigan home.

January 13, 2012
Click to view justrob's profile

Being from Northern Michigan "in Texas for the winter " I'm all for global warming , in fact we've already picked out palm trees for our michigan home

January 13, 2012
Click to view iBeliever's profile

There is no scientific, measurable and observable evidence of global warming!

January 13, 2012
Click to view Loopman's profile

Whatever happens, happens.  There's not much any of us can do to change it.  We sure can't reverse a couple of hundred of years of industrial genocide to the planet in the near future so we just have to take the lumps that we deserve for being poor stewards of our environment.  I don't see what everyone is getting their knickers in a twist about because none of us that are alive and breathing today are going to be around to see the "Big Flush" happen anyway.  Chill out and enjoy the time you have left instead of worrying yourself sick and helping usher along your own early demise.

January 13, 2012
Click to view nosajj's profile

Yes it warm now and next winter it will probably be colder than its ever been. Come off the global warming thing, its a joke!

January 13, 2012
Click to view vellocastern's profile

well I am in hawaii and I can't complain

January 13, 2012
Click to view patcon's profile

Warning from your friendly northern neighbour...we are heading into a Deep Freeze up here in Edmonton, Alberta in the next 48 hours. All this cold is heading south afterwards and will stick around for about 10-14 days. Enjoy the warmth while it lasts. :)

January 13, 2012
Click to view Chettercheez's profile

Everyone loves to screen "global warming or global climate change" any time we have an unusual weather pattern.  Lat year it was WINTER across America and nobody made a peep.  This year everyone praises Al Gore(boob) and cries that the sky is falling.  The pressure gradients will certainly shift and it will be winter again... Jet Streams are being routed across southern Canada and over the Atlantic.  Anyone been reading about western bound airplanes needing to re-fuel lately?  When the pressure ridge softens you will all feel the cold air.... Global Warming is complete B.S.

January 13, 2012
Click to view bigbendjc's profile

Really strange weather in Big Bend California (50 miles east of Redding in the mountains) this winter.  December is suppose to average 12.82 inches and we had .34.  In January this area averages 11.13 and so far zero.  Fires are a big concern right now because of the dryness.

January 13, 2012
Click to view RebelSix's profile

Someone was saying 'more moisture is an effect of global warming'.  Did you even WATCH the weather news this YEAR?  Much of the south west is WITHOUT moisture.   Texas is having it's worse drought on record.  That one state takes up the same size as approximately TEN of the central east coast states. 


Have any of you studied WORLD HISTORY?  Have you ever learned of how the world changes it's climate?  Have you ever read how the POLARIZATION of the world also changes.


Just because for a few thousand years, the climate has been sort of stable - this is a drop of water in the ocean of water as far as climate time periods are concerned.   The REAL question - are we moving towards a more arid cycle or are we instead preparing for another pole change and what was once the NORTHERN hemisphere now preparing to be either the TROPICS?   The Sahara desert area used to be WET until a pole change.


So STUDY some more before you cry GLOBAL WARMING this and GLOBAL WARMING that - try to learn what is REALLY happening in this section of a million year cycle.

January 13, 2012
Click to view mikenzinbfe's profile

the story fails to also mention that once again today record smashing cold temps in alaska, making it the coldest winter on record to boot.  that jet stream has not only trapped all of our snow up north but also all the cold air. if that breaks loose and heads south any time soon we all will be in for a very rude awakening.

January 13, 2012
Click to view response2cnn's profile

There are big snow flurries and bright sun today near NYC.

January 13, 2012
Click to view PotatoMash's profile

Global warmings leads to global cooling.  As the polar ice caps melt, they release large amount of fresh water into the salty oceans.  This process interrupts the underwater currents which bring colder water and warmer water to different places around the globe.  When this cycle is interrupted, the earth slowly cools down eventually locking the moisture in the air as fresh water snow or ice on the land again.  Thus starting the cycle all over again.  The only debate is whether human activty has a major impact on this normal process. 

January 13, 2012
Click to view USAWrong's profile

Global warming should be instead called "environmental Destruction"...That fact no one can deny - not even right wing jobs...Loss of species, deforestation, oceans filled with toxic chemicals, poluution...It all is related and the simple fact is that man IS having a dramatic and detrimental effect on the Earth...

January 13, 2012
Click to view mteston1's profile

Wish I was in Alaska! Live in secondary snow belt of Ohio. Would love more snow. I'm good with snow and cold.

January 13, 2012
Click to view moiraesfate's profile

Sooo yeah. I live in New Orleans. This is the warmest winter I've seen in the last four years. Its actually scaring me that its this warm because it likely means we are going to see one really really bad hurricane season.

January 22, 2012
Click to view Jeratwo's profile

USAWrong. Your comments are spot on. Climate change deniers that make no mention of this fact are simply in denial of any change as they are afraid of it so they scream conspiracy at anything that eludes to change. I've researched Global Warming extensively and am also acquainted with two people that actually study global climate change for a living, so this is straight from the horses mouth to me.  It is real and at this point, all the evidence points to this "much faster than normal" change to be primarily due to human influence.  People will always deny because they simply are afraid of change and don't want "the horrible government" to take away their ATV's, Jet skiis, jacked up trucks, etc becuase they spew too much carbon.  The fact is, even if 99% of the population were in acceptance of global warming, things would only get better (more efficient, less polluting Motor Sports, vehicles, factory emissions, etc.)  The only reason there is so much opposition is because it makes life more difficult for the business sector that relies on polluting to make a profit and they somehow think that if they have to change they will go out of business, even though that has been proven throughout history to be a fallacy.  Sit back and relax... there are others out there that "Get It".  90% of the public is ignorant or just plain lazy and stupid.  Of the remaining 10%, 5% are good and the other 5% are evil and driven solely by greed. The time will come when they are forced by the majority to make the necessary changes.  Unfortunately it is already far to late to save the human induced extinctions that can never be recovered.  If only the majority were not so easily influenced by the minority.  But... it's always been this way.  Most are followers.  The best that we can do is get corporate money out of government and take our government back.  Our government is not by nature bad, it's the corporate influence taking our government that is supposed to be by the people for the people and making it, by the corporation for the corporation.  Most probably don't even realize that a  republican supreme court justice helped to make sure that corporations are now seen by the eyes of government as individuals for voting purposes so now they can use unlimited funds to spew their propaganda to the sheeople.  Again, it has always been this way.  Those in denial of climate change, pollution, biodiversity loss, etc.. they are the same folks that would have blindly accepted Hitlers propaganda and taken guns to Jews heads.  90% of the human race is a sick pack of animals.  90% will always be sheeople that will believe whatever they are told.  What we need to do is... take back our government so that we can begin telling the masses the TRUTH and no more of this filtered propaganda that benefits the wealthy at the cost of everyone else.

January 31, 2012
Click to view nl20051405's profile

Weather forecast needs improving, especially when the changing climate can do great harm to the daily lives of humans and animals on the earth.  Can Americans succeed in this aim all by themselves?

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