Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Your money resolutions for 2012

From going debt-free to “getting out of the 99%,” iReporters had many different resolutions for improving their finances in the new year, and HLN’s money coach Clark Howard was listening.

Patrick Tull’s resolution was inspired by the fact that’s he’s 50 years old – a fact that’s difficult for him to believe. His plan for this year is to publish and sell a book about that very topic. He wants to do something of an autobiography, and work on some new invention ideas to sell in 2012 as well.

Bernardus Stroomer is known for his creative iReport videos, and the one for his resolution (reminiscent of Bob Dylan, perhaps) was no different. He made good use of note cards to share his goal for the year: “See where my $ is going, and where I can cut back..."

Matt Sky posted an iReport that was so inspirational, it made the homepage of HLNTV.com: Sky wants to help five people, in a significant way, in 2012. Sky said, "I personally plan on giving to some charities, doing more local volunteer work, and helping a couple good friends in my life get through some difficult emotional times, but I also think just being aware of trying to help others target than obsess on self gain could lead to things I have not thought of yet."

Check out how these iReports were featured on HLN’s “Clark Howard,” which airs on HLN Saturdays and Sundays at noon ET.

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February 12, 2012
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ive heard from differend people around me in europe,that the European Goverment(BRUSSEL) plus the US.GOVERMENT recollect all the cash Euro & Dollars.Then the next part is,the give us only plastic- and credit cards back to watch-overproof and see every little and big things you buy and take tax or further action on you,me and all the ones they had no longer cash money.

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