Friday, January 27, 2012
'Chuck' vs. the iReporters: one last round

In 2009, when it looked like “Chuck” might not be renewed by NBC, fans mobilized on social media, including iReport, to campaign for a third season.

We saw iReport tributes from at least four countries, with a slew of creative videos from fans discussing why the show deserved to continue. One such iReporter, Gray Jones of Toronto, Ontario, appeared live on with “Chuck” himself, Zachary Levi, and co-star Joshua Gomez. Levi and Gomez thanked Jones and other iReporters for their efforts.

Two and a half years later, the show ends its fifth and final season on Friday.

“The little show that could” found its way into the hearts of iReporters, and is finally ending after a good, long run. iReporters who posted videos in 2009 reflected on their "Chuck” fandom this week.

Since appearing on with Levi and Gomez, podcaster Jones spent two weeks on the set interviewing dozens of cast and crew members.

“It's been an incredible family, it's been a community,” Jones said of the people he has met, some of whom he got to know almost exclusively via social media. “Five years ago, I never would believe how close these people would become. I'm very close with the cast and crew, and the fans. We're dubbing the finale 'Chuck vs. the Kleenex.' It's going to be so hard to see it go. When you've fought so hard for something, it feels different.”

Chattanooga, Tennessee residents Connie Jones and her daughter, Skylar (a big fan of Chuck’s wife on the show, Sarah Walker) talked about saving  the show when Skylar was just four years old. Now seven, Skylar is looking forward to seeing how it ends, while Connie will be celebrating her 11 year wedding anniversary watching the finale.

Wendy Farrington from Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, came up with the idea of eating at Subway (a major “Chuck” sponsor) on the day of the second season finale (not long after the idea was hatched, she met Levi at a convention in England, who served fans Subway sandwiches for his last panel of the weekend). She is putting on a finale party at the NBC Experience Store in New York City on Friday night, and was asked to work as a volunteer coordinator for Levi’s “Nerd HQ” charity event at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

"Much as I am sad that it's ending, it's not,” she said. “The friends and the experiences I had are never going to leave me. I'm trying not to think of it as a goodbye but more as a thank you.”

One of the show's biggest supporters, Mike Kostrov from Pavlodar, Kazakhstan, pleaded for a third season in 2009. He now thinks the show is ending on a high note.

Vincent Yau’s usual iReporting interest has been politics, but when it came to “Chuck,” the Knoxville, Tennessee resident actually inserted himself into the show to make his point about renewing it. On the eve of the finale, he shared his thoughts with iReport.

Two and a half years later, Kayley Luftig from Toronto, Ontario, says, “’Chuck’ coming to end is very bittersweet for me. While it was nice to have been given this final season, I can't help but get emotional. I could not have asked for a better pseudo family to be a part of and for that I thank the ‘Chuck’ fandom, the ‘Chuck’ cast and crew and anyone that has made this show such a huge part of my life.”

If you’re watching the farewell episode on Friday night, record a video and share your thoughts!

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