Friday, February 17, 2012
Midnight marriages and northern lights: The best of iReport this week

Nature put on a show this week as iReporters shared images of the northern lights in Iceland and jagged ice formations on Lake Superior in Michigan. They also captured two breaking news events: austerity protests in Greece and Bobby Brown reacting to ex-wife Whitney Houston's death. And, of course, celebrated Valentine's Day!


Ice formations on Lake Superior dazzle

Mikal Staley tries to make it to Lake Superior every winter to see the icy formations, and this year didn't disappoint. He shot these photos of frozen waves and ice-covered shorelines in Whitefish Point, Michigan, along the lake's coast on February 12. It was "the perfect time to go since we had had so many warm days over the last few weeks," he said.



Midnight marriages kick off Valentine's Day

Dozens of San Antonio, Texas, couples started off Valentine's Day on a romantic note: They got married at the stroke of midnight on the steps of a courthouse. But it wasn't an entirely happy occasion. The marriage ceremony also served as a protest against Texas's policy of not recognizing same-sex marriages, as the same-sex couples who had midnight weddings won't be legally recognized. iReporter Christopher D. Renteria said he felt a responsibility to cover the event: "The media was very slow to cover this, and when they did, they did so more tongue-in-cheek, so I thought I needed to cover this event in full support of [the same-sex couples]," he explained.


"I would also like to add that I am a straight man who has had and enjoyed the rights these couples are fighting for," Renteria, a professional photographer, added. "I thought [it] is especially important that these couples knew they were not standing alone in their fight for equality."



Greeks riot over austerity measures

Riots erupted in Athens on Sunday as the Greek parliament discussed austerity measures. Thanasis Trompoukis participated in the protests, where he captured these dynamic photos. Trompoukis believes that the approved measures "will not help for the revival of the Greek economy."


"We all fear that the exact opposite will happen," he explained. "The debt will get worse over the years. I feel it is unfair for the Greek people to suffer while they are the most hardworking citizens of Europe."



Northern lights put on show in Iceland

It's not unusual to see the aurora borealis in Iceland, but judging by these iReporters' photos, it was a particularly beautiful sight this week. Finnur Andresson shot the above image of the northern lights over a 1918 lighthouse, and his friend Bjorn Ludviksson shared a photo of the northern lights behind a snow-covered mountain. The two are members of an amateur photography club in Akranes, Iceland.


"This northern lights was massive compared to others [I've seen] in Iceland," said Andresson. "To witness this with your own eyes is stunning, and you will never forget it."



Bobby Brown cries over Whitney in concert

iReporter Moshiu Knox sent in video from a Bobby Brown concert on Saturday night. Brown, once married to late pop superstar Whitney Houston, was visibly upset and cried over Houston's death during the concert. Knox later spoke to CNN's Josh Levs in the video above about what it was like to be there.



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February 17, 2012
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I interpret CNN student news in American Sign Language at West Harrison High School, Gulfport, MS.  I wonder why CNN does not caption the student new? 

February 22, 2012
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Bobby Brown is like all the other hangers-on that smothered Whitney Houston. Brown, a minor talent, was just trying to wring some more media attention. Rest in Peace, Whitney

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