Friday, March 09, 2012
Dollhouse lost in storm, Trekkie voter finds voice: The best of iReport this week

A little spring, a lot of storm, offensive remarks by Rush Limbaugh and, of course, Super Tuesday, kept iReporters on their toes all week. But just in case you missed them, here are some of our favorites that may have slipped through the cracks.


Destruction and a dollhouse



Missouri native Bill Benson empathizes with tornado victims in his state. He was moved by the scenes of destruction left behind by the tornado that hit on February 29 in Buffalo, Missouri – about an hour away from where he lives in, Laurie, Missouri. He said this image he shot was especially heartbreaking. “The dollhouse was an unusual sight that seemed to speak strangely of the whole surrounding,” he said. “As with finding any child’s toy in a disaster zone, it makes you have a great deal of empathy and hope that toy and child are reunited.”


Protests follow Putin



Elena Ratner attended a protest held in Pushkinskaya Square in Moscow, Russia, on March 5, where demonstrators rallied against Vladimir Putin’s hotly-contested victory in last weekend’s presidential elections. She said there was a mixture of emotions in the crowd, ranging from frustration to exhaustion. CNN reported that more than 20,000 protesters took to the streets of Moscow; Ratner said she later witnessed large numbers of people being detained by the police following the demonstrations.


While she attended as an observer, she said she supports the protesters. “In my opinion, we suffered a defeat and it’s sad,” she said. “People are frustrated about authorities, and particularly Putin, [who] don’t care about our demands.”


Super (Star Trek) Tuesday


Musician Jeremiah LongBear from Knoxville, Tennessee, is what people call a “Trekkie" (yes, that's his preferred term). He always wears his ‘Star Trek’ Starfleet uniform when voting because he sees the Federation’s Prime Directive as an allegory for his political philosophy: Non-interference and Constitutionalism. On Tuesday, he voted for Ron Paul in the Tennessee primary because “he’s the only candidate that believes in the prime directive of non-interference and non-intervention,” he said. Check out this video of LongBear in his uniform at his local polling place!


LongBear said he plans to campaign for Ron Paul in different states while he’s on tour with his band.


Apple's latest


Singer-songwriter and gadget blogger Christian Hermida joined iReport this week to share his comprehensive review of Apple’s new iPad. Hermida, who writes about personal technology in San Diego, California, discussed the fresh features of the iPad in his video, but said he was underwhelmed by the tablet’s specs. “Many people including myself were hoping for a true quad core A6 processor, but instead the new iPad includes an A5X processor,” he says. “Also, the lack of Siri in the iPad is a huge disappointment for me.” Still, he said, “Apple has changed the game” and made “a viable content producing device.”


The art of preservation


Art students were recently put to good use by the government of Pakistan in its capital, Lahore. University students from various art institutions in the city painted cultural murals on the vandalized, broken walls of the city for an entire day. Munawar Ahmed left work on Saturday and returned on Monday morning to find the walls by his place of work transformed. “They did it on Sunday, from morning to evening,” he said. “It’s a good initiative by the government of Pakistan to save the walls.”


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